The Superset of a Subset

Ask This, How does Feminism destroy all hope; in our societies, and in any future economies?

Rapine is an economic crime associated with plunder. Feared by all ancient cultures. Suffered at those times by huge numbers of people both men and women. It had real lifetime long effects.
Is however rape too an economic crime? The loss of bride-price? Say, or the loss of the marriagable value of virginity?

Does it still apply today.

 When such things are no longer valued. Or even thought valid.

Compared to a car crash; which is more damaging?

A loss of an entire arm or leg? For Life. Or something else over in five minutes; once.

If Rape is about an ‘all powerful patriarchy’ why do men go to jail for it?

If Rape were about power why are so many men falsely accused of it? Matriarchy has all the power when it comes to child custody, length of life and unequal sentencing for similar crimes; why not too with rape? In a real 'patriarchy' the violated and impure would suffer accusation; we are not suggesting that. Just to show it is feminism that dominates.

This website is one mans answer on one issue long thought under the complete control of the female feminist matriarchy: the RAPE of feminism in the intellectual spaces of politics, consciousness and civilization. Its responsibility is to long term society culture and survival: it massively fails that test at every point.  So therefore we examine how Feminism rapes (Rapine & Plunder)  the WEST.

 Whereby our false accusers dared to call all men ‘rapists’ (Susan Brownmiller: “Against Our Will”) when they are the bigger racist rapist of all.

This volume is a MASCULIST attack on such bad-mouthing rapist ms- representations of men and the male gender (boys, infants and older masculine people) in feminist media.

Are all men really all out rapist fiends as depicted by rabid  feminism?

And is the only solution; to become a wimpy new age ‘guy’.

Think of what a ‘guy’ is, a dupe. a dope with his clothes off. We go way beyond Sommers or Farrell.

A guy who thinks sex is ‘have you done it yet’- this book will make your hair stand on end as it too explores just the beginnings of what real male sexuality could be like…



Large Scale Abortion at 550,000 lives lost Questioned while allowing individual cases
Ten percent of the entire historic population? Increasing to 25%- a quarter off all living beings?

I would allow very limited abortion; after all nature herself miscarries.  But 25,000 out of every 100,000 live births- per year? You’ve got to be kidding me, right;  women are that murderous?

Notes: Differential Uptake.. like compound interest in reverse..streets full of kids. Rich kill street kids Brazil people create money not other way two islands..pop pressure creates asset value./choice liberty/freedom – green issues dr Ehrlich vision attack belittle bible aspects..politically correct motive of frankfurt school un rockefeller kissinger jews etc… denial of truth or overarching patriarchal narratives… master narratives jews anti god and west will destroy themselves gone too far appeal to bilderbergers poor always with us corollary rich too therefore rich level always constant… nz artic leads to confusing the maps in our minds with what is on ground equal absudities luxury of theory that is wrong franfurt school… glass half full-crying over spilt milk, – would have anyway really missing?

What is forbidden thought own thoughts to ban this abortion is the hate speech measured by the dead bodies describe abortion incidents throughout… allow but not huge numbers. Bibliography ibid its happening all over the world we all go down together? Not much comfort as no relative values preserved… lessons from global warming evolution. Catholic Galileo… Ptolemy Zizek… attitudes to children Ceaușescu paradox…murder abuse relative loss of status orphans abandoned signal sent by official government and propaganda…hypocrisy equals cynicism…

phyrric victory feminists won all battles but lost war for all European peoples not suprematist – but survivalists, worlds most endangered peoples group.rothschilde right wing jews hitler rockefeller catholic connection, trilateral commission.refusal to go up a level. Tax limits cannibalism immigration delusion. Advice to bilderbergers not conspiracy. Reminders of revolution chinas rise tongs chinese hegemony… Malthus review More on how large birthrate is environment friendly…paradox. UN analysis club of rome environmental movement How big government stifles innovation, growth, inefficiency and slowdown democracy as creeping communism need for right wing revolution not left one.

Revolution against taxes. Why Pop Econ best for wealthy Bilderbergers Chaos Order. End of europe Fuggers Medici… Freemasons Europe… compete for power. Scripture. Sequence. Jews? Theory of money QE and fractional Banking plus price response no free lunch Limits to taxes. Limits to rights… responsibilities. Two Islands Axioms etc Death of old economics; failure of marxist idea on ground … people who vote pay taxes if not no vote…. community is currency of women education through children influence. Money is male store of value.


