Boy Crisis

Highlights, for every 100 girls:

For every 100 girls suspended from public elementary and secondary schools 250 boys are suspended. For every 100 girls expelled from public elementary and secondary schools 335 boys are expelled.

For every 100 girls diagnosed with a learning disability 276 boys are diagnosed with a learning disability. For every 100 women enrolled in college there are 77 men enrolled.

For every 100 women enrolled in the first year of college there are 79 men enrolled. For every 100 women enrolled in the second year of college there are 71 men enrolled. For every 100 women enrolled in the third year of college there are 75 men enrolled.

For every 100 women enrolled in the fourth year of college there are 94 men enrolled. For every 100 women enrolled in the fifth year of college there are 65 men enrolled.

For every 100 women enrolled in the sixth year or more of college there are 78 men enrolled.

For every 100 American women who earn an associate’s degree from college 67 American men earn the same degree. For every 100 American women who earn a bachelor’s degree from college 73 American men earn a bachelor’s degree. For every 100 American women who earn a master’s degree from college 62 American men earn the same degree.

For every 100 American women who earn a doctor’s degree from college 92 American men earn the same degree. For every 100 females ages 15 to 19 that commit suicide 549 males in the same range kill themselves.

For every 100 females ages 20 to 24 that commit suicide 624 males of the same age kill themselves.

Despite these statistics, it is girls who still receive all of the gender specific goodies. Female only scholarships, White House Council for Women and Girls, Title IX grant program for women in STEM, and the Women’s Educational Equity Act are the known Federal level programs for women and girls in school.

Sentencing Disparity

· Average sentences for same crime under similar circumstances (robbed someone with a gun, knife, etc): Female – 18.51 months

Male – 51.52 months

In Britain, Judges are now ordered to “show more mercy” on female criminals when deciding what sentence they should be given.

· Unfair sentencing doesn’t just pertain to men, but for boys as well.

“Judge bashes Probation Department for gender bias in favor of leniency for girls”

· In North Carolina (and probably other states), it turns out that assaulting a female is a class A1 misdemeanor only if the attacker is “a male person at least 18 years of age”; every other type of assault when it comes to gender, is generally a class 2 misdemeanor. This can translate into a substantial difference in sentencing. Click to see examples of Female Sentencing Discount

Death Penalty almost exclusively targets men

Actual execution of female offenders is rare, with only 571 documented instances as of 12/31/2011, beginning with the first in

1632. These executions constitute about 2.9% of the total of confirmed executions in the US since 1608. Only twelve female offenders have been executed since 1976.

Women make up only 2.9% of those executed since 1976, but they commit 12% of all murder in the US.

Child Custody

Women receive custody of the children in about 84% of custody cases

Paternity Fraud

Paternity fraud is rampant in the US.  In as many as 30% of cases, fathers are being forced to pay child support for children who are not theirs.

Click for examples of men being forced to pay CS for non-biological children

Boys Forced to Pay Child Support to their Rapist

In at least 3 states (California, Kansas and Tennessee), courts force boys to pay child support to their statutory rapists. In at least two other states, state officials attempt to get boy statutory rape victims to pay child support to their rapists.

Click to see examples of boys being forced to pay CS to their rapists

Title IX crushing Men’s sports programs

Title IX, once a gender equality law, has now morphed into a feminist gender quota law that demands ‘proportionality’ when it comes to sports programs in mixed colleges. Technically Title IX has three prongs of feminised compliance, but the “safe harborâ€� prong has always been a cunning proportionality and it guarantees colleges will not be gone after by the OCR or the many wolf crying  women’s groups. Because of these facts, the US commission on civil rights finally decided to weigh in and recommend Title IX be reformed to stem what it called the “unnecessary reduction of men’s athletic opportunities.â€� mean operate outdoors in many activities. Mean work outside in fact feminism is pushing me in that direction and then when they choose outside muscular physical sports they want half of the action half of the funding and of course they would apply to indoor sports which are more expensive gymnasium and facilities.

Scholarship Discrimination

In sports where the genders compete, girls are now awarded far more scholarships than boys are: 20,206 vs 32,656. Because of this, in every ‘gender symmetric’ sport (the one exception being gymnastics), boys face much more difficult odds of being able to earn a scholarship than girls do. Positive discrimination always has a negative discriminatee. Is it indeed any wonder people get upset. That men may notice these things. Any artificial creation of an androgynous world must fail on the facts and in the distortions that it creates. That is what the battle is all about nature and nurture. Between when nature natures special pleading victimisation and other defector get out of jail cards the oppression is obvious one side. 1 gender carries the can 1 gender carries the responsibility one gender does the heavy lifting one gender takes the Dead lyrics One gender has to suffer humiliation one gender has to pay the price in jail and an extra costs and has to prove it's innocence they have to prove guilty but no we now have to prove our Innocence all the traditional protections of human life mankind in the law and government in the media have been overthrown and we are now oppressed by women. The other gender get all the benefits and none of the costs min pay for this literally with money women's jobs are in the government there inside women sports are inside in the wall and Hunter under lights so it can be conducted in winter and summer and all times of the year in men are paying for it.

