1. Leave the United Nations

2. Leave the Climate Accords

3. Place Limits on New Government Expenditure

4. Privatise Education, Health and Welfare.

5 Reduce the Public Services by up to 50% (No more padding the payrolls with Labour government- irresponsible hacks) No fake Government Jobs.

6. Reduce the real rate of taxes by 50% to only one third of anyones cashflow income; Currently, for the average New Zealand or Western Worker it is around 67%. Limited it should be 47% or well below at 36% or so. Otherwise beauracracies obtain more funding than the people who do the real work in society- as explained in tax fodder page.

7. Explore for South Seas Oil Zillion Dollar bonanza.The worlds largest source of abundant oil. Making New Zealand the World's Richest Nation. Sold off by Political Parties to fund short term election victories.

8. Cancel all subsidies for Renewables. As it would lead to increases in power and electricty charges up to four times higher than they are now. This tragedy of dream over reality has led to the deepest impoverishment of the poor in Germany who cannot afford any power bills at all under mad green policies. The mad elite greenies should be prosecuted for ruining Europe and making it virtually unlivable for its poorest people. Same here.

9. Remove all Roman and English laws and all laws derived from precedent; in Favour of all law reduced to PRINCIPLES
written up complete into a Telephone-book sized compendium by which all citizens can defend themselves and promote or advance their own interests under the same exact conditions as anyone else. Delivered to every household. As Law is too important to be left in the hands of Lawyers.

10. All laws favouring women to be removed. Strict full life gender equality sought; ie not just 'working' life income but full life capture of pension, health and educational funding-plus inheritances for exacting equal outcomes fifty fifty for all genders including men. I think this tells an entirely different story than that concentrated on working income and CEO envy alone..

11. Proxy votes for dead brothers. To balance the demos in voting. ..for one or two elections.

12. Privatisation of all parties so eliminating self serving lobbies and power-bloc voting (retrospectively criminalized) since 'parties' themselves have devolved into self serving LOBBIES. Whereby their actual agenda has nothing whatever to do with promises made to the public. They to be held accountable in special political courts with wide ranging powers and basic checks for conflicts of interest and corruption- meaning treason, sedition and ideological riots, torts and alarms against the public will.

13. All legislation not in the interests of New Zealand or having been passed at midnight or in sly and cowardly schedules or time slots to be immediately and fully revoked.

14.Ban all gangs as being militia organized against the state; therefore martial laws apply. Massive power handed back to the Individual Sovereign Citizen. We are full legal persons and Citizens not Subjugated Tax Slaves paying two thirds of our entire average income over to blind political forces vesting themselves in debauchery and perversion.

15. The only Function of the state is defense of the country. All other functions can be performed by those who elect to pay for or buy and purchase the service. Who runs the country; we do the free taxpayes. So only defense is a too large a project to undertake in times of peace. The people will defend what they pay for. Yet will abandon misuse and damage freely something they do not. This we see everywhere.


16. Law and order can be policed by neighbourhoods. If order is a problem the areas concerned can be organised to combat it to any level they deem necessary.

17. Special pleading by any group is outlawed. All receive the same broad applicable law. Parties can organised their own redress in terms of the laws delivered to every home. Law is too important to be left to lawyers.

18. The power over citizens by Parliament and Others should be severely reduced; and subsequently a masculist Party would devolve political, legal and police powers more directly into the hands of individual citizens. The concentration into the hands of highly compromised politicians of the political classes should be reduced.

19.All Churches and Religious organizations to pay full taxes as if they were companies or businesses. Including payroll taxes

20. Sales taxes to be abolished. First thirty thousand to be entirely free of all taxation.

21. The Anglican Church in particular to cede half of all its entire land and property and financial holdings to Maori. Either through thre Ringatu or Ratana Churches of which they can retain one third each. Nor any to any Maori Anglican Church or other setup to capture said monies, lands or assets.






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