Masculist Theory




 While the female lion is a great proactive huntress equal to the male, when it comes to threats on the whole pride the males can sacrifice most of their number in its defence of the females and young as long as one of their number survives, even a youthful male, in order to service the whole, and so to continue the group. This shows the downside to male dominance of the herd or pride. A simple fact of breeding, familiar to all farmers and farming nations. It is this sacrificial defense by the males, proactive or otherwise, that ensures the sustainable survival of the group. From one male in one season hundreds of new lives can be borne out to replace any lost. The defended females having survived, or having been given the best chance to so survive, along with the vulnerable young. The males therefore function best in emergencies as they have built into them this instinctive, and logical, species-breed defence and sacrificial tendency of great fierceness.


One bull in the paddock can service all the cows on the farm, thus the herd survives to continue the self sustaining and growing group from one male sperm carrier. Therefore for extreme emergencies only men can be sacrificed at rates thousands of times greater than the female; out of her body comes approximately 20 or more young in potential; biological reality and destiny (failure to do so destroys her wider support group, her whakapapa- her extended family- and ours also) We must not allow her to destroy us and herself; Feminist discourse is cultural, ethnic and population suicide. Liberal Europeans for example were once 20% of the entire human family. Now she has statistically caused an ethnic cleansing via Abortion/Contraception legislation and non-reproductive lifestyles that suicide an entire people group. Caucasians are now barely 3% of the human race and are currently destined to head for 1% by 2030 or so up to totalitarian obliteration and annihilation by 2050. Europeans will have become like the Eskimo/Inuit peoples, marginal, dispossessed unless the European Courts, European Parliament system and rule by overseas United Nations globalist interferences are politically removed absolutely from our communal consciousness forever. Otherwise there will one day be not one single whte person left. Cultural diversity will be 20% unachievable in such demographic absences.


    The males did not ask to be big and strong, as well as sacrificial, nature required them to be in regard to this strategy above. It has nothing logically to do with threats exclusively ‘from other males’ such as in war, any emergency at all will do, from natural disasters like fire to the dangerous need for minerals  or services from below ground. The much higher death rates of men in dangerous occupations show that this still obtains today, yet society can absorb this and grow or sustain itself economically on a limited degree of polygamy for instance. Limiting births contrarily, one generation later leads to a decline in both economy and sustainability. That is why, honour is given, and limited privileges (like higher incomes) is given to those ‘who are ever about to be called on to the giving of their very lives, health and bodily well-being’. No doubt women too would like to volunteer for these privileges, honours and higher incomes too: yet this violates the breeding strategy above: do we really need to be reminded that women bear children, nourish and nurture them while men do not? Our ‘nourish & nurture’ is remote and indirect: the female directly, from her body, bears, feeds and nourishes the children. It is the males role to work and defend during the vulnerable years. We need not therefore apologise for the idea of ‘roles’, men and women are different, existentially, considering the entirety of whole-of-life scenarios, emergencies can and do happen, even regularly on a small scale. Women bear children: men do not. Mens seed is necessary and counts in the millions, also he can impregnate often, several times a day. Women get pregnant once: though twins or multiple births ensue the number is lowish. Fast recovery from population collapse (and an end to that civilization) requires but few men to survive who can impregnate thousands each if need be. This is the ultimate breeding strategy for continuation (after a nuclear war for instance) and for civilizations survival. Let not our own liberal policies be used against us by illiberal, intolerant theocracies, in order to end our liberality. The notion that wealth, passively, and alone, divorced from deliberate policy, will somehow temper the pace, tempo and growth of deliberately population growth orientated mandates: they will not- it is sentimental naivety in the extreme and is to be utterly despised as cowardly and idiotic.




   The male role is thus in the public realm of work, industry and the direction of it, including education. Women have a close and intimate supporting role. Men a distant, abstract and indirect overall guiding function, that is why wiser men are valued, they embody societies values. A female led society long term, with female understandings differing from those as above, is an unsustainable nightmare leading to economic collapse. We can see why in the next section.    


