1900 - 1960


War 20th Century
100 Million Dead


1960 - 2020


Abortion 2 Billion Dead
2 Billion Contra-Conceived

State Versus Citizen
Left 400 Million Dead
Right  100 Million
 Free Right to courtship and Romance.


  State Supports more women than men do.
Death of Family, Extended Family and most marriages.
Human pain-immense and incalculable damage to children.
 Heterosexual courtship and Romance seriously restricted and curtailed. Widespread loneliness and suicide prevelant; childhoods destroyed.

Men house everyone on their own earnings or build almost all structures themselves.
Longevity similar to women and murder or death related violence rare.



  Huge homeless population grows and grows; divorce causes enormous increased demands on extra accommodation.
Matriarchy becomes infamous for its 'death culture'-abortion, infanticide, suicide, homocide, poisonings and violent murder. It is based on killing. No wonder.

 With population growing people said unstoppably- "You could walk out of one job and cross the road straight into another" Virtually nil unemployment. All natural products- organically based. From the earth or close to it. Little pollution.





   With increased competition from the reserve army of 'unemployed' women wages drop in real terms. Manufacturing turns to cheap toxic chemicals- the old pharmecopia returns; majic potions like artificial estrogen that have a left leaning sinister atomic bond in their molecular structures- as most chemical-ie Pharmecopian food has. Artificial food leads to artificial unhealthy lifestyles. Flouride used as a soporific to lull prisoners in Hitlers camps prior to death.
 Economy Grows.    Economy in the West Tanks.
 Population grows.    European Population shrinks alarmingly.
 Jobs and careers grow.    Real full-time jobs disappear

 Government is small
 Taxes are low; yet University education entirely free on merit.


   Government takes up two thirds of the expenditure economy but only one tenth of the productive economy

 Productivity soars.



   Inflation increases and accumulates. Inflation is the true bottom line measure of productivity. Productivity and spending power both decrease year on year.
 Things are affordable only as vicarious 'life devices' the 'miniature' life of things including bycycles as personal transport is promoted as a backward step. Being European denigrated and blamed for everything; widespread murder of white people ensues around the world as race-based killing increase.

 Government respects privacy and personal rights and freedoms.
Perverts are outlawed and have no access to children.
Men form half the teachers in NZ- still the standard around most of the Western World.

What is there not to like about PATRIARCHY?


 Government invades all private rights and imposes strict restrictive laws on peoples rights and opinions- you have no right 'to be wrong' in the views you hold. Speech crimes and the Dictionary Police abound.

What good is there to like about MATRIARCHY?



Sexuality enjoyed by all.
No disease unmanageable by drugs or treatment; no AIDS or HIV death.

Heterosexuality is ruled over, 'named', and demonised by the homosexual tyranny.
Rape or Sexual Assault

Very rare; entire society shocked when it occurs.
Dildoes rape millions repeatedly. Artificial sexualities reign.
Child Mortality

Lowers year by year.
Increase remarkbley if you count abortion, contraception statistical absences.

Length of Life

Length of live is roughly equivalent between the genders. It grows healthily year on year. The greatest advances in human health like this in History.

   Life under Matriarchy is bad for men. Men die at an alarming rate. Boys selectively killed in abortion.
 Gap in longevity grows by seven to eight years; though financil health services for women increase. Massive anti-male discrimination.
Overall Health    

Men pay the vast amount of taxes; yetr seldom benefit from them compared to women.
   Women receive Jobs, Benefit and Pensions from tax monies to a far greater degree than the men who pay for them.
 Guilt over this disparity is projected outward onto men.
Men are arrested if they assist women in trouble.


Safe places demanded as special rights for women; though it is men who suffer most violence.

Long Term Security

Ensured under Patriarchy.
 Well policed and secure society.










Women behave in unrespectable ways of gross 'entitlements' therefore men shun assisting them.
 Men continue top help women with children 'doing their part' in the unspoken gender contract long expected and demanded of men.
 The economic distortions required to satisfy women and feminist fears actually increase long-term likelihood of societal collapse and female poverty.
 Rebuilding an economy may actually require increased povery and impoverishments.
 Thus prioritising womens 'feelings legislation' over that of the objective necessary needs of society conflicts with actually achieving both.



Systems of Guilt     Increase under Feminist regimes.
So, no shaming of women; yet shaming men who pay for it all.
 This fragile contradiction cannot last or benefit society.
Legal Oppression

Everyone has rights
   Only barren, unproductive and pointless women have rights.
 Children have few or no rights under feminism. Boys are regularly medicated and girls are licenced to accuse anyone at any time for anything.
 This can only backfire big-time.
 Artificial power has consequences.


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