Minimal Masculist Government Articles of Association.




Low Taxes for all willing participants. Minimal Government Interventions. The People Run Everything. Governments runs Nothing! The Government G-o-v-e-r-n-s; nothing else. Period! Nothing at all; not even taxes! There is no need. Fair and sueable so answerable to You and to you alone. You are EQUAL where it counts. You are afraid of no Government official whatsover- no more than you are of the Haberdashery or of the Butcher or of the Cafe owner. These people have no more power over you than that. Flat out strict equality.
Real equality; not the bully boy kind where Vichy-Quisling officials of the Nanny State impoverish everything with your compelled obediance to policies that only the Lesbian 4% minority agrees with. No more Government by minories somehow using your money to oppress you, stalk you, interfere with your kids and harass your business at every turn.

Its Tax take on the whole of society limited to a Good Vigorous Colonial Level of Government; 10%
No welfarism crawling up on the back of the real prolotariate; men!
 Now you see how much they hate colonialism, it gives the game away; lightweight interference on just ten percent total taxes.

All men unite; and male loving women to; against the elite class enemies. We have nothing to lose but our chains of endless taxes. Demand men friendly government as best for your family. Four times the real value income, ten percent taxes and no interfering state officials filling your children with politically correct but wrong headed politics gauranteed to impoverish everyone. Replaced with Full Property Rights. The Foundation of Sound, Stable and Reliable Prosperity. (De Soto)

Out with the socialist-marxist investment in poverty. Invest your future in having one.

Vote Masculist. Vote Family. Vote Life.

1. Leave the Communist United Nations and Form new independent bodies on multi agreements in a multi-cultural Universe.

2. Leave the Baloney Accords- Arrest all Environmental activists as harming the Nations progress; in a vast ocean of economic crimes as economic criminals. Destroying all our immediate futures for a make-believe fairy-tale utopia several thousand years away. More like a religion than an ideology. It may be a best only a failed fiction when and if we get there. Meanwhile user friendly poverty for all to almost gaurantee it.
Vote Green, Pay full green Taxes; to be charged to all green accounts. Brownie points for those who pay for them. Green Party then has to perform accords, raise loans corporately itself or face the debt collectors. Gaurantee that green initiatives pay for themselve- so that they are permanently and contiguously sustainable economically as well as environmentally. Any failure by the green party to sustain both aspects to met with complete tax levies upon its vendors, proponents, fans, activists, members, funders and lobbyists and its voters- alone and to fall on no one else. Any debts outstanding with any bankruptcy to be voluntarily uplifted by any subsequent party of like mind until paid in full.

3. Place Limits on New Government Expenditure. Withering-away of the state completed by 2020. Or face full charges to fall upon Socialist party members retroactively. And Eco-Marxist Feminists personally and extended families. The context that breeds shame visited locally.

4. Privatise Education, Health and Welfare. Performers of the Service, Product or Goods; social goods included- required to answer to Regulations and to its customers. That is direct responsibility to Parents; a sueable service, good or performance. Retroactive upon all public servants; that is fair.

5 Reduce the Public Services by up to 50% (No more padding the payrolls with Labour government- irresponsible hacks) No fake Government Jobs.
 Reclaim unearned duties, services, performance, goods, confiscations etcetera for all overpaid costs, emoluments and honorariums or payments. Fully retrospective for all non-performers.

6. Reduce the real rate of taxes by 50% to only one third of anyones cashflow income; Currently, for the average New Zealand or Western Worker it is around 67%. Limited it should be 47% or well below at 36% or so. Otherwise beauracracies obtain more funding than the people who do the real work in society- as explained in tax fodder page.

7. Explore for South Seas Oil Zillion Dollar bonanza.The worlds largest source of abundant oil. Making New Zealand the World's Richest Nation. Sold off by Political Parties to fund short term election victories. Cease subsidies for Renewables. Who powers the real electricity of electrics? What is renewable about 'renewables' reliance on fossil, lithium, cobalt, nickel, aluminium, magnesium deposits laid down by fossil processes (unrepeatable) copper wires, steel, nickel and other ossified deposit material of unknown extent? Biggest fake breakthrough ever- undergirded by oil, gas, coal and nuclear power plants for real electricity; I don't even drive a car! It is a tax on the poor. Shame on you for caring nought for the poorest consumers. For fashion, fashion and hype alone. Shame on you. All this stuff is so impoverishing millenials-in the main-will never get to have a job, home let alone a car; you'll have to ride a bike like a third world country; that is what they are grooming you for.

