Feminist Mothers Without Boys in Education



Feminist mothers in Education living in the femininity bubble

Lacking the Testosterone presence.


1)  With Partners- second Partners

2 ) Without male partners

3) With Female Partners- totally feminized aberrant femme-femme bubbles and cocoon unreality

 New Zealand "The Most feminist country in the world, bar-none" John Tamahere was right.

Females without testosterone from the womb


Testosterone is necessary for the very 'independence' component that ideologically minded women say they need for Women's liberation.
However if testosterone in totally lacking in the bio-chemical formations of femaleness -say in raising girls (ie in education) something only naturally obtained by the presence of men in education or of men in their upbringing, or of men at conception- then what one obtains bio-socially- can be seen best in extreme cases. In extreme biological cases where, say,  by all testosterone presence is eliminated in artificial insemination: with a literal laboratory, girl gene only chromosomal makeup: is a girl so girly-girly that she plays incessantly with dolls; at whatever age, is so hyper 'feminized' in all other ways that independent living is impossible. She is totally dependent on the continued intervention of paid professional staff. And would necessarily be herself incapable or raising a child. We can impose that typing of conditionals socially as well. When society so elevates the female ideologically and by excessive political fundings that socially useless- ie Non-'independent' women grow up totally reliant on mans slavish support. Thus politically empowering men to say what happens in such women's lives. This is the moral hazard of the girly bubble mentality.
Bring it on. It makes women look stupid and it empowers men. As in fact do many feminist programs.
The more men that are hurt by these political 'successes' of feminist are then potential recruits for the men's movement. Feminism creates its own corrections with masculism. The more successful women are in their selfish politics; the more men are empowered to see where this is all going.

Female alone standards are not societies standard, they are not culturally 'workable' standards, they are at best-if at all granted- half standards- or, more accurately-just the 17% standard. Which is no standard at all.


The case for their perverse disallowance within Education at any level.


The benefits of the testosterone presence.


Bad for boys

Women teachers proven as overly judgemental on boys by many studies. Not -inhouse studies- which are worthless- not feminist studies or surveys- they are biased and bigoted (who would accept a 'masculist' study?) Not a survey by colleagues or 'peers' - that is just crony confirmation bias.Yet a truly independent, not 'commissioned', scientific- repeatable, real- study in depth- most of these show that ordinary women as teachers- not 'feminist teachers but women/female teachers as a whole are more unbalanced in the classroom to boys than to girls. These same studies, I understand there are many of them and that most show this consistently- demonstrate that it is men in the classroom in all levels of education that are consistently fairer as teachers both as to their treatment of boys and girls; thus girls get a more realistic assesement of where they actually stand.

The feminized boy not a happy result for society- the millenialinfamous USELESSNESS component- cannot even change a car tire or stand up for/ protect his wimpy girlfriends
Therefore if we take account of  how motivated feminist females are in introducing toxic negative attitudes toward boys in the classroom in addition- along with comparisons of other factors we can readily see how an overly feminised education system is both toxic and prejudiced against boys and damaging both to real boys and girls expectations and resultant outcomes.


For instance if women as a whole mark down boys 5% compared to girls unfairly.
Then 'politically and ideologically 'motivated'  women may mark down boys say another five percent- discounting boys ten percent.
And activist and politically 'engaged' extremist women might naturally feel obliged to mark out boys a further cautious five percent- just to make a point at a 15% discriminatory level
And thus committed lesbian women say twenty percent all up prejudice- a fairly mild assessement that is thought 'fair'.
If they live in the girly bubble perhaps a full twenty five percent bias results from boyless mothers.
With the addition of another five percent for those also on the pill- doping themselves with femaleness to a heightened degree to end up thirty percent prejudiced against boys. On the following scenario - that the pill estrogen emulates 'pregnancy' so the brooding/ broody femme girly bubble fanatic acts - 'protective'- nesting style on behalf of a progeny she does not have; the infamous 'bitchiness' of bolshie PMT hormonally confused women. Taking it all out any approaching males; ie especially the boys supposedly in her dubious 'care'. Compounded together the above scenario syndrome explains much and virtually acts fatally against lesbian-feminist-activist-hormonally drugged female involvements in any educationally geared classroom at all. We need to remove most if not all women from the pedagogically purposed classroom entirely. They should all be replaced by real men. Men who do things. Objective, rational and pedagogically professional males. Not perverts, pretenders, millenial goofballs; men who kayak, carpenter, build cars, men who know stuff; good men; men who have tolerated this insanity far too long in New Zealand, where alone of all the educated nations, men had been driven out by hate campaigns of destructive and boy damaging ferocity; whereby just a tiny percentage of largely wimpy useless millenial twerpies remained to hold the fort. Bring back real men into New Zealand education. Make all teachers men teachers. We can not get better teaching than that. Women teachers are second rate teachers at best. At their extreme lesbian-girly bubble worst are a total load of shit; harming new Zealand boys. A crime against education outcomes that is as gross a violation of boys minds and spirit of consciousness far in excess of molestation or rape. For it is 'everyday toxic feminism' practicing on them a vile ideology that is totally wrong in so many ways.  No wonder men turn out mysogynist. Feminism taught them to be. How wise is that?
 In reality it is the boys right to 'practice' life. With all mistakes allowed in a free environment. Free of feminist bigotry and hatreds. Oh, so many hatreds. The adults inflicting their stupid 'victimhood' on innocent boys. Who have the human right to be held guiltless. No matter what. Female teachers, apparently, completely fail to do that. If even the best most neutral give the 'unfair' and biased outcome for both boys and girls; for educational minded parents sake let us get rid of women teachers as fast as possible. Relace all of them with men. A better educated and kinder child is our best result. Hate in education will not do.





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