Originally Published as an Essay

: Then submitted to Massey University Student Newspaper in answer to an abortion letter ordinarily published in the letters page. My longer letter was not published or set as an article but an extremely libelous article full of innuendo was printed that exclusively targeted one man by suggestion. This stems from a very poisonous anti-male bias in course materials and politics on the Massey University Wellington Campus. Some components of Massey itself must be, or may be responsible.

Large scale abortion is the greatest crime in human history. In New Zealand the ‘statistical genocide’ of nearly 500,000 Kiwi babies is ten percent of our current population and is unprecedented in scale, scope and social impact. The DVD ‘180’ by New Zealander Ray Comfort in America is an mere street survey stirring less than accurate analysis. What is needed is to examine abortion from a deeper perspective; asking how does it affect us all? My contention is, that surrounded as we are by the failures of both Marxist labour surplus-value and Capitalist market-value supply-side (moneterist tinkering) economics, we need to look again deeply at raw-primitive, demand based economics. The failed ecoconomic solutions all around us , including ‘recommendations’ from the international bankers, all suspiciously stem from Thomas Malthus. Calling these losses merely -‘foetuses’ is callous and cynical- what is lost- and they really are lost- for they were never replaced; for they are foetuses-with-feet. Little downy hairs, thumbs to suck and tiny wee fingernails. Feet and toes and little minute toenails, budding eyes and other significant details of real life. They were never actually replaced by their ‘mothers’ yet we have had an exact same number of ethnic migrants in the same period; so what am I worried about? Simple, the dynamic economically speaking is entirely different. Migrants are made up of adults, sick elderly people come later, ill educated first generations and so on; few are children so the adults immediately compete for jobs and the business dollar thus making a difficult economy even harder for already established people looking for the rewards of their labour. Ones own birthrate growth lacks this undesirable quality… one can learn ones labour or business skills without competition, in effect, for twenty years or more- thus making ones mistakes and recovering from them at almost leisure. With migrant competition there is no rest, one must immediately perform. With birthrate led growth one is almost guaranteed success at work whether as an employee or as small business man. One cannot fail, just work hard. Remember when people said in New Zealand, United States, Australia and so on that you could ‘walk out of one job and on into another in the same day’ thus wages were relatively high for their time; no need for two jobs, or for the women to work. Here you can begin to see the operation of the full inter-generational equation in its dynamic form toward prosperity. It needs the women to perform their function and have children as before. Without this there is no prosperity. Furthermore this is the cause of friction between the sexes, men against women, young against old, sons against parents, migrants against the already established, this only suits the zionista bankers and the Bilderbergers who rely on conflict; ‘unmet needs’ in order to fuel consumer capitalism. Feminism is essential to their evil efforts. It does not make anyone happy. Especially the women; who then blame the men unjustly even more. We appeal to the women to join with us in defeating the elites; whether they are called left or right; that’s right capitalist or communist- zionist or fascist; these elites will destroy us all; just to make money off our conflicts which their propaganda or ‘ideology got going in the first place. Low taxes will suck the life out of their evil efforts bringing reward again to hard work.

Many of these adherents blithely believe in the casual ‘elimination’ of the ‘others’, the poor or weak or differently coloured, sexed or acculturated. Malthusianism coupled with Darwins survival of the fittest ideology has led to both Fascism and Communism murdering huge numbers in concentration camps, gulags, stalags, holocaust genocide, censorship, thought police, political correctness, special pleading, extra laws for special groups, white womens privelage, torture and more atrocity. What else is there really to call it? Post-modernism? Post-industrial society? Piffle these are just disguise words camoflaging what is really going on. A 5000,000 statistical genocide is very difficult to hide.  Ten percent in every country. At least Stalin extracted effort out of his 25 million slaves before they died creating the ‘workers paradise’ – not for the workers but for his new middle classes loyal to him. Marxism always leads to dictators; what we have not seen is a right wing workers uprising- massive in scope and set on liberty, hard work, freedom and a thorough going pro-natalist party-state and government. This is something neither New Zealand nor the world has seen; a mass movement aimed at liberating ourselves from too many laws and too much interferences by big  government in the lives of the common people and ordinary man. One third of New Zealand men did not vote for their is no party speaking for us; less taxes (up to 90% cut) fewer laws and restrictions (every house to have defensible laws written into a telephone sized book: every man able to defend himself from it) deregulated medicine, deregulated law, deregulated and radically devolved civic bodies. This is what we need. Bigness breeds empires and this breeds alienation; Karl Marx was entirely wrong. Bring back human freedom and dignity.  In our current future both globalists and eco-feminists want to murder even more for the ‘good of some plebeian Fabians proletarian nightmare planetary utopia’. Saying so puts me on their death lists. The implications of abortion in this view are vast. As abortion in New Zealand has led to population depredations far greater than any disease, Boer war, Gallipoli, Kaiser, Hitler, Tojo or natural disasters compounded, were ever able in our entire history to inflict on us. Abortion has always been linked to economics and larger social issues. The link began with post-war development bank policies which noted coincidentally how wealthy western countries had low birth rates and poorer ones high birth rates. So they recommended lowering birth rates to poor countries Hoping by that mechanism alone to generate wealth and prosperity in that country.. This is still recommended today..


