2. Privileging perverts and criminals and paedophiles and pederasts.

Socialist governments in the West are a form of criminalised creepy communism. They are a species of international Jewish politics. Think of the kibbutz and the hype and nationalism of Israel and that fascist brand of socialism. A so-called workers socialist party. Yet in essence an elitist comradie of co-conspirators; the capture for the party coffers the West all available sources of revenue gathering. So that a community initiative will be announced of a sufficient level of funding be captured by the passing through several hands on its way to the party coffers while small enough not for the electorate or the compliant left-wing feminist media to be bothered in any requisite oversight. Therefore many of its project are completely legitimate and have nothing to do with serving the community or the public whatsoever but of serving only their continuity in office the next round of voting. This we see everywhere in New Zealand particularly in a socialist city.
Creepy form of communist tyranny is full of word's that camouflage their thieving intentions.

In communist Russia of the Soviet era the first appointments to high office were directly the result of the theory that material circumstances and economic conditions with the only thing that made a criminal criminal. So they elected as the high court supreme Justice a former murderer straight out of jail. And these thugs then proceeded to rule Russia as the regime public servants. Why anybody after this alone would want to have anything at all to do with socialism I have no idea. So presumably with this is the ideologically ground we must assume that all socialists are criminal. For economic conditions cannot be the excuse and socialism must be nearly camouflage and disguise for the outrageous theft of the well-being and the communal society of actual people, exclusively for their own use. Socialist governments are always the new Czar. Always. Without exception. Let's compare an actual liberal reforms, Tzar; with the entirety of the communist regimes run. Under his reform government and individual raised enough money to finance an entire railroad from Moscow to Vladivostok. One of the greatest of human achievements in his century. Bar none. The Leninist revolution was a child's birthday party and a cakewalk in comparison. Over the 70 year run of the Soviet union and its bloodthirsty regime even a road had not been constructed from Moscow to Vladivostok. In their rule they were not able to match the achievements of one Imperial Czar. Millions starved to death. 100 million people directly died at the hands of the state. All of it deliberate policy. Almost all of them Christians. Defenseless people who had not raised a single hand arm finger or any equipment of any kind against the state. They had just gone about their business. How cruel and pointless can you be. All socialists are criminals in waiting.

And wait they do. Sneakily in Government service, in academia, in the schools; protected by powerful unions.

Unsueable, secret, never acknowledging fault, never suffering corrections like the people- shamefully working in the shadows.
Superior beings of low cunning. In the Soviet Union for instance 16 people were arrested after a spate of murders lasting years. Six were hung. Eventually the serial killer was caught: they thought no psychopaths could exist in a benign Soviet State. Of course it was admitted he could be traced back to all of them. You see how absolutely dangerous to unleash a state apparatus that investigates your sexuality, your finances, your employment record, your bank account details, your internet searches and virtually everything about you. For the most of the National Party past it has been a Michael Joseph Savage type socialist party- not exactly a 'right-wing' party at all. Even in Winstons Party there is more a whiff of regionalism than there is of Nationalism. The Greens are possibly more 'Nationalist' - think off-shore Island sanctuaries, whales, stopping projects, fart taxes, dribbly showers, mercury vapour 'poisoner' plumes coming out of the poverty inducing $34 energy bulbs that never ever last the long distance- exclusively limiting their damage to Aotearoa.


In colonial times our colonial governments had low liberating tax with vigorous, robust and extremely good results for Pioneer people. The tax rate at most was around 10%. This was for imported item on things like glass and machinery. There were no income taxes whatsoever. The same with Lincoln's presidency- war tax was raised at 3% to finance the civil war then raging. He never sought it. When the war was paid for the tax was removed. No one paid any income tax. This was the time in America was built. The people set to work because all the money they earn belonged entirely to them, earning your wages and keeping all of it is an excellent motivator for advancement of any society. All states with high taxes are static because their only purpose with a socialist government is to protect the purity and correctness of their socialist dogma. California is currently falling apart. Major companies are leaving because of high taxes.  Winston bleats on about the low NZ dollar as if it were not alarming. So why does everyone want a strong dollar? Going out as cheap exports lowers the perception of the country- it becomes a race to the bottom; in such a perception the quest for quality goes out the window. And the perception even of our wine and other products determined in other years becomes of bargain seeking only. A low price banana republic. A country with no class. 

 The Soviets had no other measure of their success or failure. Longevity of life plummeted in the Soviet Union it was always 10 or 15 years below that of anything obtained in the West. Socialism at every level is a deadly dull and conformist political religion. Most times it is literally deadly to life.  Killing its citizens with impunity. Look at the cult of Helen Clark. A bad government that drove many small businesses to the wall. With over-regulation the ability of a man to extend his highly tax squeezed income by building things himself do it yourself industry was extremely limited for the first time. In the socialist regime way of thinking everyone is to be subsumed and subjugated to the state.  In a feminist regime which Hillary Clinton would have ushered in the back of Obama and which we have now – in New Zealand of all places- may the world take note; our extremely left-wing Prime Minister Jacinda grind the faces of the male gender person into the mud of history. We wait only the revolt of the centre against this awesomely dreadful outcome. We can safely predict the investor community will flee this as if from the site of a poisonous disease that ruins all that it touches. We entered the Cuba zone, welcome,  Oh Venezuela, poverty, we embrace you! How can it be otherwise. We have fallen into the clutches of evil ways and times.