Things Feminism Calls Men
    Op­press­ive: Yet it is the Polit­ic­ally ac­tiv­ated Mat­ri­archy that has sup­pressed men's voices from being heard at all these past fifty years. All the while claim­ing to speak on be­half of the new 'trans­formed' male- a sort of new age wussy creature, half gay and half inept. Yet this kind of man did not phys­ic­ally die on the job or from 'work­place' in­jur­ies run­ning at nearly one thou­sand times that of women.
Could this greater sac­ri­fice of men be the reason men held power and hon­ours with priv­ileges as some re­com­pence? And the truth of this right being polit­ic­ally si­lenced in order to sub­jug­ate free men bet­ter and turn us all into serfs and slaves of women. Do we not all the more de­serve the vote, the lead­ing po­s­i­tion and the higher in­come be­cause we so de­serve. Is not our sac­ri­fice so far so vastly greater, as a gender that more than one third of any work­ing age co­hort of fifty of these self same years or more die phys­ic­ally, trau­mat­ic­ally and so­cially- by such maim­ings or deaths far far worse than rape, di­vorce- that ne­ces­sity murders them and us, our hopes and dreams more ut­terly prov­ably than any­thing at all that hap­pens gen­er­ally to women. Deaths so nu­mer­ous that women live sev­eral more elec­tions longer than most men; yet use this vote power to des­pise them?

Vi­ol­ent: Yet Erin Pin­ney founder of the Do­mestic Vi­ol­ence shel­ters was thrown out of her own or­gan­iz­a­tion for stress­ing the truth of her own ex­per­i­ence grow­ing up that both her par­ents phys­ic­ally ab­used her. In Amer­ica with over 1.4 mil­lion fe­male vic­tims yearly of do­mestic vi­ol­ence, nev­er­the­less a fur­ther 800,000 male vic­tims an­nu­ally were also un­covered des­pite no spe­cial ef­fort to stat­ist­ic­ally re­veal this. Sug­gest­ing, had mas­culist pub­li­city being brought to bear, that there are fur­ther in­cid­ents of ser­i­ous num­bers of male vic­tims yet to be un­covered. Pin­ney was sup­pressed in order to main­tain the myth­o­lo­gical ideo­logy of a rad­ical les­bian fem­in­ist agenda. One driven by emo­tion rather than facts. Very nasty and false emo­tions at that. Every tenth young mans sui­cide- driven there by the evils of fem­in­ist ideo­logy- ought to count as one cap­ital murder. Death is their only baby.


Phillip O'Sullivan
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Yet a war against ba­bies has been waged by polit­ical fem­in­ists; num­ber­ing ap­prox­im­ately ten per­cent of all cur­rent pop­u­la­tions in the West­ern hemi­spheric first world. For New Zea­l­and this means around 500,000 deaths or stat­ist­ical ab­s­cences since the fem­in­ist ideo­logy kick-star­ted its massive ef­fect on the  pop­u­la­tion eco­nomy of our coun­try. In the USA this num­ber is around 35 mil­lion since 1972. Co­in­cid­ent­ally for NZ the im­mig­ra­tion in­flows are also ex­actly this half mil­lion level since 1972. Nature ab­hors a va­cuum, so does pop­u­la­tion. Pop­u­la­tion in bio­lo­gical terms is the hive activ­ity of hu­man­ity. Eco­nom­ics also is an­other 'hive' activ­ity of hu­man­ity or pop­u­la­tion. Vast losses stem from their lost amount of life­time 'eco­nomic activ­ity' no mat­ter what it may have been. Birthrate driven growth as seen in post­war Ger­many 1947, '48 and so on- Ger­many's mir­acle eco­nomy was driven ex­actly by the dead Adolf's pre­war pro-na­t­al­ist policy. Which eco­nomic ad­visors took full ad­vant­age of. Even after dread mor­tal­ity his policy proved cor­rect.
 This essay sees hu­man­ity con­ceived of as a liv­ing bio­lo­gical or­gan­ism of pop­u­la­tion. Pop­u­la­tion and hu­man­ity-as-or­gan­ism are al­most syn­onym­ous here. Yet both rep­res­ent a pos­sible lo­gical rep­res­ent­a­tion of hu­man­ity op­er­at­ing much as some sea and ocean or­gan­isms do as a sym­bi­otic com­munity act­ing lo­gic­ally, con­sist­ently and meth­od­ic­ally- much like a 'tract­able' single or­gan­ism in con­cert with its com­pon­ents. Thus a pop­u­la­tion sens­ing an ab­sence- at­tempts, al­beit acted out 'in polit­ics', policy and dir­ec­ted fund­ing- to cor­rect the sensed im­bal­ance , via im­mig­ra­tion policy to cover con­tracon­ceived, and thus totally miss­ing, pop­u­la­tion ele­ments. Though in this case the miss­ing young are 'nom­in­ally' re­placed only by the bare num­bers. Since mi­grants are of all ages as well as cul­tures and thus have en­tirely dif­fer­ent over­all pop­u­la­tion eco­nomy ef­fects. The num­bers though, be­cause ac­cu­mu­lat­ive, even within small dec­ades of time, res­ult in very large num­bers very quickly. Thus the crisis they en­gender- though totally in­vis­ible to most- is, if you can see it or have a 'sense' of it is ex­tremely ur­gent and po­ten­tially dis­astrous. Greater than any­thing the world has ever known and so closely grabbing de­cis­ively at our heels.

