Male Economics Does Not Pay

What is the daily cost of a woman?

Shower- $2.85
Breakfast- $1.95- under the watchfull eye of both children and hubby. The dear fool. Who's the 'dearest' then?
Coffees- $23
Snacks- $8.90
Cigarettes- $20 in high tax countries
Clothing- $12- buying 'something nice' every other bleeding day.
Personal Items-$17
Dinner- $28
Transport- $25
Cleaning- Hers alone- clothes body and room perfume etc $3.50
Rent- Mortgage- $120
Health- $7.50- gargle, supplements, toothpaste, gym equipment, credit card for last item
More Coffees- $15
Sundries- $8
Books Magazines-Entertainment- $12
Spare Change- $30

Total for ONE whole regular day....


And no wonder men are exhausted on the treadmill keeping up with those payments.
 And she pays none of this- often too when she is working she keeps all her own money.
 No wonder men are dying eight whole years before women. Such inequality is heartbreaking and almost impossible for anyone to maintain.
Nothing for himself. Nothing at all- some measly cut lunch and instant coffee at work.
It would be cheaper not to marry and hire surrogate mothers, have your own children at rent a womb and visit very high class expensive whores and claim tax for it as business entertainment expenses or something- then you can go out with the boys for a mens night out sticking it to the chicks yet having a family too. With no legal battles to be fought with nasty feminist women.
 Just nicely smiling ones at a time of your choosing guys. At a time and a place of your choosing. Freedom. How sweet that sound. Long Life too Bro!

Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?











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