The MYTH of Feminist EQUALITY


Equality is about the sharing of the load. the load of being human. Being human with all our faults.


However, the feminist ideology has developed as if men (the infamous 'Patriarchy') were responsible for all the evils in the world.

This Patriarchy is sometimes called Capitalism- which at least shows you from what failed corner of the political universe this notion comes. Capitalism is all about a business called 'The Corporations' and big fat nasty men who run them called CEOs. Feminism stops exactly right just there.

 The real secret though is that Patriarchy is the code word to diss religion. Especially Christianity. Though this has to be via the Old Testament Patriarchs- which is really Jewish; and that's us! So what the heck- anyway to get to stomp all over Christians will do. Who worries about ethics or intellectual integrity anymore: we trashed that long ago.

What they forget is that CEOs are just managers. In other words they are in jobs that 'age' them, rendering them fat and nasty. All old men to a feminist prejudicial eye are bigoted undeserving morons. selfish and greedy for power to boot. How naive. How quaint of feminism. How very knee jerk in its discrimination's. How utterly dreary in its political, economic and historical ignorances. Universities here-as factories of deliberate ignorance. We could call this 'ignoriance'.


CEOs do not own the companies they work for- they are workers too. Albeit executive level. They slave away for the Investor Groups and Holding Companies that do own them. CEOs are paid enormous sums. Not as much as their ultimate owners however. Many of these owners are wealthy women who do not like to actually get their hands dirty so to speak in the messy activities of commercial takeovers, buyouts and financial warfare. Though they love to go out shopping on the profits. Men slave; women spend. At this level there is no empathy, feelings or finesse. Women rule the world behind a smokescreen of ideology financed by themselves. Who do you think financed Ms. Magazine, October and the Green Movement; the same femo-Capitalists who lent fighting funds to all combatants in almost all the wars of the Twentieth Century. Women are the 'Patriarchy'. Matriarchy was ever thus. A subtle snake like Medusa with many heads of toxic poison.


Voltaire said 'Of whom one cannot speak, there lies the power'. He was a freethinker-not of my philosophy. He did not speak; though Karl Marx did in his Early writings- equating his own known people as Jewish Usurers, the monopolistic creators of currency- with the name he invented in his book Das Kapital. Capitalism is thus none other, in his eyes, as Jewish Usurous Bankers creators, like Luciferian Gods, of currency out of thin air. Truly a remarkable trick. This ids the real mystery of all the wars of human history. All the blood of all the sentient peoples is laid at their door, according to Marx, by their financing of all sides in all the wars known to human history. Perhaps that other Socialist who admired Marx and Lenin and Stalin was right. He too was a German progressive. He was adored by women, prophesied by Nostradamus -thus he did not marry for many long years; retiring to South America and died foiled in his attempt to launch a V3 version long range ballistic nuclear mission from Equador or Columbia a full fifty years before Che Guevara tried something meekly similar. He, and his enemies were all financed by right wing Judeo Usurers, exacted as reparations both during and after WWII. These were finally paid in 2009. This is little known. Germany is still an occupied country. The matrilineal Matriarchs  own us all; they regard the entire makeup of humanity as goyim-as slave-like cattle fit for labour and burning in endless monster KGB Gulags.  This is what the left thought it fought against: they were wrong; they too are part of it. They too are deeply enmeshed in it.


The creation of oasis of privilege is one way to govern; CEOs are willing stooges for the invisible owners; ideological islands like feminism is another. It is all a big plot. The super rich consider it a game for the amusements of power.


Prissy Elite Enclaves of White Essentialist Entitlement (PeeWee!) ie as'structural sexism' institutions like Massey University Art School, Winz, City mission, Presbyterian Support, Salvation Army and Wesley Social services function locally as its parochial variant; compliant, delighted to be 'used' in such a disgusting cause, naive and more dangerous a threat than it knows ... a feminist/racist enclave of dubious merits- preaching a really boring Stalinist cacaphony of propaganda, believing it to be the latest 'intellectual thing', it is no such thing, rather a cookie cutter replay of all that mad Russian usury- to keep freethinkers down and oblivious to the  all with less than 50 percent male social workers or full Male/Maori/Asian participation representative of the demographic population of the nation as a whole within institution.  This must presume discrimination to have occurred. Prosecution must follow- anything less is a grotesque compromise considering men have massively suffered under this botched lying tyranny of matriarchal power for well over fifty years. Fairness must be seen to be done You cannot deliver biased results and outcomes to others while preserving them for oneself. Let their heads roll in the gutters, like they did to Doctor Greene and many others.

These institutes are extremely hostile in their hypocrisy in that they "Live the white feminist dream themselves while delivering the elite NWO matriarchal nightmare to all others" characteristic of all internalised racism/female gendered sexist institutions. Under masculist governance and policy this will cease and its feminist practitioners prosecuted by their own hypocritical liberal laws!

For there are too few men on staff for justice to be done and therefore this shows feminist sexism/racism and severe matriarchal bigotry, prejudice and discrimination. Also in administering the men clients on their books; why do any of the men overall receive less than the women? This demonstrates the failure of feminism to deliver by arrogant oversight the supposed justice they demand for themselves. QED.


Since the makeup of New Zealand is roughly 30% Asian, 30% Polynesian (including Maori) and around forty percent with a primary European identity ( though the demographic misrepresentation of this is rampant in Government to a criminal and lying degree) therefore it is proof positive that widespread race/age/gender discrimination is occurring unchecked within New Zealand's much vaunted 'egalitarian society' especially in Government and semi government institutions. This must end immediately. Masculists desire to see this makeup in all levels of corporate and government society. Especially where discrimination can be presumed to occur. The public servant must serve the public. Not the other way around. You no playa the game you no maka da rules!
Therefore where student/client or patient numbers do not reflect in equal numbers and monetary or financial  outcomes severe illegal discrimination- against the law- must be assumed and be as severely punished and prosecuted; no exceptions, no prissy enclaves of privilege, no sinecures, no emoluments, no 'special parliamentary pensions', no corruption.

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