Warren Farrell: Feminist?

Is Professor Warren Farrell even a masculist?

We recommend you read Professor Warren Farrell for his information- but not buy his ideas of a solution. His various books, even the ones on relationships and other such gooey emotional topics contain a great deal of useful information. Consume the information but do not buy his philosophy of compromises. Mr 'in-between" does not an alpha male make. Our site here is to turn your consciousness into that of an absolute alpha male by becoming an outright masculist with no apologies whatsoever. It is who you are. You are a man; a man you should be. Warren Farrel is basically trying to turn you into a new-age guy. This is an ugly compromise which will not earn you any respect from masculist men. Our goal is to restore to full political consciousness the full rights of male right predominant in society and throughout the world. No compromises contemplated as they are contemptible.


Warren Farrell proposes men to enter 'beauty contests' for instance; he is not joking. Sounds like a gay solution to me- and a femme-gay one at that. He also makes numerous suggestions to his female readers and to women in general as to how best to foster ongoing 'relationships' with his new-age guys. He suggests to such women to marry down one of these contestant (wo)men 'winners' and accept a superior role in the family dynamic. He sees feminism as just a hindrence to better new-age type relationships. This website sees feminism as absolute evil that has destroyed the western political reality especially in Europe: the population depredations there through feminism has utterly ruined all of Europes chances for an equal future on the world stage. Feminism has destroyed western men and their political economies; our solution is for masculist understandoing to have absolute sway in european affairs and civilization and restore its population economy. Thus our real masculism is absolutely allied both with the complete destruction of feminism and allied with the economics of an entirely new field of economics called 'Population Economy'; not on the Simon 'innovation model, but on the O'Sullivian axiomatic model shortly to be outlined on these pages.


His is a limited understanding with a limited reach. Masculist understanding is universal understanding: feminism must be destroyed in its entirety. The human race depends upon us. For we to have a human race, mankind, at all. More to come...


On the masculist front we still recommend reading Warren Farrell currently for his facts; we need that ammunition. He has the time resources as Professor to research these matters and has been doing 'his thing' for a long time. Our wider horizons see a pure full masculism as the only possible solution to the wests economic and political problems; our view involves the whole of humanity and of human society, Farrels is small scale and scope; he merely hopes to assist marriages and relationships one new-age guy at a time; hopeless.

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