I was for one year the chairman of the Berhampore community Association. During that time I noticed that one of our members had had his websites suppressed by the secretary.
This suppression of several websites and a Berhampore facebook page was not put through a general community Association meeting and thus had no mandate whatever to do so.
She is of course a liberal middle class feminist pushing an unannounced green party agenda onto local affairs.. She did not declare her former history with the Green party. So I was looking on with interest as this unfolded to see whether she would adhere to our Constitution which forbade the pushing previous political party agendas at a local community level meeting. She ignored this provision in our Constitution totally.
Meanwhile our local city council had elected a Labour party (Democratic party) City Council and the ward member who came to our Berhampore community Association meetings like a heavy hitter politician became the deputy mayor. New Zealand's Democratic party equivalent, New Zealand Labour Party works closely with the Green party when it comes to the make up of government power bloc voting on city councils and suchlike. I am not of either party nor of any party and especially at that point as a local community leader.
However in formulating my own ideas about community the word everybody seems to bandy about I wrote an essay. Which in a masculist way – a mans way of thinking; not the feminine way of thinking – insisted that community at the very least resulted in aboveground physical facilities or assets. Assets like swimming pools, town halls, public gymnasiums, parking buildings, or park spaces or playground spaces for children. The letter made its point by suggesting some of the sorts of things that could apply- in order for others to think of similar concepts. For this latter I had in mind a well attended public space playground over in a neighbour suburb called Newtown. This was in the centre of Newtown on what would otherwise be prime commercial land. Pronably worth millions..
Yet they had their one fixed idea running in the background.
Therefore, I reasoned, back over in Berhampore we would need such land to be purchased at around the cost of three or $400,000. For any assets and other social facilities like that. Prior to building them on a proposed ten year= one asset plan. After all it was our rates money underneath the issue. These are local government property taxes.. Berhampore had few such facilities- many being pulled out by government initiated withdrawals. So it is fair to assume local government to pay to put them back.. Therefore, I reasoned, it had no community. And certainly that was the feeling about the place; that it was a suburb with a very bare community feel to it. We had two coffee shops and a restaurant, a Tailor, a hairdressing salon, a petrol service station, a locksmith, two churches for an entire suburb (where are the evangelists and salvators when you need them?) a laundry, now just one dairy, and several light industry design and catering establishments. And that was pretty well it. All the Council had provided in the centre of the settlement was a public toilet. And maybe a bus shelter. That was it. The sum total of community artefacts. A new community hall hid away in the grounds of a central (federal) housing facility. Though interesting its state status looked and felt like a round matronising space.
A sum of money was mentioned in the essay. Especially in regard to one example only held over in a ten year or five year plan. This was to utilize also ten or five percent, of rated property tax revenues collected from Berhampore residents over that time period. It was to be $3 million dollars. In my initial, and cautious, example.
Note that.
In short, in the article I wrote some months ago suggested that the 10,000 people of Berhampore deserve better than that and since the city council treated the suburb is just a way station. A thruway between suburbs to other suburbs – in traffic that just whizzed through it. in a series of historical moves that had seen the removal of two supermarkets, a greengrocery, a hot bread shop, a post office, many parking spaces, and the local city visiting library bus trailer thing. All we had still existing from those early days was a taxi stand. We once even had a pub and a brickworks; a sausage factory and other local Berhampore workers employment. Now people who lived in Berhampore had to seek jobs miles away in other parts of the city. Causing gas and time costs to workers and wage earners. I figured that since the Wellington City Council had 'gutted' Berhampore they jolly well owed us to buy it back. It was our money.
I had since learned that the city council, motivated ever by money and not by community at all, - as we shall see- earned more money for its activities not on our direction – from public housing and acting as a rentier; while left-wing rhetoric is supposedly against the class of people who develop and improve buildings and they want to push them out of their own home. So that they become tenants subject to their control and payments. So when the Berhampore Association under the green influence gave a rubber stamp open house open handed invitation to any and all public housing. All that I heard from that was an echo chamber. Since the Berhampore "community" Association was basically a thing set up by the Wellington City Council and its politically motivated members in the first place. If they are satisfied by having their own toadies giving them the answer but they themselves have set up for them as if it was useful and new information fully reflect of the needs and requests and desires of the people in Berhampore they must be truly foolish indeed.
