Feminism rapes men’s Consciousness

Sick of fighting unjustified rearguard small outbreak fires again and again? Miss getting at the root of the big blaze of our fierce accusers? To put it out once and for all-for that we need theory. Masculist theory is the getting at the root of their fiery blaze. Radix means root-so what is needed is something Radical.

Radically beyond the already excellent Professor Christina Hoff Sommers and dr. Warren Farrell-for whom we can thank for their wonderful books “Who Stole Feminism” (Sommers) and “The Myth of Male Power” (Farrell) which both contain data and facts as ammunition in our fight against an alienating divisive feminism. Their facts, analysis and descriptions of the situation are excellent. However the need for solutions and strategies, ways to combat false statistics, false interpretations and misguided feminist policy are mostly lacking within their writings. Such as provided seem tame compared to the fierce claims, demands and often false 'rights' (always without responsibilities) promoted by feminism exclusively for elite academic white women.

Masculist theory is an attempt to get at useful depths, meanings and outcomes for all men everywhere. Radical masculist theory dispenses with feminist thinking entirely-we do not trust it. Its facts are ‘cherry picked’-you know what that is? It means they select the very few isolated minority examples from a hundred question survey; highlight ten in a report, all of these ten favour the case they want to make; then out of the report further highlight just the two very ‘best’ of all for their case presented in a press release-this is what goes out to all the media. A simple communist like propaganda exercise. Only this time all men suffer. We intend to ease, halt and reverse that suffering.

Naturally the best data for any men's case is kept out of view in the seldom seen, requested or viewed original full survey results. This is the entirety of feminist data collecting methodology in a nutshell. Needless to say all this is in wo Men’s control. Thus all feminist data sources, information, surveys etc, are completely bogus. None are to be trusted. No men are included except by accident. Thus all feminist data is skewed by over fifty percent from the outset. As it simply fails to ask the men. A comical oversight that renders almost all feminist philosophy illegitimate, poorly based and with a fragile grasp on reality. Hence the hysteria, paranoia and emotion driven campaigns of feminism. Formed into institutions and social structures its seeming great power is mostly smoke and mirrors. It is merely institutionalized bigotry, discrimination and prejudice against men. Feminism is a hate crime; pure and simple.

Women have supposed feminism to speak for all or some of them. Yet they too lack an all-encompassing attempt at a philosophy of a female gender. There is an attempt by Professor Judith Butler of Columbia University to convey notions playing with the idea of gender as a whole, where she says ‘gender is performative'; but this theatrical interpretation fails when we see, in contrast to her theatrical 'performativity', that it is reified sexuality that is ‘performative’ for we mark off the very body items that perform the sexuality; i.e. ‘fisting’, ‘anal fisting’, ‘anal ”vaginal’, ‘full frontal’ 'clitoral' 'phallic' 'caressing' 'sensuality' 'stroking' 'lingering', 'fingering ' 'tongue kiss' and so on.

Contrary to Butler then I can say gender is fixed in by the following definition; ’gender is that which engenders the next generation’. On that rock of course the entirety of feminism, let alone Butler, completely founders. For feminism like the personal inconsequentiality of its speakers, talkers and otherwise practitioners has no time consciousness, no sense of future responsibility like men have for they never ask what is the long term bulk result of their temporary social experiment. It is a mere movement like Greenpeace: necessarily parasitic on the continued success of the economics of both, what they call 'patriarchy', and of the much maligned capitalism.

Feminism is not an all-encompassing political system, it cannot be, for it has no wider social vision nor a sense of future, nor an economic system of its own; it is necessarily parasitic on both its false targets. Feminism is a parasite of it favourite; 'patriarchy': and of capitalism. That it could enforce its tyrannical will on men highlights its truer dreadful roots in a matriarchal super-owner-capitalism of usury and debt slavery. Its confluence with Zionism is complete. Feminism is Zionism in drag. The slavery of all men is its goal. The ultimate expression of power; the real desire, to rule the world.

If feminism were to succeed at this later point, then all of us, everyone, man woman and child will fail; we will fail of its support, we cannot support it in our hearts. Should they succeed our slavery will be most reluctant. As machines would do them better they must kill us, though this sounds like a plot from some thriller novel this is exactly what one branch of eco-feminism wants; the elimination of so called 'overpopulation' for, the 'rape' of the planet. See my forthcoming book on 'Population Economics' for a full answer to that very large question

These are so direly appalling we must end it yesterday.

The population collapse of the western European demographic is one such major outcome fatal to the ongoing continuation of any form or political or economic viability of feminism. Its geographic and economic supporters will not even soon exist in sufficient strength to do so. Economic reverses must entirely invert the so far foolishly favourable reception of this maddest of all female ideological hysterias. Begging to have full Patriarchy return has to soon eventuate. It cannot now, be so long in coming soon back amoung us.

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