8. Cancel all subsidies for Renewables. As it would lead to increases in power and electricty charges up to four times higher than they are now. This tragedy of dream over reality has led to the deepest impoverishment of the poor in Germany who cannot afford any power bills at all under mad green policies. The mad elite greenies should be prosecuted for ruining Europe and making it virtually unlivable for its poorest people. Same here.

9. Remove all Roman and English laws and all laws derived from precedent; in Favour of all law reduced to PRINCIPLES
written up complete into a Telephone-book sized compendium by which all citizens can defend themselves and promote or advance their own interests under the same exact conditions as anyone else. Delivered to every household. As Law is too important to be left in the hands of Lawyers.

10. All laws favouring women to be removed. Strict full life gender equality sought; ie not just 'working' life income but full life capture of pension, health and educational funding-plus inheritances for exacting equal outcomes fifty fifty for all genders including men. I think this tells an entirely different story than that concentrated on working income and CEO envy alone..

11. Proxy votes for dead brothers. To balance the demos in voting. ..for one or two elections.

12. Privatisation of all parties so eliminating self serving lobbies and power-bloc voting (retrospectively criminalized) since 'parties' themselves have devolved into self serving LOBBIES. Whereby their actual agenda has nothing whatever to do with promises made to the public. They to be held accountable in special political courts with wide ranging powers and basic checks for conflicts of interest and corruption- meaning treason, sedition and ideological riots, torts and alarms against the public will.

13. All legislation not in the interests of New Zealand or having been passed at midnight or in sly and cowardly schedules or time slots to be immediately and fully revoked.

14.Ban all gangs as being militia organized against the state; therefore martial laws apply. Massive power handed back to the Individual Sovereign Citizen. We are full legal persons and Citizens not Subjugated Tax Slaves paying two thirds of our entire average income over to blind political forces vesting themselves in debauchery and perversion. Ban all political parties as politicians are the criminals; thieves rob individuals or businesses; political parties rob entire nations and unfashionable people groups. With public officials and courts as their accomplices.

15. The only Function of the state is defense of the country. All other functions can be performed by those who elect to pay for or buy and purchase the service. Who runs the country; we do the free taxpayes. So only defense is a too large a project to undertake in times of peace. The people will defend what they pay for. Yet will abandon misuse and damage freely something they do not. This we see everywhere. Therefore will willingly defend what they actually own. The Roman Patrician classes grew Roman power because they had a real, concrete collaterall in their farms and estates; heading up the armies to fight purposefully. We should return to these type of direct and accountable relationships. Also they desired to win and do so with high survival for their soldiers because they took the risk like real men. Women risk nothing. Yet with eco-feminism risk all unknowingly as their replacements contend with them armed by weaponised progeny, pregnancy and offspring hollowing out their economies. This is what patriarchal winners on their long game did to their enemies! Quell the future possibility by extinction and ethnic cleansing; feminism is the ethnic cleansing of European society. It is ultimately a military matter. Not a political one. A political solution is to bar all voting rights to eco-feminists who are hostile enemies of European populations. Are we prepared to do this voluntarily
? We must. Or die out altogether; to be replaced and enslaved by others. The friend of the other is the enemy of civilization.


16. Law and order can be policed by neighbourhoods. If order is a problem the areas concerned can be organised to combat it to any level they deem necessary.

17. Special pleading by any group is outlawed. All receive the same broad applicable law. Parties can organised their own redress in terms of the laws delivered to every home. Law is too important to be left to lawyers.

18. The power over citizens by Parliament and Others should be severely reduced; and subsequently a masculist Party would devolve political, legal and police powers more directly into the hands of individual citizens. The concentration into the hands of highly compromised politicians of the political classes should be reduced.

19.All Churches and Religious organizations to pay full taxes as if they were companies or businesses. Including payroll taxes

20. Sales taxes to be abolished. First thirty thousand to be entirely free of all taxation.

21. The Anglican Church in particular to cede half of all its entire land and property and financial holdings to Maori. Either through thre Ringatu or Ratana Churches of which they can retain one third each. Nor any to any Maori Anglican Church or other setup to capture said monies, lands or assets.