I think selfies were invented for people like that.   It is a bit like ringing up your own phone to hear your own voice on the answer phone. As if it were a meaningfully profound experience, and also as if a useful piece of political information.
In my article on community a sum of money was mentioned: $3 million to fix the bare minimum community needs of Berhampore. As a first 'peace-offering'. The letter was clear about that. I showed this article at our public meeting to our now deputy mayor Paul Eagle. It is exactly this sum that is now offered over across in the other suburb of Newtown for a community project of their peoples choosing. Governed by a 'Trust' staffed by stolid Labour Party (Democrats) trustee stalwarts. Since I am people too- I had placed in my article some suggestions -as I said-as to the types of things we may spend the money on. Including over any 10 year period at least a small gymnasium, or a half sized Olympic pool, or a cemetery, or a children's playground in the middle of the shopping area. Representing a 'social dividend' - though I am decidedly NOT a socialist- due absolutely back in the real 'communities' from which the monies had come. Also there were other suggestions – but these were just suggestions they were not exclusive they would to give examples of the sorts of things that people could request. So now I suburb that needed these things is not going to get them we're going to get dumped upon us huge numbers of public housing projects I imagine just because we are a poor and inexpensive suburb of the city council to dominate and buy up all the land. They see us as a source of money for the political popularity campaign long-term. The trust they have set up to manipulate this money is stacked only with Labor Party stalwarts. This last alone is suspicious. And no one at all representative of any other point of view. If that isn't corruption I don't know what it is.
The article itself I will publish later under the title of Theory of Masculist Community.
Basically say that if you do have community you will have physical structures above ground for the social activity of the people who live in the community. In other words there will be real physical proof that the term community has real meaning and isn't just spent wasteful our festival's are and other time consuming money consuming projects that look good and provide photo opportunities for politicians yet do not earn the people who live there a single cent, – but in their after-parties, involved; snorting cocaine off the naked bodies of underage girls.
A no-gainer, for the community Eh!
Possible unethical and illegal effects flowing from the Berhampore community associations Constitution.
Number one
Issues of conflicts of interest – is it the voice of the Green party or is it the voice of Berhampore?
Our Constitution specifically forbids the pushing of political party agendas. That is my understanding that would be my ruling if I was to make one.
Number two
Are issues of meetings; – a quorum is required at a public and open meeting in order to pass decisions and propositions and proposals.
However a quorum doesn't make a meeting if it is a secret meeting. Nor are in between non-publicly announced and attended meetings, legal meetings, – if it is in fact in essence a private meeting, in a private home. Stop it, would be my ruling . My desire would be to roll-back, to renege, halt, pause, or stop. To halt all such passages of unconstitutional 'legislation' for our little body.
In-between meetings were to be purely to iron out excess- and boring-'overloads' to an agenda.
Number three
I believe it is therefore essential as we move forward to have the full mandate of the people of Berhampore. This can be done by having consistent, and constant and upgraded, and updated membership drives as often and as early as possible. Berhampore residents and ratepayers number around 10,000 souls.
I would like to see at least a pool of two 200/350 people on our books or even more registered as members, or potential members. Even if only 50 of them constitute some kind of churn and irregularly or regularly turned up.
I'm very aware that so far somewhat under 100 people have ever attended a meeting, a full open publicly advertised public meeting. Notice the emphasis on public. For I believe it is these public meetings that are the strength of the claim to be the voice of Berhampore.
Therefore it would be my ruling that any other meetings so far held and decisions made are cold and void. They should be held over until we have an increased membership.
Number four
I have already handed a document I produced in good faith suppressed from our website – it was only a discussion document. I'm a very good front person, MC, and very good at comprehending wide overarching contexts for issues. That is why I am the chair. I wish to emphasise this. I do not wish my authority to be impugned any further – and I wish that article which I will update to be reinstated.
To sum up I dislike the idea and I think the people of Berhampore would is well. If it was realised that in effect the Berhampore community Association has been abruptly taken over by one group alone. Therefore it has no legitimacy. The real voice of Berhampore then has yet to emerge. The same old same old will not do. has had an attempted takeover made upon it – a palace coup if you would. This is unethical and illegitimate and I wish to totally annul and nullify its effects. I would be forced to put this ethical and legality issue about our own constitution to the people of Berhampore in some form or fashion as I've done here. More elaborated you can be sure if pushed to it. I think you would find that they would dislike it and would rouse themselves and rally round to push you out absolutely. No I don't want that I wanted to be done decently and I would ask some of you to step down.
