Claiming Everything Yet Not doing Their Part

There is but one basic reason for the female in all of nature; to give birth to future social members.

Failure to do this makes them not inlaws but outlaws forbiddenin all cultures.

Confusion of Hive societies and mammalian societies.


Seed and Egg


Malthus and overpopulation

The world has vaster open spaces than ever


Earthquakes create new land

carrying capacity

Volcanos create new islands.

Contraception has overworked.

Populations reducing and dire economic consequences


It took 150 years for Maori issues to be settled- and still not complete

Only wealthy large and compact cities where- in a kind of enforced benignity- multi cultural societies coexist.

Yet possible remain as explosive outbursts in potential of racial causes. The powderkeg principles inhere permanently. cultural uncertainty and paranoia. The permanent civilization of toleration and constant anxiety.

Is it worth it?

Does it really work?


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