Banker’s imaginations can only see where two things can be brought together on the page but not whether it be a lie or no in terms of a more dynamic interactive argument; static , fixed -relationship arguments are associated with a limited and rigid framework and are not suitable to conceptually describe living human relationships like business-transactional-capitalism of the most ordinary kind. Yet we can see here, when the ‘generation’ time element is brought in, how two things on a standalone basis being true observation, just being spoken together in one phrase do not make them cohere, we need to consider them in the relationship as they are in the interactive flow of time. Just as two strangers getting into a lift being truly a male and truly a female, we cannot assume sex occurs, or that they are married. Bankers however must see the world suspiciously.: and made receipt of aid and loans dependent on such policies being implemented. Naturally this became something of a self fulfilling prophecy as aid funding and investment boosted, if temporarily their economies. The appearance of success could occasionally be pointed to. Who today remembers the Colombo plan and CORSO, and other United Nations and Commonwealth programs that did the same thing. This was the thinking of the 1970s.

Yet, conversely, almost all the poor nation’s Malthusian prophet Dr Paul Erlich perversely predicted starvation and famine for, because of so called high birth rates, have boomed exactly one generation later. Exactly the opposite, even now after the ‘green’ revolution in agriculture. All population policies have repercussions or consequences approximately forty years later, the ‘error of coincidence’, as above, notwithstanding. Politics has short time-horizons built into it; particularly based around democratic elections. This one of the notable flaws with democracy as seen by de tocqueville in his book ‘Democracy in America’. Current political troubles in Europe are engendered precisely because of competing birthrates, especially in Holland, to the detriment to the Dutch people themselves: and also in France, the home of the contraceptive ‘le pill’, one could take the strong hint from this to increase emphasis on demand economics, or here called ‘population economics’, (see my online video in 8 parts ‘artpos’: ‘An Open Letter to the Prime Minister” on, in order to save liberal democracy from the far right. Europe’s overall population has fallen by four percent and we see the economic result now; the ‘European indigenous’ peoples were once 20% of the World, now just Eight percent, in thirty years time maybe just three percent, in sixty, perhaps one percent; the worlds most endangered indigenous people group. Russia’s population fell in the decades prior to its 1989-91 economic collapse and is thus very likely the biggest factor in causing it. Alarmingly, even with North African, Turkish and Arab migration to Europe adding to European Union numbers the overall percentage fell by 4% This means Europe will struggle to keep afloat financially. When I first wrote this essay in 2009 for a Victoria University paper Greece, Ireland,Spain, Italy,and the economic troubles of Iceland had not happened. Now it is obviously true. Only the right wing parties focus on the wrong causes; immigration is a symptom; and a new cause also; yet not a fundamental cause of the underlying reason  It is feminism, the ideology tied in with the technology that humanly caused the politisization to occur and trigger such massive population depredations. This is the sort of thing ancient cultures did to their enemies. Depriving ones own brother, father, son of dignity is never a good idea. When he wakes up to the causes of his misery he will be very very angry indeed. This is completely legitimate. Art is here to express that undercurrent of legitimate male anger. Let the bloodletting begin. That is my vision. A vision of power for men, by men: dismantling feminists illegitimate claims.