The keenness to play politics is always suspicious. These are general notes regarding the context of our age. And people around the world are fed up with. They have rouse themselves and it will come here a little bit in the upcoming election and there will be some alarming surprises for some of us. In regard to that new moved in politics with a real tax rate in New Zealand is 67% for an average home, and the average individual with an income.
I noted for instance the other day a new organisation from government called consumer protection. Yet we already have a New Zealand consumer society. Which is independent and gives trusted and reliable results mostly. What would happen if the New Zealand government took over the Wellington city council. Or if the WCC took over politically all the communities. Which it has now. Would our community voice Berhampore be at all valid. If it was a fully local government funded shill? A government echo chamber supervised, government staffed and government operated organisation run by run by its own 'trusties'? Kind of makes you think doesn't it. Put that way what we looking at is pure communism. Have we arrived pure Marxism in New Zealand via the back door? Is the WCC become an adhoc communist council and should we overthrow it? As inimicable to real democracy? I put it to you that the voice of Berhampore is not necessarily the voice of the Wellington city council or of the New Zealand government or of any one political party; but is a unique and precious voice that we should care for dearly and act in every way is if we were speaking on behalf of others considerately.
We do not want any more creep upwards of the real tax rate from 67% to 70 something percent, on to 80%, or even 100%! At that point of course everything you own, or lived in or rode or drove or visited or went by, or looked at, or enquired about, or investigated would all entirely be government owned, or government owned corporations, or government own bodies of one kind or another. Remember the Arlo Guthrie's song, about going to work in the company bus, driving on the company roads, living in a company house, working at the company job and factory, and even buying your groceries at the company store? Well it is rapidly becoming like that today, very stifling, suffocating and restrictive. People feel they have no freedom, few options, ever turn is a new rule or regulation with heavy costs and penalties. The rule of law is good. But the rule of lawyers is not so good. A lawyer-ocracy is heaven only for the pedantic and the picky, the censorious and the politically correct, the thought police and the speech crimes of infamy. The people around the world have roused them selves against big sister and I heavy-handed state apparatus called Marxist echo feminism. The whole world wishes to end it for ever. And is not in any way satisfied by any government or administration that gives the merest hint of blocking their way.
The people will have new laws and fewer of them.
We must deregulate the lawyers and the law and have a publicly widely known constitution and set of laws specifically designed for New Zealand. Away with old Roman and British in law! Let us have our own New Zealand based laws for all in New Zealand.
We must deregulate the health industry to enable a full range and a full spectrum of health services run by the health services professions themselves as independent bodies.
We must deregulate the education industry which is very cozy for the members of it. But does not in any way answer to the parents as the ultimate clients. But it does answer only to government which is a situation as Communist as you can get. We must end Soviet style propaganda in our schools. Teachers must be answerable to their ultimate clients the parents.
We must be able to get rid of our politicians and vote them out of office. Therefore we must get rid of the list members system. The state apparatus is not withering away. So we must tamp it down firmly before it crushes us entirely. Therefore we must reduce the public service and make it into a series of independent bodies. The public service have of late operated way too much as if they were at government inside government, operating on laws and policies and series of inflected interpretations is if they were a power unto themselves: untouchable, never wrong, and always correct; this has all the hallmarks of tyranny and we must rejoice at its being demolished. Reports that societies under their unelected anonymous system are regarded as the "happiest" fails to note the laziness and absenteeism increasing among the working population – the foot dragging that is the very hallmark of sullen resentments. The new movements around the world demonstrate quite clearly how much these happiest of all government initiatives are actually hated.
All of this turns on the question, who runs the country?
We the people run the country.
The government makes the law's only about how we are to do that.
Therefore – seeing that colonial governments are the most stripped down and vigourous and rigourous and robust and strong forms of government – any government that does not have a constitution that states a limit to the real tax rate and set at 10% would have to consider itself at tyranny.
Leave it to us on that which we have earned by the sweat of our brow and by the muscles and bent backs and of our arms and legs. Then so invested you bust have to trust us that we will do right by that effort. Those who labour have earned the right to tell you this. Trust the people.
The long 20th century has proven to everyone we cannot trust governments. What a mess they have made of the world.
Phillip John James O'Sullivan, Chairman, Berhampore Community Association. 2016


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