   Population is greater than history, wars, politics or economics: it forms the success or failure of those things, never the reverse. Let me illustrate. When I arrived in Myanmar (Burma) for instance with its entirely different writing script, numbers, cuisine, language: at age fifty; I determined that this was so strange and unfamiliar to me (my first really ‘foreign’ country) that within minutes, in the middle of the street, in a weak little trishaw, surrounded by trucks, buses and carts of all enormous sizes: noisy as; in distinct and present danger of losing life or limb at any oh so casual a turn, I had to decide whether or not I hated it or loved it instantly; to hate and resist it would have meant an entirely wasted trip and would fail to enjoy or endure it (I’d probably retreat to a hotel room; in a miserable state of depression): I surrendered to it! From that point on I thoroughly drenched myself in every strangeness of it and utterly enjoyed it. Thus relaxed it worked upon me to observe its entirely different politics: the petty fears and apprehensions of the people, my observations changed my politics. I saw politics as not that important at all. Some were poor some rich. The country had its own millionaires! Despite being one of the poorest in the world. Though huge numbers lost lives during 1988 student uprising: this was probably also their annual road toll rate. Who gets upset at the road toll, apart from grieving relatives?


 So, wicked as it was it was just a doubling of their road toll: logically, in a country of 55 millions, of little loss to that country that I now so loved. I was ready to approve of everything, barely holding on to the notion what was good was good; what bad, bad. I had surrendered totally to Burma! Whatever they did, whatever at all, was almost alright by me: at least I would not say anything to offend. Then I noticed the obvious: things in my own country invisible to commentary: people paid bills! I was overjoyed when the postie came to one household I stayed at and a bill arrived, I almost begged to see it, even pay for it! (which I will do next time now that I write about it). My friends then were not so exotic; they paid bills, like ‘we’ do at home! After that it likewise ‘dawned on me’ that despite being a Marxist-Military- Buddhist dictatorship government they still ran schools, hospitals, railways, airports, postal services, an economy, city councils (we had an impromptu visit by the city council beautiful gardens committee in one other household) power department, telephones, radio TV (even in 2001 many homes I saw could get 24/7 BBC via satellite: something New Zealand did not have!)… ninety percent of what happened would have happened had there been a King (Burma/ Myanmar has one hiding in the wings somewhere: one in twenty or thirty homes has the last Kings picture displayed) an aristocracy, oligarchy, democracy, republic or theocracy.




The next door nation Thailand has had all these, sometimes in quick succession, rotating governments like a waterwheel. Yet manages to continue surviving despite all this. No doubt each system optimise’s certain things: ours was early criticized by De Tocqueville in his Democracy in America (it has a French perspective) for being biased toward or prone to being over generous to the electorates ‘many’ by excessively taxing the ‘few’: thus promoting the fatal tendency of the rich to flee or withdraw their money, leading to the ultimate collapse of all democracies: a thing that happened in Rome with the Roman Republic and Greece of the Athenian people during classical times: and which socialists, Marxists and liberal democrats are racing toward in our own times. The Roman policy of ‘free bread for poor Roman citizens’ (today’s social welfare) so distorted the economics and finances of all other Imperial needs that the Empire declined alarmingly and the republic necessarily eclipsed. A thing all our upper-class elites know and are familiar with due to the different education they receive compared to the ignorances of state education.


  State education teaches useless abstractions like ‘capitalism constructs ideology’, though it has utterly no meaning whatsoever (as capitalism does not ‘exist’ (the Rockefeller and Rothschild’s of this world, who really do exist, and could bear close examination, for they finance revolutions by elite, and bourgeois, one-percenters {so called capitalist-Bolsheviks} and usury currency ‘greedies’- the zionista bankers,- to gain inordinate and disproportionate control): plus an abstraction ‘constructs’ nothing: this is the nonsensical (literally) way they think) thinking by this pseudo sophistication they give the inside skinny on the upper classes whereas they actually deflect away from clearly identifying the criminal individuals and families who do these things. The rich focus on reality in their education, and the social register of they whom they can really work, for, or with or creatively, in competition. State education thus impugns many thousands in small business, which is useful locally for employment; artisans, tradesmen, studios,  skilled professionals,medium and large business by which many obtain their living, landlords who provide housing efficiently (lately Rates are consumed by building better housing in competition with the landlords who subsidizes them from their incomes: councilors and socialists everywhere cannot see how making the rich poor cannot make the poor rich: riches are a process involving more an activity not just money). Accumulated money, as in luxury expenditure, is a rarity, as the best function of money is in markets,’in-play’, at risk, on investment, earning interest. Usury, morally however, which is defined as excessive interest, is another matter: perhaps credit card companies ought charge less in New Zealand than they do, American rates are just 8% or so. Ours around 23%. This might involve breaking with the United States.