The privatisation of the law
prosecution of judges retrospectively were not delivering 50-50 gender outcomes
removal from the bench – the 10 worst judges will be removed from public service of any kind for life and in present with very heavy penalties extremely heavy penalties.
All courts must deliver absolutely 50-50 outcomes what one gender obtains – the other gender must take same exact equal rights.  If there are 50,000 men in prison.  It should be 50,000 when pressed what just as long for justice serious crimes.
The entire body of ancient law, common law, business law, civil law, enabling and disabling law Latin law English law and the notion of precedents will be changed for ever into principles of the law so exact and written out in plain English that any man can understand all technical terms to be self explanatory.  No fancy arcane Latin phrases anybody using fancy Latin phrases breeds deliveries jokes or whatever form of commentary in a courtroom will be fined $1000 the word instantly payable within 10 days.  Even if they are muttered under the breasts.  These principles of law the entire body and corpus of law would be reduced and reduced and reduced into principles of law to fit inside a telephone book digests only updated every 15 or 25 years.  This is the law for every.  Any man can defend himself in a court of law based on these principles in the telephone book -sized digestible any person whatsoever without any fee or hindrance and every facility in the courtroom made available to him speak as he understand if.  So every man is his own glory.  And that these principles of law will be taught in our school's under the heading of civics.

The courtrooms will be financed by the fines they impose's and anyone can set up a company group contract whose principles will be written into the law book contract to provide legal services courtrooms and judgements by suitably educated person's.  The government will not pay one sink towards the operation of courtrooms or police or the running presents the criminals themselves's will pay completely for all these services.
Provision to avoid any bad consequences as imagined, no or surmised, should be written into the principles of law under the heading the running of courtrooms apprehension and policing departments and corrections.  Is there will also be laws principles of law to govern the running of the running of courtrooms and police systems and prison systems and so on.  We will return to a system of punishment.  Let it no longer be set back by going to prison.  You could prosper.  It is by not going to prison, that you shall prosper stop's after a period of seven years of freedom and living a good life all cry is be struck from the record set will be no vindictive is all vengeful acts taken against anybody's is linked as a good citizen's arm troubling to anyone else was seven years is's is no matter what the cry is.
However, all citizens will have the right to a full trial with hired lawyers defence and prosecution and juries and judges or legal managers and supervisors courtrooms as each district would like under the rules the telephone law.
The appeals process will also be written into this law.  And any necessary means of restitution state will no longer be considered focus or in fallible.  That is an abomination and is the sign of first rate tyranny.  It people love the law.  Let the people see how the law can enable their lives to start businesses, marriages and families and so and prosper.
However, in the 15 year period.  Only one full out her soon as should they cause some offence come Bortz as a plaintiff on appellant a second time.  They may elect to have a court supplied lawyer perhaps but maybe no jury and just present a case before a judge or they can have a jury that no coin to court-appointed lawyer left a for that themselves or represent themselves and present that before judge the third offence, you may court-appointed lawyer, you just present your case or with your lawyer.  Let before and on the third none of those things will occur to jail so you're out every 15 years you can's all four.
This also is reflected in the medical services – and is very like it: you will obtain one for cost operation, so make sure it's of serious one every 15 years, but you will not have a lifetime of 10 or 20 or 50 operations, costing millions and millions of dollars.  That simply not have – in other words, we do not intend to use the state is a bottomless cup of coffee – so that we are constantly pouring money into a very sick person does not do making efforts sell to change their own health regime in terms hidden take and lifestyle choices you choose a bad lifestyle of drop and drank and random behaviours.  You will either penalty – and you will achieve burial.  That's all public purpose – new the public purse will no longer be available to anybody to the fullest extent.  This you will for your own political party and sign up for it for the services that may or may not deliver as you would company or a company description service or any.  The privatised so that the you pay for either the criminals will party by completion at all that they would be required to serve and pay for the of the the rest of their lives and if you don't want a particular criminal associated with a particular victim victim perpetrator relationship will beAnd a GPS that person, and have to build their own heart on the property that or live in or transit camp tights hostel and travel to the place for victim of somebody else their life and they come under that total control of the day must do everything requests that the victim requires every you have lost all your normal civil rights, freedom of movement, freedom to of your employment.  You employed by that person for the rest of your life to make amends complete a means of the losses they had to suffer should the victim be willing out the full cost of paying for the rest of your life.  The addict is discharged a person earning 104 wife or some such thing like that you will probably never be free extremely careful five the police services will have a feedback loop in regard to excessive revenue gathering on their own behalf.  All what will


