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Women have exhibited within feminism a voice of unreason so severe through the grossest of statistical mishandlings-and politics is nothing if not about the correct manipulations of money, funding and finances-as to strongly suggest-with no arising bigotry within the man who dares think this-that technically feminism is stupid and therefore their voice, without prejudice of any kind, ought not to be heard in any public forum whatsoever. In other words Women should not vote in the public sphere. Based on the utter falseness of Feminism. Why would this be fair? Their overwhelming false rape claims ruin genuine empathy forever and declare them morally unfit to govern others lives in any way, shape or form. Women vote for the future by their intimate influences over many children. Especially and exclusively their own. This ought be their only private vote. And what risks we take given the above, to grant them even that.

Men vote because they deserve to. Their sacrifices in life (industrial accidents, maimings and death in occasional wars, but mostly the sacrifices and risks of work) mean that because they hold the lives of many men-10,000 per 'damaged life' in New Zealand alone, per year -population 5 million; men being 1.5 million of that working and voting-such that over a working life voting men cover for their deaths, and to give these men the overall command to so risk death, maimings and serious health damage in sacrifice to their country, families, womenfolk and future children and the generations amounting to 500,000 men over a voting life (or more over the fuller courses of life)-destroyed, maimed or perished; such a great sacrifice of over one third of all men deserving an exclusive vote for their gender. Men need masculism.

Men are not so stupid as not to see this. . .

i.e. only men should vote at all in the USA, UK, France Germany , Africa and so on because fully one third of all men there will die. Over the course of their working lives, suffer serious maimings going about their regular jobs, and perish earning a living for their economies; being economically ‘raped in taxes to pay for female initiatives’. It is politically interesting how this is disguised currently in New Zealand-feminist demographers are deliberately hiding the true nature of man’s superior sacrifice outside of war-by far the chronic work related deaths of men outnumber women’s sacrifices in childbirth by a long way and thus men’s better record of deserving the vote, social prominence, political power, and other otherwise seemingly undeserved ‘privileges.’ Thus men ought to 'control their own bodies', sperm banks and so on-the male body becomes the political body preeminent because of the huge sacrifices men make. The sacrifice there is by making the deaths strictly relate to the ‘place’ of death. Dishonouring men’s work related deaths because so many do not actually die- at the work ‘place’ but on the way from the work ‘place’. They die in the traveling ambulances, they die. in hospital, they die in the operating room, they die in the rescue helicopter, they died doing a regular days work. These are not dead beat dads; they are everyday dying heroes working for their families out of masculine manly love. These are the kind of people who actually run society; therefore they have the right to insist that it is for men to give the orders when it is men who die. While executing those orders. Now we have demographic accident data feminized, politicized and pushed under the matriarchal carpet. Disguising the honour due men; cheating the male gender as a whole of the rightful position due men by cheating in the statistics. The cheap trick is so casually dismissive of men’s hard and dangerous labour as to render the illegitimacy of feminism to that rule obvious and risible. It is likely that too such trickery depriving men of fair comparison is done in Europe and United States statistics also. Literally belittling men and their vaster more deserving sacrifice. In order to falsely elevate women’s ‘suffering’ as instrumentally appearing ‘greater’ since greater emotion is embroiled around it. The fact is very few women die in childbirth yearly/comparatively, though all early deaths are regrettable. However, proportionately the rate for abortion deaths is four times higher than for birth related causes. Feminists too have s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d the parameter for women’s ‘sufferings’ to get their numbers anyway, by counting up to 43 days around the birth as a birth related death; while cunningly shrinking the measuring parameters for male deaths at work including deaths later from such work related injuries. Dirty demographics show how criminal feminism has become on gaining power, always to the express disadvantages to men or boys. While 400 to five hundred times more men die. than women in all forms of even current methods of measuring death rate statistics between men and women. Historically, depending on the year and the safety equipment obtainable for each industry. Men’s sacrifice is five hundred times greater everywhere on the planet; in some industries and in some countries thousands of times more than that of women ever; even outside of war.

While sacrificing vastly more for women than they do for anybody by a long, long way. Especially is this so in countries of the shorter longevity for men obtaining in the West. Can we not see how men really do deserve the so called privileges reserved for us. Is it too much to ask for such enormous risks that have fallen exclusively on men?

If men too were measured accurately fairly and equally, granted also the 43 day extension for lingering deaths; or even more-for some injuries are so serious and the medical services so brilliant that men, may in truth, die ‘from their injuries’ even years later-then the male rate of sacrifice could rise, on fatalities alone up to several thousands of times more than women. Each year, every year. Furthermore; the above is counting actual physical demise-what about a fate that often is literally ‘worse than death’ the living hell of serious maimings, loss of limbs, losses of both limbs, losses of lungs, kidneys, spleen, legs, arms, ears, hearing, sight, disfigurement, burns, poisonings, drowning’s, internal damages, scarred and twisted bodies and so on. As if one had been tortured by life; these things men almost expect of their heroic gender. Do women have anything near this? This last factor could see men’s suffering proportionately rise up to be around from five to even ten thousand times greater than the female gender. Everyman therefore SHOULD be treated like a King in his own home. It is our birthright.

Welcome Home MEN! Holding Up Half the Sky You Have A Right To Be Here. You have more right to be there in politics also.


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