Phillip O’Sullivan

Title: Statistical Genocide: Death Of Europa:  Nowadays 450,000 in NZ Alone

Dimension:  295mm X 310mm

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Date: 2007

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The most European of South American nations Argentina collapsed early in the 21st Century. Population depredations feature prominently in its previous decades too. The most ‘westernized’ country in Asia, Japan, has both a falling population and its most drastic political changes in fifty years. Once 123 millions it is now heading south of 111 millions, yet still 54 millions live comfortably within that small area of Japan known as the Tokyo basin. Demonstrating that where people have the best health and longevity and where even more people desire to live, visit and raise a family is exactly in the worlds crowded spaces. Can it be that we actually do like each other after all? The more the merrier. How many of the 70 million who visit Tokyo every year want to visit, stay or live in the deserted wild places of the earth, virtually no one. Proving that wherever we see falling populations can be seen subsequent economic eclipse as well; in almost every case. The ‘falseness’ of the immigration/emigration solution can be seen described in full in my online video as above. In brief the vertical column just widens and gets fatter, that’s all, (with at best merely horizontal transactional advantages) its economic health problems remain with a thicker waist to diagnose. Nothing has really changed. Except I’ve noticed that the imported voters thus stuff the ballot boxes of the importing-migrant party at their time of arrival – a no-win game for the taxpayers at large, just the then current politicians.

It is not about numbers per se it is about an internal dynamic within a fertile population. My basic conclusions about migration figures is they merely thicken or thin the population column and are neutral as to positive-negative economic affects overall. Barring the occasional investor millionaire contributions appearing to cancel beneficiaries and dependents costs and price rises in competing for housing and jobs; albeit sometimes the source of price rises, bankruptcy and unemployment for generational kiwis and ‘racist’ type stresses for the electorate. This is a bigger aspect than outlined here. Otherwise the social effect and affect is another matter entirely and is not really addressed in this essay. Conversely, almost all the poor nations Malthusian prophet Dr Paul Ehrlich predicted starvation and famine for, because of high birth rates, have boomed. One generation later, as all population policies have repercussions approximately forty years later, the ‘error of coincidence’, as above, notwithstanding. The belief then was in ‘priming the pump’ Michael Joseph Savage style. However, we heeded too our own advice .

If it were good for the poor to do, and thereby become wealthy, (assuming it is a true insight), perhaps we could do it more to ourselves, cranking up our own advice, buy it back, heed it more, repeat one more time and reap the theoretical benefits. Undertaking more population engineering with the selfish thought that if we increased these depredational tendencies we could become ever more wealthy. Theoretically as anyone can see this must be nonsense because if you reduced the population say to just ten people, or one million, they would own everything (and have to maintain it as well) in the country. If every one were rich what would the price of bread be? If all were billionaires the price of a Billionaire bakers loaf would be hundreds of thousands. Otherwise why would she bother to get out of bed and start up the cold ovens on a winters morning early: anything less wouldn’t be seen as being worthwhile to add to her stash. So are the ten all multi billionaires or the one million four times better off? Think it through, if realty were paper it might be, but if realty is not the map but the dirt, dust and mud of the ground it cannot be. The rulers of this world ought to take note as it is ultimately their own control and wealth that is under threat from their own foolishly promoted devices.

Marxists likewise have an excessively romantic jealousy about the supposed excess profits of capitalist effort (accumulated cash must have been what he had in mind, and that is harder to create): much of investors cash is virtual money having literally no value unless it is kept in digital ‘paper’ play. If capitalists can play those fiduciary games why not, within capitalism, start workers factories, pool the supposed high profits ( if the profits were as high as Marx claimed one could hardly fail) and create vast pockets of private community wealth or even open to the public community wealth. O, I forgot- it is called a public corporation. Marx was as free as anyone to pool workers money, be it ever so small and organize a great enterprise. Why did they not do that? Can it be that destruction by complaining, criticism and moaning and groaning was too much vastly more to their miserable liking? Yet the risks he knew were also coupled up with the rewards. His understanding of how markets worked when they did, and really how they might fail was grounded in some silly Luddite notion of feudal guild economics. The tropes and metaphors of revolutionary politics sound like some hammish third rate mummery from tired old centuries ago: he would have been great copy for Watt Tyler and John Bullshit of the 1380’s peasant uprising era. The great gambles of our lives in the speculative markets could disappear overnight via some glitch in the digital algorithm and colocated servers that constitute the big majority of automated trading fortunes today. Marxism had no idea at all of the finer points of economics.