"The law is too important to be left in the hands of lawyers" – instances of that include the period after the crash of 1987 where lawyers were found with their hands in the till – and their trust funds were earning a handsome profit for the lawyers that were not passed on to the owners of the money – in future all trust fund monies held in trust for estates must be disbursed as quickly as possible, or interest paid at the rate of 10% per month to the final settlement no money in the trust fund is to be utilised for the purpose of this or bringing a return to the lawyer or the wharf's or if so, for whatever purpose it is be it is to be written off from the Bill a percent Toovey's client in the client's favour.  All trust monies must be returned absolutely 10 times amount paid to the client straightaway within 10 days or within 40's 's 40 days 10% a month with no top to it.  It could be an infinite amount that you owe the client at the end you will be ruined, so be quick about handling other people's money.  You could say on this matter that all lawyers in 1987 in New Zealand proved themselves to be criminal's and we have not forgotten is.'s's

's the object's of this section is to rest the law from the hands of the lawyer said and handed back holders bolts full blooded back to the empowerment of the peoples and the individuals and the families and that good citizens.  The good citizens will have full legal rights.  The moment however that you proceed to commit a crime, drinking in a public place – zero tolerance Will's plights.  Then you begin to blue's will several roughs.  The first of these is the right to freedom of movement – obviously it's you will be arrested was.

Secondly, if in the perpetration of what burglary the owner of the house wakes up and challenges you you must drop all the goods straightaway and kneel on the floor with your hands on your head all that house owner can very well to any at all to hit you with a stick and a cane is a piece of wood with full force knocking you out.  You have frightened her in his own property.  This is the full court backed empowerment all the people in possession of their own goods doing no strong when somebody doing role comes on the seats that curse has lost temporarily all the rights.  No pleas of self defence.  No pleas of a previous life.  They doing role is no mitigations whatsoever said doing role in other words, the owner of the house's could even kill at this because they've been alarm and they will not even be arrested.  The principle here is the principle of the law here is the criminals should be frightened of the good citizens.  At the moment we have got good citizens frightened of the criminals.  We must reverse that relationship utterly completely totally.  The empowerment of the citizens is absolute.  The absolute right of the good legally acting citizen's's if somebody transgresses that peaceable is that rest is security.  Anything at all is that layout temporarily is in the heat of the load anything at all.  A criminal shall have no protection against it whatsoever.  None Sonata.  Is's's's's's's's
the moderns tendency to romanticise the criminal in the movies and on literature and infection so of will not be what takes place in the law's.'s's's's reality is reality.'s's's's's's's's's now that is owners of houses but people had a full and legal, a full run
consider relationship seen between the owner of the building's and herbs can of the.  Illegal occupancy rights whatsoever to the property is no squatters's no's they will have complete and utter curative all the write-offs should any violence or robberies for breaking an entry's offices.  This kind of act's's's property in effect is considered to

Political parties is

Political parties will be privatised.  All parties such as the Green party for Masculist party, the Democratic party, the Labour Party, the National parties will be privatised like a power company, a telephone company's, or if Internet service provider's.  People can elect to pay no taxes at all's by simply failing to select any political party they can go completely unmolested by political parties or politics at all.  If they're not interested.  And pay no taxes either for the privilege.  Is's

