Harridans Gossip

Deep Structure and Male Creation

The language of ethical cripples

Authorship and Authority

Becoming Misogynist is a positive life philosophy

 Patrilineal culture; Jewish old Torah

Fake Jews: Matrilineal killing Palestinians and putting them into high walled concentration camps like fascists they are!

Nanny State Tyranny

 Mater/Maternal/Maternity/ Material Girl/gyrl Mater-ialism

Girl power as seductive distraction from reality.

 Double Speak

 Critical theories denier of others; split binaries... feminist Marxism but not Masculist Capitalist is allowed to speak.

Refreshing reality. Libertarians and Austrian School of Culture and economics; Chicargo school plus Eysenck Shapiro and many others; Ivan Illych  Greenberg

Spencer Searle Chomsky Pilger

Twisted Talk.

 Critical theory as a botched discipline: Situationists and the Sorbonne 1968 but not Prague Spring 1968 where Warsaw pact nations all senmt tanks into Chekoslovakia and murdered freedom fighters. ALSO SORBONNE 1968 home to POL POT government theory played out later in Cambodia itself


Why are all Marxist governments peasants: contrary to Marx\'s \'Historical\' theory of \'scientific\' materialism


MATER- matriarchism all women in common boys! Mater as materialism


Yet run by \'bourgesois\' intellectuals. Sorbonne monsters hailing from 1968!


Saussure and other word warpers hailing from France

French legacy is Terror Napoleon, Algeria, Vichy, Colonial attude with colonies still in existence, ie Mururoa French Testes, le Pill, Blue movies, Pol Pot taught in France marxist theories. Why teach such poison now.


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