Hate Crime Discrimination

The Courts will only investigate bullying cases if the victim is considered protected under the U.S. 1964 Civil Rights legislation. In other words, white gender males are the only sex group to be legally excluded from having their law case be investigated by the Department of Justice. In other words mean pay for a justice system they require a justice system but it does not deliver them Justice mina not allow the protection of the law. Mean I'm not allowed to be victim. Not allowed to be bullied. in a they not allowed to be built bullied victimized or physically attacked by women. This is not recognised by United States law this is not recognise by email or. Men are oppressed by women. Subjugated by feminist. Meat suppressed under an evil female regime. This is way Beyond the notion that now it's our turn. It never was anybody Stern. Ocean is opression. Is subjugation not subjugation?

War Dead  â€“ 99.9% male deaths 

 Workplace Deaths 

But of course when the death of me don't count when the links of life of me don't count the EVO shortening ratio of undemocratic action how do they die off and not vote for more money and work hard for us men should receive more because their lives us knocked out quicker man should receive more honours privileges and rewards because their lives are shorter no women receive more because they live longer they live as much is 10 years longer 20 years longer and this is Carmen take it to vote in 2 or 3 more elections than me and this is political power. Of course political power is greedy and feeds on even more power. Feminists want more and more power. Feminists want even more and more feminist power. Until the subjugation of me is actually complete and total. Is a totalitarian regime. This is not a totally totalitarian regime waiting to happen it is already happening it is already here we have it now. Is a totalitarian regime. Racism is alive and living well Among Us.

92% of workplace deaths are male. Suicide

Men are almost 80% of suicide victims.


Men are overwhelmingly much more than likely to be victims of homicide

Meme other recipients of womens Death Wish. Mystic violence women nearly always initiate the violence. In domestic violence women frequently use a weapon much more than men. They initiate violence with a weapon yet it is the man who was arrested for responding to the initiation of violence with a weapon. This is what all the literature shows. Haha what the combined effect of most of the litter the vast body of the literature on domestic violence shows this. Why is this. 

One reason is that we see it in the movies a great deal. why movies a great deal. The mythology that mean hit women. That's why they're always arrested. The arresting officer male or female that is the man who's done it. Remind it in her imagination she sees it herself as if she was there. She doesn't listen to the facts. In the movies the quickest way for the director to show that a man is a villain is to have him hit a woman. That we see or think we see many men hitting women. Which we do in the movies. For this to work however for the director 2 Telegraph to the Buick an immediate effect of tagging the viewer tagging the villain as the villain. He must have the character hit a woman.. thus we see it often Often over and over. This leaves a memory Trace in the culture that we have indeed in fact seen mean hit women frequently often and custom eraly when we haven't. Representations reconstructions honest representations of men hitting women the male gender is castigated by all of this in the collective memory. 

It in the working of this visual trope we can see how it must function only on the fact that the good guys out there the real men do not do this. If I mean did this the trope would not work. It would never work. And only a daft director would use it. 

In my life I have only scene women hitting men. One woman I saw hitting a man with many swings of a handbag a long shoulder bag rather about 30 times and berating and loudly in the street and he couldn't do a thing he would not touch your back 30 time she must have hit Em swinging her bag with all her might two-handed Style. what I do not know. But it did seem to be heavy from a Distance. The next week hypocrisy of hypocrisy I saw her sitting at the desk of a woman's refuge shelter collection table. Collecting money for the supposed violence of men against women. What a lie. 

I have been attacked myself 3x women.
Once a fourth time by a man on behalf of a woman. This is typical in the literature. In the early days of feminism after Karen Pini had been domestic violence shelters program she is the founder of it and her own personal experience was such that she knew her mum and dad and mother and father her own parents both of head attacked and bruised her and said vial master Glee violent things to her she knew this as a child she knew this as an adult she knew this from the people coming forward over the domestic violence issues she knew from her reading of the literature she knew from every experience she had that both women and men do this there is nothing that men do that women do not is not a single thing that women uniquely do not do that mean do do. You cannot find it nowhere anywhere has anybody dear to claim all of this is tending to want to claim that mean a bad and women are good. I certainly do think that some of the cilia feminists do in fact believe this. As if that is what they believe. To explicitly state that as a philosophy they would be laughed at in every forum known to Men Women children and every possible way University seminars business Society political you would be laughed at if you said that men were bad and women look good. Collectively this in fact appears to be the underlying philosophy of feminism of radical lesbian feminism what I call the LGBT Mafia. This is something that cannot be maintained philosophical intellectually socially legally politically already logically sociologically it is impossible to imagine it. It runs on the ground everywhere you look as if it we're true affecting the lives of millions hundreds and hundreds of millions especially of western men. You Lie.

Women are not good. 

Men are not bad. 

Neither man nor women are either all good or all bad. Some women are good some women are bad. Some men are good some men are bad. 

Particularly I mean and women both partially good partially bad to varying degrees throughout their lives on at least some occasions. 

This is called the human condition. It is humane to accept it. This is our state. We share it together. We can do nothing else. Feminism is an aberration of this.

Male Rape

An estimated 300,000 U.S. men are raped in American prisons a year.

This is vastly more than any female equivalent. Nor are female sexual assaults on men recorded at all. It is assumed it never happens. This is the Queen Victoria effect. Queen Victoria could not be shown a law making Lesbians criminals because she being a woman herself could not believe women capable of such gross depravity. We too turn a blind Queen Victorian eye toward men's suffering because we imagine it cannot ever happen. The male gender person does not exist in law. So why should we men obey any of them? For the sake of feminist women who oppress us with their silences. Sentiment toward women is a more powerful mythology than the plain evidences of copious facts.

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