Rap­ist Cul­ture: Or is it the rape in­dustry. For the most vo­ci­fer­ous sup­port­ers are of the view that all men are rap­ists or 'po­ten­tial' 'rap­ists' are the re­ceiv­ers of the funds this false ac­cus­a­tion cre­ates. False rape ac­cus­a­tions out­num­ber 'true' ones (based on hard data) by up to four­teen thou­sand to one: you heard cor­rect, as this web­site ex­plains. Here.

And even in the hard data: suc­cess­ful false rape ac­cus­a­tions- with real men in real pris­ons- based on this idea- that suc­cess­ful false ac­cus­a­tions post-fig­ure un­suc­cess­ful one in the same pro­por­tion of sixty per­cent right off the bat- es­pe­cially where based on no hard evid­ense ex­cept he said/she said cases; so thaty sixty per­cent of all so called 'rap­ists' held in gaol are there falsely too and should im­me­di­ately be re­leased. Es­pe­cially if there are no prior weapons/mug­gings/as­sault or vi­ol­ence con­vic­tions. Let these men walk en­tirely free; they have com­mit­ted no crime at all ex­cept that of being of the male gender.
Being male is, of course, a crime only pos­sible in a rad­ical les­bian fem­in­ist uni­verse. Or in a fem­in­ist mat­ri­archy. A fur­ther proof, if one is needed, that we are all liv­ing in a minor­ity elite world ruled by un­demo­cratic ideas and in­ter­na­tional so­cial­ist ma­ter­i­al­ism.

In­equal­ity of In­come
Sounds fair doesn't it? Even the New World Order (Unicef) and other Zionazis have bought into this one in it's simplistic form. Can they be wrong? Yes if we con­sider one other thing.
Equal pay for equal work sounds like the most self evid­ent, self proven state­ment of a real so­cial in­equal­ity yet. Noth­ing could be clearer; mil­lions be­lieve it. it means women should be paid more for whatever they now cur­rently do. And are being so. Why might men ob­ject?
There reas­ons why they might. Such as the con­sid­er­a­tion of 'equal­ity of con­di­tions' under which this much touted 'fem­in­ist equal­ity' might not work as well for men.
Work is a tech­nical mat­ter on one hand: mass times dis­tance by time.
We are paid by time, de­term­ined by the mass of work that we do and kind of the dis­tance that ef­fects (not af­fects; for that is an im­meas­ur­able art) .
W= MxDxT
Work equals Mass by the dis­tance (mul­ti­plied) in the time avail­able
So equal masses by equal dis­tances equate with equal work.
Say, Ten boxes of equal weight (Mass is the same as say­ing  'weight') moved ten metres in one hour.
Ten women move Ten boxes of equal weight a dis­tance of ten metres in one hour.
Ten men also moveTen boxes of equal weight  a dis­tance of ten metres in one hour.
There­fore they should be paid the same.
Case closed.
It's a no brainer; right?      

