Feminist Vote?

Given the destruction of Western Civilization by feminist death culture: abortion, contraception, euthanasia, suicide, eco-feminazi green population destruction and other humanity hating initiatives should women continue to be allowed to vote.

Since feminism has speculated on a world without men can masculist theory do any less than speculate on the removal of their death vote from living humanity? Feminism thinks on the complete removal of men. We can imagine their absence from political power surely?

Feminism matriarchy is a hate crime such as the centuries have never explored before.I t cannot last more than one forty year generation in its fullness before destroying the society from which it operates, or temporarily appears to operate before its host culture disintergrates because of its presence. Feminism kills itself. It is an ideology of reproductive suicide on a wide scale; no other civilization has dared to destroy itself so boldly, so certainly; all its women will become what they most fear, the sex slaves, the dogs, the rough usage of really 'other' men: men whom they will never understand, invaders of their soul, invaders of their hearth and invaders and permanent invaders of their sovereign soil. Women will lose everything from feminism. We must save women fron feminism by destroying it utterly.


The statistical deaths, on record, make the holocaust, both in the international socialists Gulag (up to 400 millions worldwide beginning twenty years before the second world war got started: from 1918 to 2012) and Germany (a mere ten or so millions: 1939 to 1945) appear like fairy tales. The International Socialists are far worse here than the national socialists: both are socialists, both actually act internationally yet the ones espousing internationalism are ten times more evil. Idealistic they may be but not to the babies they bayonet. The death toll from Feminism is utterly certain. women kill more than men.  Far vaster numbers and in a short forty year generation: Billions have died, mostly little boys and girl babies: living fetuses-with-feet, human life forms, viable under most any other circumstances. Billions more are soon intended. When will it stop? When all the economies of the first world have collapsed?  So that feminsts suffer too? We must therefore save feminists from feminism by banning it. We must not be complicit in their cultural suicide. We must not comply with their hysterically mad self hatred.


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