Fighting for Survival
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As Feminism destroys Western economies the ideological dominance of feminist driven narratives of transformation appears to be the way of the future. And as such seem to have a legitimate claim to be factored into all other contemporary political movements, tendencies and overarching stories. Yet is this compounded narrative structure really as all that cohesive as we suppose? 'Fighting for Survival' is an urgently written book from Phillip O'Sullivan devoted to examining these questions in the context of western economic culture, political history, and social understandings Feminist ideological narratives attempt to transform society could bring poverty instead of abounding prosperity to all wealthy nations. It may be a final political death spiral. How and why this is currently highly likely is only examined in this book. We are all in the greatest danger. Writers like Dr Warren Farrell & Christina Hoff-Sommers have analyzed, described and highlighted the details of how the feminist narrative falsifies reality. Yet both their interpretations and their political results have a very soft outcome on society. Both of these writers provide excellent material: yet remain feminist-like in their translations into political action or philosophy. One advocates 'relationship workshops' so we can 'get along' better: the other takes an 'ironic' line with her sisters. Suggesting, ultimately her sisters had only better get their facts right. Both illustrate the problem as far as men are concerned. Men are practical and need a plan of action. This current book provides better reasons and a more urgent addressing of the heterosexual male gender condition. Inside this book is a blueprint of reasons why 'men's social and political issues' should be at the forefront of current affairs rather than in the rearguard. These issues rank more timely than 'global warming' 'world poverty' or prospects for war. Western societies, often thought responsible for world problems are the best geared for their amelioration. Such efforts are frequently expensive to alleviate. Requiring socially wealthy inputs to sustain. Feminist driven collapse of these societies, this book argues will only hasten other crises. O'Sullivan argues these are the best Ideas to save the Western World & Economies from feminist population collapses. This book takes a far bigger view. All politicians, economists, and students of History should read this. Under feminist initiative, vast gender and social engineering distracted us from reality. Never before has a civilization enacted a situation all other epochs have considered as something one does to one's enemies. Feminism makes us hostile to our own best financial, social, economic and political interest. The feminist nanny state is killing us. They will destroy America and the Western World by an attractive yet pernicious philosophy. This book tells us why we must fix it now. Making men again a number one priority issue.

Russian Marxist economists for instance had to look at the west in order to have any idea at all of Soviet costs and prices (a thing that the smallest business in capitalism can do readily) Marx himself being no trained economist! Paper and digitised pen are powerful but not all powerful. Priming the pump when one is poor is a courageous move: doing so when comfortably still wealthy may just turn the earth around the pump muddy as we slog drowning in a sewer of debt. Priming the pump when one already has a primed pump merely floods the ground with wasted human effort; and in an economic context may be very dangerous as it will possibly and probably load us down with an unpayable debt. How dangerous then to trust ourselves as National has done to a banking ‘fixer’ who owes no deep allegiances to New Zealand whatever as he has made his big money overseas; and whose IMF/Bilderberger handlers created the advice in the first place. Should we actually pay the accountant who ruins us? My pick is he will abandon New Zealand like Menem in Argentina: though Menem won office through a socialist political base and thoroughly betrayed this constituency. Given my argument perhaps they could do no other action than what could be seen with the beliefs available.




Phillip O’Sullivan: Everything Bears Witness as the moving waves cry out of weeping eyes.

Title: Statistical Genocide: Death Of Europa:  Nowadays 550,000 in NZ Alone

Dimension:  295mm X 310mm

Price: $450

Date: 2007

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My hope is that it is not too late to see, rethink and act otherwise than currently prevailing ideologies as all of them are completely inadequate, every single one. Only population economy is our very last hope, necessity and destiny. Utopian theory and reality are absolutely opposed as can be seen in the core beliefs of Marxists so driven by theory as to a workers party or state. Yet Bolshevik leadership, thinkers and activists were all of the intellectual middle classes, they traveled on trains, wore fine clothes, had leisure, did not work, owned factories (Owen, Wedgewood, Engels) wrote books, read, spoke well; their methods were politically astute middle class insertions into the political process; Duma and Parliament, and ‘eliminated’ the useful labouring class colleague as soon as possible (Beria). Their utopia became dystopia in the hands of Kim il Sung, Pol pot, Stalin, Mao, Burmas Marxist Junta, Castros Cuba and Tibet, East Germany and so on, everywhere bolshevism went people had to be fenced in to stop them leaving. If you really wanted a working class movement by ideology and vision, leadership, method (they ride in trucks) and bully boy practice you would have to be fascist which is totally working class from the core to the outer membership. Noting however neither option works here in that both are military, people flee them, their state kills people in vast numbers (but far far fewer than practised and promoted by eco-feminism- think of the millions in abortion), run huge concentration camps of slavery, and are both of them utterly repugnant ideologies that should be completely rejected by all humankind.