Ex­cept the men are prob­ably mov­ing these ten boxes under en­tirely dif­fer­ent and ad­verse con­di­tions to that of the women.
It is wet, it is cold, there is a howl­ing wind threat­en­ing to blow them away.
Fur­ther­more it is dark; ar­ti­fi­cial light flashes spas­mod­ic­ally, light­ing but haphaz­ardly the scene, as does light­en­ing fierce and dazzling; blind­ing in its sud­den fury.
For ex­ample; on a pitch­ing ship in the middle of a storm (one man is swept over­board) late at night far from home; tired, sleep­less and without rest-as this is an emer­gency to save the cargo and the very profit linked per­form­ance of their la­bours. They do not get paid if either the cargo or the ship is lost.
Whereas, the women have reg­u­lar hours in a well kept build­ing cosy either in winter or high sum­mer, with a works cafet­eria, con­tract cater­ers and clean­ers, a car­park, vis­it­ing doc­tor and con­veni­ent hours with guar­an­teed pay.
Equal pay for equal work under the same con­di­tions changes everything.
For if the con­di­tions for men are more fre­quently more ar­du­ous, then this dif­fer­ence is re­flec­ted in the greater pay.
Men are paid more for a reason. Their work tends to be dirtier, more damger­ous, more life des­troy­ing, at risk of maim­ing, or ca­reer ac­count­ab­il­ity, or death and crip­pling dis­eases or sick­ness, other smelly in­dus­trial af­flic­tions, risk­ing bank­ruptcy, losses or other re­verses, in cli­mate colder, hot­ter or wet­ter and more un­com­fort­able.
Equal pay in ef­fect lowers the per­ceived value of the male gender, lowers his power, lowers there­fore his status to the level below its true human value to that of serf­dom or even in­den­tured slavery at the whim of the fem­in­ist mat­ri­archy. When men see this as true they may well rise up to over­throw this mis­aligned dis­valu­ing sys­tem in fa­vour of Male rights or even an ab­so­lute male order of gov­ernance. This we must be aware of and con­sider.

Patriarchy as Capitalism

Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
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Power & Power­less­ness;
Rape is said to be about power. And so it is very fre­quently; in the phys­ical situ­ation it­self. The stronger over­comes the weaker.
But take a step back just one step of so­cial de­scrip­tion; up to the re­l­at­ive level of either 'status' or in­come, or class, or even the so­cial cap­ital (power) of its par­ti­cipants and we can see a dif­fer­ent equa­tion being played.
 Equa­tions after all are about a type of equal­ity ex­pressed in ab­stract means or for­mu­la­tions. There we can read­ily see the rap­ist as the poor power­less yob yearn­ing to ex­press some protest over the over­arch­ing white fem­in­ist or lib­eral elite classes with their priveleges, status po­s­i­tions, in­comes and power. One step back it too is about power. The polit­ical power of the power­less male.     

So it was in Susan Brown­millers ca­non­ical fem­in­ist book "Against Our Will" where it is mainly black ant­ag­on­ists con­sist­ently speak­ing of 'get­ting back at whitey' for her ra­cist ex­amples. She can find few white rap­ist so adam­ant and clear sighted in their polit­ics. But this black/white nexus of polit­ical ex­pres­sion she en­tirely omits in fa­vour of damning all men within her pre­set fem­in­ist agenda. How blind.

Pe­do­philia Nas­ties.

Un­feel­ing un­able to Re­late

What Fem­in­ism Lies About

Rape Cul­tures False Ac­cusers

Vi­ol­ence Be­gins with Women's Words

Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
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Equal­ity in its ex­tremes is Maoist and Sta­lin­ist 'same­ness'; every­one is to dress the same, eat the same, live the same, earn the same, be­lieve the same av­er­age dull thoughts,  live the same bor­ing and te­di­ous life­style. Ba­sic­ally by high­light­ing this qual­ity of the clas­sic French left slo­gan- 'Liberté, égalité, fra­ternité'-echo­ing from the Paris com­mune, the ter­ror and the Guil­lot­ine, we can see its lim­its; it can­not be an ab­so­lute right ap­plic­able to all cir­cum­stances, for all pur­pose, for every­one every where-or, not com­pletely as it­self a stand-alone value. Ab­so­lutely ap­plied it would be tyranny.
Op­pos­ing this however is the concept if liberty.
Frankly I think the slo­gan non­sense since it merely con­tra­dicts it­self.
As ab­so­lute liberty-which is dec­ad­ent li­cense-must have its en­d­point in stasis, since the ab­so­lute li­cence to in­flict pain, 'in­equal­ity' and mount­ing as­cend­ency and sub­jug­a­tion leads in­ev­it­ably to in­sur­rec­tion: in today's overly fem­in­ist-so­cial­ist world and the nanny state, this would be from the right wing libet­ari­ans.
One can­not force 'equal­ity' for this in­fringes liberty.

