4.  Whatever happened to holding all women as in common?

Socialists have no principles. Therefore they are making it up as they go along. Their principle as I have said is self serving power for its own sake. As California, Cleveland, Greymouth, Chicago, Cuba and Venuzuela show socialism is the fastest highway to bankruptcy, oppression, unemployment, poverty, time warps, back ward policies and outright economic destruction ever invented. You cannot pin them down to anything. If they have a principle it is 'that is not real socialism' for nothing is.

Marx dreamed of a Workers paradise locked into a fuedal vision of the Lord in his manor surrounded by a bevy of female socialites acting as his harem. The workers rented their land from Commissar Marx and Paid him the Laird fee of a tenth of your produce, plus your daughters (or sons) every time he felt the olde urge. Or wanted to send your son out to die for his dispute with another bloodthirsty Laird.

On that basis all our Governments are much more extreme than that because they demand a rent cum tax of 67% in real tax rates for their profit. The socialistic political class never loses. The phantom feminist tits get all the money while you men who do all the real outside work get all the tat. So glorious is the revolutionary history outlining these things. In the Peasants revolt of 1381 the dispute was on the increase of taxes of a mere few days worth of wages wheras our governments charge us in total more than 240 days out of 365 in taxes already. I voted for Key years ago on his promise of a tax reduction- for all as I believed, thinking that he had seen the good sense of this light. Now we face much increases as our Juvenile Queen deigns to weigh us down with. Although in 1381 terms we are well overdue for a most fearsome set of corrections to this hideous notion.

 A wide spectrum of rural society, including many local artisans and village officials, rose up in protest, burning court records and opening the local gaols. The rebels sought a reduction in taxation, an end to the system of unfree labour known as serfdom and the removal of the King's senior officials and law courts. I would call this the revolt of the centre. It is where the real political energy of complaint is these days and our political know-nothings, our politicians, our writers and columnists, our other artists of course are far away from any of even the slightest inkling of any of these things.

The revolt of Catalonia, of Pegida, of Brexit is just the merest shade of a beginning of these things. It will all come here. Why would ANYONE work at all for one third pay! Above all that is the issue of all issues. Masculist good sense demands the immediate reduction of the civil service by 90%! Nothing else will save us.

Interventionist Government is way too costly.

The rewards to those who make the effort are well nigh invisible.

 But it gets worse as you will see in the next section.


Phillip O'Sullivan 'Feminism Standing Alongside the Social Structures That Men Built'- our false accusers are then depicted in sketchy form.