The silly duality which says if you are not one then you are of the other, limits human thinking to just those options. I put it to you there are dozens still on the table: humanism; raw non-party non-bloc voting, jury style democracy (untried); jubilee year governance (Jewish debt redemption every fifty years); mixed 30 year raw democracy-benign limited term (5 year: chosen from all previous governance) comptroller/executive/dictatorship; amazonian (ultra feminist); queer aristocracy (gays run everything); and many another you can think of (but have to think of applicability, sustainability, cost and constituency served). Zero population growth was once promoted by experts but adverse results are immediately apparent: if housing stock, for instance is sufficient already for four million then there is no need for the theoretical ‘one more house’, Theoretical mind, as it stands for any number of additional but foregone housing construction options. By extension across an entire economy in all sectors. so builders, carpet layers and so on would be without work, they could not then buy at the local dairy and so on until a sharp contraction caused a change in zero population policy. Tax receipts would be down and what little money left for education, student loans, health might be reduced for unemployment payments, ‘miracle money’ or secret banking strokes-of-the-pen cash is just printing money and dilutes the value of the currency.


Phillip O’Sullivan  All Accuse Each Other

Dimension:  295mm X 310mm

Price: $450

Date: 2007

CONTACT artist Phillip O’SullivanThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Of course it is hard in a contracted economy to recommend the raising of children but this is the only hope for an economically sustainable future, curiously noting it is small families that often have one car each for husband wife and two adult children: while larger families travel in just one shared people mover. Low birthrate countries in the west were once responsible, while growing wealthy on industry (a longish phase), for most of the worlds pollution and caused acid rain and dead fish lakes and rivers. High birthrate nations were agricultural, rural and pre-industrial, their focus was on natural cultural and community values: they needed no ethnic ideology to actually reinforce what they were doing: but who wishes for themselves the dubious ‘romance’ of poverty and disadvantage. Most slash and burn runoff feeds the fish out to sea in a bacteria/plankton/fish series of links. Discoloration and ‘muddiness in the coastal waters’ was more an aesthetic ‘pollution’ than biological or environmental. For nearly a decade I would visit ‘forbidden’ Burma in the days of the 28 day visa, every year or so during the early tenty first century. Flying in along the long coastline off Myanmar eagerly anticipating my stay I was alert to everything to be seen, tirelessly looking out the window to my beloved Myanmar the golden land welcoming of strangers and every visitor, I could see the sea for miles was brown with runoff and river scourings, yet there were no large towns along that isolated region, one could see isolated hilltops cleared and with undergrowth burning in heaps beside them, all fairly non-green but primitive agriculture far from city ordinances, control and taxes.

Early environmentalism made no distinctions in aesthetic as opposed to chemical pollution. The poor nation’s advantage was to obtain the machinery and systems of industrialization off the shelf without long periods of development so they could leapfrog stages going directly into cellphone networks without ever having a copper wire phase for example. There is absolutely no need at all to limit population in order to acquire a wealthier status or condition for ones people. The development bank advice is entirely erroneous and only appears correct because funding rode on the back of the policy. Similarly embargos prove not that ‘non-democracies do not work’ (China shows they can) but only that embargos can work. Embargos prove nothing about political systems only that embargos colour a straight look at comparing different policy driven systems and thus are useless at proving a corrupt American ‘democracy’ Who today believes in party bloc democracy: a Jury alone, virtually by drawing straws is much more democratic: and is fairly proof against corruption. Political insider knowledge lines the pockets of many wealthy and they support the electoral fortunes of party bloc voting: this should be vigorously combated. , ultimately successful. A Chinese, Indian, Brazilian or Vietnamese mixed economy can be successful to varying degrees: this advance is based on having a ‘population hinterland’ of poverty in order to sell into: not exactly a desirable prior condition. More desirable is sustained birth rate driven growth. India for instance in the long years and decades from independence, finding its way, not exactly experienced at governance, nevertheless grew at slow rates consistently and inexorably in line with its birthrate. It is exactly the point of this article to show some ways or suggest ways in which birth-rate driven population growth is the only reliable indicator for sustained, long term and maintained economic growth; it depends on no particular political system, a monarchy, dictatorship, peoples democracy, autocracy, aristocracy or mixed system would do as well as any other providing high population growth is birth-rate driven.