This is how it works.  You sign up for the Green party and be plan B's – and so you obtain all the services or your money that plan be provides from the Green party's's's's's – you could think of this as the Green party levy or membership fee or the tax – for it is all of these things all at once.  You could in fact pay's like a lobbyist's foot to 3 parties and overlap with various services you desire.  You could pay for all of the.  If you want the fees may be rather steep so for the parties providing full medical cover and full educational services and full legal services which you may not use to have children or internal you require the law and you can't opt in and opt out you were locked in to your political party for a reasonable length of time like plans for five years or plans for 10 years or plans for 15 or even 20 years which you're obliged to pay the while you are alive.  And you may have to pay a fee to extricate yourself from such an arrangement entered time that could be fairly steep.  At that time so that is drawback possibly to this system, however.  You pay no taxes whatsoever to nobody ever again.  If you don't want to.  Now what is the advantage of this system is; the main advantage is this it is then incumbent upon the individual to live a healthy life, to avoid trouble, by living a life that causes them the least call upon the services they require, because you have to pay for everything, the hospital the doctor the accident.  The insurance and somewhat so it's kind of like insurance in fact all political parties are basically providing insurance.  But the dirty, nasty part of the insurance scheme they are offering is the free write of that insurance party.  The party labour or Greens all national or whatever will Democrat or Republican or right-wing or left-wing is the right temporarily for three years – but left-wing parties have quite a history of setting aside opposition and setting aside the constitutional rights and installing themselves as dictators keep that in mind.  – In the dirty part of politics is that it gives that insurance party the right to dip into the pockets of everyone else to pay for what you merely vote for, with no responsibility on the part of the citrus at all to live a healthy life, to avoid accidents, to act carefully towards other citizens having the same rights as they themselves, and therefore all the conditions of utopia potentially artists draw it by the selfish irresponsibility of others which you at the pay for.  People will vote for freebies when it's paid for out of your pocket.

So therefore where is the place of compassion and mercy and charity and kindness and love in that.  Well it's up to the individual how much you love you have to give and then it is accorded rightly to the individual who hands and give and show and pays for that love.  At the moment.  This love is made artificial because we attributed the lower of to the party.  But the party may not be paying for any of it.  The cheap parties of the poor.  For instance, want to extract all the money from the rich.  This is what they want to do extract all the money from the rich to pay for almost anything they want.  How on earth is that right.  That is certainly putting things on its he..  Collation.  Inflation is a measure of negative productivity say that for the whole of society.  Inflation is 4% stop a perfectly normal New Zealand or is rates or Australian or British level year after year after year 4% accumulating as a mark of lost productivity, the country that economy is going down the tubes.  But what happens?  Ask wage in 28" loss of productivity taken part in abstract here, of course, in particular situations make but of the country or the economy as a whole is underperforming by four or looting the currency bike awarded each the losses of weird strange and completely irrational state of play is a beating – and that's all we need to consider – the right economics of the situation.  Everyone should aptly take a 4% cut.  Since we all take the cut together everything follows.  Lecture of his role is performing.  Nobody is at fault sincerity since everyone is include my estimation everyone recites everyone is affected equally and price track downwards.  According and costume retailer across to pulse and warehousing and transport and so on.  Also retreat for beast in that direction.  The with some attempts in some areas and in industries and activities and services, but it is completely nonsensical abject people to be but compensated" for something that the right message out; in effect, laziness – if you like.  In fact, nobody may have been lazy at all.  Everybody may work to do for but laziness.  Message nobody may indeed.  Nevertheless, if we got play, just like an, and therefore the full apology of compensation.  Is so what happens is that active, pushy and bullying unions, salaries and wages for their group.  While everyone else has to suffer the effects of 4% inflation and and therefore a reduction in effect in the wages and salaries.  Compensating for this reduction doesn't compensate for the rise in promotion perfectly is thus cancelling out the so-called competent.  Deluded the general economy in the world.  The worldwide economy's embers through the losses and a reduction there and therefore the reductive market reduction well isn't it more natural logical and connecting up with the plain, ordinary facts to now belch at that time or not a very track but a very accurate one.  And if everybody suffers the same.  While we can all moan and groan together but why blame anybody.  There's no point in playing of compensation at the bit last year and be paid even more.  What see this especially in government services.  All
I went all the public see the law of diminishing we pay someone the less service we obtain with.  And it is a miserable prospect.