     One can­not abide ab­so­lute free­dom as this leads to such dis­par­it­ies of power that the bulk of slave classes must ob­ject.
Fem­in­ist equal­ity is equal­ity as defined by women.
It is neither free­dom or equal­ity of out­comes to men. Fem­in­ism has simply failed to de­liver, or even con­sider mens rights. Mens right to 50/50 out­comes in courts over false rape ac­cus­a­tions(so that fe­male per­jury is fre­quently pun­ished with a min­imum two year sen­tence), cus­tody of chil­dren from failed mar­riages and 50/50 ex­pect­a­tions that their sons and daugh­ters will be taught by both men and women at every level of school­ing. (In New Zea­l­and once, 46% of all entry level school teach­ers  were men, now less than ten per­cent are; sim­il­arly at Ca­na­dian Uni­versit­ies amoung the stu­dent body; rampant fem­in­ist bigotry has driven young males away from Ca­na­dian Uni­versity edu­ca­tion). Men should have 50/50 rep­res­ent­a­tion in all low order jobs avail­able to them. As well as 50/50 sen­ten­cing and con­vic­tion re­gimes as out­comes from our courts/po­lice and sen­ten­cing bod­ies.
Oth­er­wise Justice is not seen to be done but comes to rep­res­ent in­justice, bigotry, fash­ion, polit­ics, bias, pre­ju­dice, ideo­logy, un­fair­ness, dis­crim­in­a­tion and a type of blind so­ci­etal evil; demon­strat­ing the courts never are just, just agents of in­stru­mental state ter­ror and power.



Abor­tion Costs Us Lib­eral West­ern Civil­iz­a­tion
Pop­u­la­tion de­pred­a­tion/ stat­ist­ical gen­o­cide/ sui­cide/ pop­u­la­tion eco­nomy

Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
Description Photograp
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What Masculism Tells of Feminism
That feminism is a hollow voice/masculism is its proper answering echo/ she has proven to have spoken wrongly/ therefore the answering voice is true/accurate. and must predominate as Prevailing speech.

Inordinate & Unequal Power

Feminists Cannot Count

Forgetting the Glass Cellar

The Violence of Women

Feminisms War on Children to Hurt Men

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Feminist Role in NWO Politics

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Nature Constructs a Masculist World. Nurture captures Education, Socialised Health and Welfare

Feminist Violence Overtops Male Violence by a Long Long Way.

Proxy Voting by Dead Brothers: Longevity Returns in 'Biology Not Destiny'.

Mishandling False Female Statistics Unfits Women for Governance.

The Two Economies

Flim Flam Economics
The Political Economy of Male Sacrifices

Equality versus Freedom

Postmodern Ideology & Myth



The New Patriarchy and Masculist Reality.



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Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
Description Photograp
Dimensions 1650x 2195mm
Price $7125(including Ship & Post)

Northland Trees | $595 USD

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Alabaster Birds: Artists Poems
 Advanced Mystical Love Poetry Inspired by Solomon and Persian Sufi poet Rumi.
Mostly poems from 1990, with some updates and rewritings. Poet was a practicing mystic at the time, keeping the night watches, fasting, meditating for long hours, experiencing visions, voices and inspiration. Marvelous spiritual experiences like Simone Weil, T.S. Eliot, William Blake, St John of the Cross and Hildegarde of Bingen. Steeped in mystical writings from Evylyn Underhill, Cosmic Consciousness by Burke and William James's (the brother of Henry James) book The Varieties of Religious Experience, Julian Huxley who wrote The Perennial Philosophy (brother of Aldus Huxley) and further mystical volumes in the Western Mystical tradition. Also includes influences from the Eastern tradition, zen poetry and koan.
Never before published.
80 poems in all.


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