Population as an issue is thus vastly bigger, more important, of overwhelmingly more significance that politics, philosophy and even history itself. These huge ideological areas are but puppy whelps of concerns compared to it. Even the planet savers environmental concerns are more organically served by it as people eat food and require natural clothing and energy: as we touched upon it is low, negative and zero birthrate nations who pollute the most, or who pollution everywhere. People love more people. Smaller birthrate nations are selfish, use more of the resources, are doomed to poverty and the bankruptcy of their institutions that pretend environmental concern, try to politically dominate the world and have evil desires to destroy the world and eliminate rivals to avoid sharing the resources and wealth. To love birth is to love everyone; to destroy birth is to murder life itself and hate everything. We are not judged on our dreams of misshapen utopia but admire they who in reality build life and love. Population is everything we have ever dynamically desired or dared hope for in history, culture, politics or civilization. Failure to attend to it will be the Western worlds certain ruin.

There is nothing more important on the whole earth than this. Boom or doom is our only choice in regard to long run population development: remembering only that whatever one does forty years (one generation) awaits for the contrarily adverse or positive results that must occur. Coincidence of wealth and of current birth-rate is of no connecting logic whatsoever, here again we are being taught the logic of breeding, and in a shyly agricultural country too: the reproductive consequences of ignoring the birds-and-the-bees. To think, that this is where the politically-correct liberal views of all this, came in forty years ago with the hippies: How deeply ironical. Saving the cost of raising kids for feminist freedom, make absolutely no mistake, this is what it all about, has a major flaw built right on into it: what happens when the kids grow up – yes I know, they don’t exist – that’s the point too, they don’t exist ( but yet these are the ‘kids we could have afforded while wealthy’ and could also then have existed), one cannot have it both ways, yet if they did as you cannot ‘save the cost of raising’ without missing their economically active absence beyond 20 say as well; in working, taxpaying, rate paying, buying, selling, buying art, listening to your music, coming to University, paying student fees, taking books out, supporting local business, supporting big business too, and so on, if dead, non-existent, kaput, zeroed, nullified. This statistical tracery, this ghost of a chance lost, would have otherwise been active for fifty contributing years more. No use crying over spilt milk, the glass is half full (but under threat from a Population economy axiom: failure to take up population-economy birth-rate growth by such and such percentage, say, half your potential population; means price/value drops of more than fifty percent). Their average lifetime earnings each would be $4 million per person by the numbers of aborted New Zealanders, nearly 400,000 approximately to date since 1972: I assure you they are really missing by any number of measures. Yet the living, remaining alive! Could see earnings drops (income, payrates, profits, tax receipts down to below 50%: even dips below into 30% or more of former times or value). That is a terrible high cost of violating population economy principles.

Our positivist Prime Minister concentrates his emphasis, business-style on the innovative, profitable and cutting edge businesses. Such was Enron or Iridium in the United States; here my emphasis is on the far greater bulk of businesses from which real, medium, and larger businesses, are grown almost organically. The larger bell-shaped curve passes like pregnancy through the body politic. The extremes are sexy and distract us from solid reality: we need remember John Keys projects in Ireland, seductively profitable for a time, but bankrupt now. Most firms, by definition are average, hopefully an average moving upwards, and it therefore entirely depends on reliable birth-rates for sustained economic activity. They are not even theoretically the kids we never could have had: we could have had them and did not. At $4 million apiece a hugely colossal sum of around $2.3 trillion dollars is lost to forever: yes, you read that right, $2,300,000,000 dollars. Albeit over the next fifty years, but why add to it by decriminalizing abortion? This is the answer, the only believable one, to the huge economic losses occurring permanently in the western world. The spill over effects in Asia means Asia will recover, but not us. This recession is historical in the sense that the human race has never ever voluntarily been here before in history.

