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Writing the Anglo Atlantic Consciousness

Indigenous Europeans were once 20% of the family of man: culturally honouring their own mana, geneology, ancestors and whakapapa in Goethe, Mozart, Shakespeare, Milton, Titian, Constable and Rembrandt; Picasso, Schoenberg, Philip Glass, Thelonius Monk, John Ashberry, Julian Schnabel. Now they are an endangered human species, where such a cultural heritage is dishonoured, forgotten and set aside. We barely remember who we are. Where do you stand, O artist?
Working fodder for feminism is nothing worth dying for or risking lives for ‘equal’ pay. Men deserve more for the risks they run and the responsibility they undertake out of love for their children and families; not for the state to steal their families from them. The nanny-matriarchal state is a rival to mens estate; literally legally and politically. In the bedroom the state is a rival husband who delivers more money, power and rights to your so-called wife than you can yourself. Rise up men and throw this interloper out of your bedroom, out of your love-life and out of your house.

FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL: 12 Reasons Why Feminism Fails the WEST

by Phillip O’Sullivan (Author)
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If we do not have sovereign freedom there where do we have it? Nowhere is a cause for universal alarm and completely legitimate political anger. Things have worked upon us to our detriment. People have deliberately organized an eradication of our cultural group and ethnic pride. Marxist Feminism is practicings its own brand of ethnic cleansing in slow demographic notions, hoping we do not notice.
Phillip O’Sullivan the artist, writer, webmaster and videographer does notice and loudly declares our cultural rights and freedoms.Both as men and human beings. It is our intent to restore our world and the best political environment for sustaining European culture: we must do demographically what other indigenous peoples have themselves the right to do: in order to prosper and grow culturally and economically.

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Phillip John O’Sullivan






Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?





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