   So making better houses than ‘the richer’ have, for the so called poor, penalizes the processes of ordinary wealth creation society wide to the point where tax receipts are down (the power to tax is not absolute: there are limits) despite increases nominally in rates, fees, charges and penalty taxes. Government works best only with the willing cooperation of all of the people including the rich wealth creators. Ideology doesn’t govern anything but ideas might (ideas about ideas is like dreaming) the new idea is good and real and raw and works best when it works on the ground: the above examples show that abstractions do nothing whatever; they are just gossip and talk, the favourite among female academics. Marxism fails that test, so does democracy, long term; Dictatorships last too long. Maybe cyclic systems of government work best: certainly this is how history actually operates. Holding onto democracy may be naive and sentimental: they’re only good for 200 years maximum. Ours has been in the hands of tweedle dum and tweedle dee for a long time now: maybe that’s OK until their own boring time is up; whatever that is.


 Everyone ought to have the right to issue currency, the thing is to have it trusted without coercion by any other party.


 Everywhere there is a population increase, one generation later, fully into that increase, say at forty years- an almost guaranteed boom occurs: no matter what government is in power, no matter what form, type or even competence of that governmental form type or style; a boom occurs even if all other factors are against it, this is the pre-eminent proof that increasing population increases wealth, wellbeing that flows from that (even all dictators have been generous with wealth so generated, in order to consolidate their power; so that, indirectly, the people benefit: while direct people power in enhanced by people led economic growth)




It is a dynamic relationship. Naturally there is no economic gain generated by a one year old child; it cannot ‘fetch-and-carry-water’ or anything: yet that same child at 25 years of age has generated enough income directly themselves to have more than paid for its own upbringing and to have begun its social and economic contributions to the wider body politic.






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First book in the m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST Series by Phillip John O’Sullivan


From a life of broken fragments.

In a world dominated by feminism.

A weak man becomes strong.

Writing fierce masculist ideas.


Searching a big library like Massey University system catalog Phillip O’Sullivan found over 403,300 entries for ‘feminist’ texts by over 300,000 female writers and academics. While only two books by onemale author Dr Warren Farrell featured under the ‘masculist’ term. He determined to write his own. Facing down the Professors on the Politically correct Fine Arts Course.


m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST’ is the result of that costly encounter. This is what men do. Take the hard knocks for the greater good.

There are three stages to masculist thinking so far; analysis and description, interpretation and fierce polemic (stirring the troops; rousing the men) and thirdly; solutions for politics and victory. We can win this! And more importantly, must win this for the good of all; feminism otherwise is destroying us. This book explains copulation over population.

Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot be masculist ones but feminist in flavour.


Which is where m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST comes in. This book provides the fully fledged masculist politically aware gender consciousness point of view entirely for men.


Because real male rights placed back into gender politics can create arguments for men’s right to power.

Men must learn to talk this masculist language of policy, for the language of politics is policy. And masculist politics depends on good and powerful arguments. Like copulation over population


Read this book for the sake of the women and children in your family.

Be the man in a mind full of strong ideas.



Zero pop growth




Thus morality has economic implications so real and direct as to conclude morality is an economic and political issue.




Catholic Church perceived right by perceptual default is undeserved: no adherent of that faith myself.




Thus an attitude to feminism loudly declares at first to itself: Feminism is dead, long live the rights of men!




Brazil Thailand India








Masculist Art is the overt visual expression of the absolute rights of men to the public sphere of action, politics and economy. If women control large social structures, their natural sentiments for sick and ignorant overwhelms societies sense of reality and thus our real ability to pay… plus cost of failing to bear population increases is loss of culture, civilization and on into slavery and impoverishment. Colony of China 3rd class citizens.


China one child policy… so how come every time turn around one hundred million MORE have been added? Who is fooled by that?


 India too occassionaly rediscovers ‘missing millions’ who just happen to have been overlooked on the books. One thinks of the lessening need to comply with overseas banking requirements as India can increasingly finance its own development; thus the need too reiterate the ‘overpopulation myth back to its original deluded believers becomes unnecessary. They know full well and better than we do, what drives growth and thus all other advancements enhancing their society.




Death of Feminism


An amazonian society is impossible by the very recent experience of it above. he cost of such a dystopia far outweigh our ability to willingly pay for it. Compulsory state ‘state’ goodness is tyranny… with large scale absenteeism, chronic inefficiency and widespread apathy slowing down the real productive capacity: no one lives to really enthusiastically  encourage a regime machine that is killing them.  And false enthusiasm is grossly suspect.








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