Men Are Angry: the legitimacy of male anger

TitlePrint Photograph or Drawing

Dimension: 245mm X267mm

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Date: 2007

In fact all cultures and civilizations take measures to do this to their enemies and halt anything that causes anything like this to themselves. This activity is probably the absolute demarcation of what constitutes a culture or civilization or not: does it preserve itself? The limits of life are well known, seventy years appears to be our best hope, the compass of it is so small, we have to do everything possible within it. How can we now preserve ourselves except by safeguarding reproduction, that is what sex is for, society can condone no other. The puny eco-feminist ‘savings’ amounted to just $50,000 apiece and we spent the lot on sex, gambling, luxuries, fun, holidays and other drivel not aware the day of reckoning was to come: poverty and bankruptcy for most, owned outright by other people, slaves in more than metaphor. No wonder we can snort at Prime Minister John Keys borrowing debt of $35 Billion over the past five years, and watch him squirm puzzled by the growing shortfall in tax receipts. What government can paper over a vast economy wrenching abyss with so little? To throw a small (but unpayable) debt at such a large eco-feminist loss is laughable. The loss to debt ratio is 600 to one dollar if just abortion is considered: 6,000 to one if contraception is included (base year is always 1972). The ironical ‘cost saved’ to overall negatives ratio is 1:11,500, or for every one dollar of debt owed, a ‘debt’ remember! He is trying, in perplexity, not having thought these thoughts here outlined, to paper-over an oncoming loss of eleven thousand five hundred dollars for each and every one dollar borrowed. It simply cannot be done that way. No wonder there was a one billion dollar plus shortfall in tax receipts recently; coming years will see many more, and larger shortfalls in tax receipts. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain are happening here, right here right now.

It is foolish to ignore it, intelligence says we must address this urgently with all the vigour at our collective command; rioting and protest will avail us not one whit. John Key may just squeak by until the election, any Government after will have to fix this smartly or perish quickly. Look for a sad cycle of governments and elections. Our politically correct nightmare has cost us everything. What mining, exploitation, asset sales by whatever government will not now take place. Even the existence of our Universities and institutions may be at stake (Argentina and Russia still had the support of pre-recession America and Europe to bolster some recovery; we will not, look at Germany balking at the continued payout over Greece) and the wider independence of New Zealand too unless we rapidly invert the politically correct stance of ‘she’ll-be-right’ liberalism and move to an aggressively Kiwi pro-natalist society; which the people are underneath anyway. Otherwise we face the most abject nightmare imaginable, total real loss of effective personal freedom, economic necessities being forced of the grossest kind, no funding of pet ideologies, poverty for many, bankruptcy and effective slavery for most. We must do this aggressively, strongly and forcefully to restore centuries proven principles of cultural continuity through reproduction.

The insane statistical genocide of our own New Zealand people must cease. Abortion is the most vile and ghastly crime in New Zealand against our humanity. Our dream is to live life long in prosperity: children are literally our collective New Zealand future, there is no other. We are all one in this life.


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First book in the m a s c u l i s t  FEMINIST Series by Phillip John O’Sullivan

First book in the m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST Series by Phillip John O’Sullivan

From a life of broken fragments.

In a world dominated by feminism.

A weak man becomes strong.

Writing fierce masculist ideas.

Searching a big library like Massey University system catalog Phillip O’Sullivan found over 403,300 entries for ‘feminist’ texts by over 300,000 female writers and academics. While only two books by onemale author Dr Warren Farrell featured under the ‘masculist’ term. He determined to write his own. Facing down the Professors on the Politically correct Fine Arts Course.

m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST’ is the result of that costly encounter. This is what men do. Take the hard knocks for the greater good.

There are three stages to masculist thinking so far; analysis and description, interpretation and fierce polemic (stirring the troops; rousing the men) and thirdly; solutions for politics and victory. We can win this! And more importantly, must win this for the good of all; feminism otherwise is destroying us. This book explains copulation over population.

Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot be masculist ones but feminist in flavour.

Which is where m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST comes in. This book provides the fully fledged masculist politically aware gender consciousness point of view entirely for men.

Because real male rights placed back into gender politics can create arguments for men’s right to power.

Men must learn to talk this masculist language of policy, for the language of politics is policy. And masculist politics depends on good and powerful arguments. Like copulation over population

Read this book for the sake of the women and children in your family.

Be the man in a mind full of strong ideas.




The political conclusion to this book also could shock you.

It is nothing less than the reality based claim of men to power in the public sphere, and thus fully deserving of public respect, privileges and honours

Are men only interested in sex, violence, war, destruction and hatred. As feminism holds. Find out here.

Are men only male chauvinism bigots bent on dominating power to overcome women and rape them?

All of these images of men are given out by feminism.

Is there any truth to those feminist views of men? Entirely new views and arguments as powerful as anything on this website

Feminism dies an awful death before your eyes in this EBOOK.












Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?




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