In the case of mercy and philanthropy and good causes.
All people will be entitled to go on moral crusades of great public urgency.  However, only those they enrolled in the courts and voluntarily sign up for that cause, and anybody that they freely and voluntarily persuade to contribute to that cause shall be affected by the repeal.  No obligation whatsoever will be placed upon government, local authorities or any other body to contribute in any way it will be a free standing philanthropic organisation registered and legalised IT central authority of the day.
The idea is that the centralised authority would be a tenderhearted and simply structured body that is user-friendly and is relatively unimportant in the process is just a registry clerical formality office everyone has the right every 15 years to sound at least up to 4 foundations over a lifetime at 15 year intervals.  You cannot be running for causes in combinations at the one time you must disengage from one and reengage with another clean and clear break from all its offices honorarium is payments, salaries, wages, consultancies and so on.  You must be absolutely and utterly committed to the new organisation.  If you do play a part.  If you are to make appeals in its name.  Or to go on crusades for fundraising.  Or to take apart in working in that organisation under a salary or wage and gonorrhoea really or any other such payment.  You must quit all royalties and all payments coming in from secondary and third level sources related to an old organisation your connection with another organisation must entirely cease historically literarily or in any way academic connection.  Our official government tour.  Even the all social connection with your former concern.
We do not wish professional agitators to be involved in some that is just verbal and no risk to themselves no engagement or hard effort or work by themselves in that organisation, but on to the next troublemaking wound scratching effort to the annoyance of the public body.  Political agitators are people who just verbalise a public cause and do not take part in administering it all in working toward its success or put their life effort into continuing to speak on its behalf and continuing to administer and fund and organise and hold meetings and go on funding drives and seek donors and volunteers and paid workers to work in their organisation.  As a Masculist I do that by way of writing and by way of a website and by way of voicing my concerns at this stage of the organisation.  Rallying interest in it.  Yet I know I will continue to exhibit ongoing concerns and will operate in its offices and in its deployments and in its occasion's public private and civic duties for the betterment of the state of the male gender.  Especially in regard to the gender crime of feminism and specially in regard to the very poor view taken as men's rights by the left-wing politics and a complete ignorance and debasement of its goal by the enemies of Ms.  We will see that justice is done we will and justice for men next on human rights, humane men. 


In the cases of newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations and other media or moral crusade, spy professors, universities and so on.
Those who engage in moral crusades and emotional jacks jags would be obliged to set up ongoing philanthropic fundraising activities to organise them and do your with the problem.
The idea to remove acrimony, hatred and fear from all politics.
So that politics becomes fewer untrammelled aetiology and you can discuss any idea you what you just unhooked from who gets to pay for it and you don't make other people other than those who support pay for it.  You turn it into organised philanthropy with people engaged in it.  Get the credit at the people engaged in it.  Do the work and with people engaged in it have to disperse and collect the funding for it to earn that credit.
At the moment with politics.  No politician pays for his policy, no politician has to work for the rest of his life and seeing that through, and no politician has to take any accountability, responsibility or effort of any kind for the things they announce this must cease.
This is the source of all hatred, fear of acrimony in politics.  The number one source of friction agony and pain usually paid by others in every sense of the word effort is done by others.  The investment is done by others.  Nobody gets their right credit or honour.  The politician has become a criminal with amounts.
The politician is hated by all, loved by none, and deserves every single bit of it..  In fact, we intend to prosecute the parties of the last 15 or 20 or 30 years back and make all the past members pay a levy toward the policies that are still costing the rest of us a great deal of money especially failed policies.  We should have a court of political investigations.'s

Likewise, we should investigate the media and the universities and other influences who have been completely unhooked and unhinged from the payment process for the cost of them.  Melvin's and utterances and lives and policies and mere talk and rhetoric and so on.  All such verbal criminals will have to pay for the policies they advocate and the court political accounting should be tasked with that function.

We of the Masculist party consider that they who have stood against the rights of men must pay an absolute price for that stand.  Without consideration of the equality and fairness toward men to give men mens rights a day to assume that they too deserve as similar and equal rights as the greenies and the left and the feminists in the lesbianarchy and all those others and the gays and the Progressives and the communists had been asking for women and women alone so that we are now ruled by women and by homosexuals and by other minorities and the majority heterosexuality is virtually illegal. Therefore our claim on their terms to ascenency is necessary and the more correct because we are the majority. This will quadruple our real wages, multiply our group identity productivity as to much more worthwhile to society as a whole than the minorities are  in their artificial state supported unity on our masculine money. Money is the stored value of our labour. Mens labour is necessary to society; womenns labour is nice- but never necessary- that is why it is valued less. At one tenth value would be about correct. While we of the Masculist party intend to fully move ahead with the idea of making the left wing and the feminists and the lesbians and homosexuals and the Progressives and the communists.  All of them illegal and without any rights whatsoever to a public platform of any kind in any place in New Zealand



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