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 War Dead  – 99.9% male deaths http://thewall-usa.com/information.asp http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/RL32492.pdf Workplace Deaths

92% of workplace deaths are male. http://www.bls.gov/iif/oshwc/cfoi/cfch0009.pdf Suicide

Men are almost 80% of suicide victims. http://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/victims/qa02702.asp?qaDate=2009


Men are overwhelmingly more likely to be victims of homicide http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=2221

Male Rape

An estimated 300,000 men are raped in prison a year. http://www.loompanics.com/Articles/RapeInPrison.html


62% of the homeless in the US are male. http://humanneeds.vcu.edu/Page.aspx?nav=29&scope=0&source=13

Men have 0 reproductive rights


Girls are protected under law from circumcision, boys are not (his body, not his choice).

13 Responses to Rape Myths and Men’s Rights – The Issues1. petey

January 23, 2014 at 8:16 am

Wow, this was stunning, just stunning. I’m looking for some things like this. I’m writing a book about Misogyny and Misandry. Would you mind if I print some of those stats out? They are just astonishing. And just so you know, if you say no then I’m good with that too. I just think you did a really outstanding job. Scared the shit out of me. I’ve got a young son!

Glad you like the list and sorry for late approval for your comment. 

I called the cops once after my ex threw a liquor bottle at me, then hit me over the head with a laptop as I tried to go to the basement to get away from her. The cops looked at my head, saw the injury, talked with her separately, then asked me to leave the property. I refused, and they threatened to forcibly remove me, until my ex volunteered to go to her parents not far away. Crazy how that works, huh?

A lot of homeless men just live on the streets and sleep in the bushes and don’t go to shelters. Those don’t seem to be included in the 62% figure. Whereas I suspect far fewer women do.

Your link to Fathers and Families is 404ing, they changed their name recently to the National Parents Organization, so they need updating.

Excellent. You should also add something with regards to how men and boys are depicted in the media. How men and boys are demonized or made to look dumb….or how we exclusively celebrate woman and girl’s achievements (as a group) but never the reverse…. I guess the reason you didn’t mention any of this is because these issues are “qualitative” and difficult to measure.

Thank you for this! It shows the pendulous ways of law and public opinion. Hopefully and especially with the current percentage of educated women, these inequalities can be leveled before a (perhaps even understandable) backlash swings us into another period of female suppression.

Despite the fact that men don’t receive as much attention about their issues as women do, women’s issues, worldwide, are much more serious and are very much a human rights issue. Many of the things mentioned in this article are issues American men have. As well, many of the situations listed here men put themselves in those positions. If you don’t want to die in the military, don’t join the military. If you want a Bachelor’s degree, go get one. Men don’t have reproductive rights? Yes, they do. That’s why it is not an issue. Women have to fight for control of our own bodies. When was the last time men voting was an issue? When was the last time men had their salaries be less than a woman’s? I know men have these issues and they are serious, but they will never compare to the struggles of women. Not even close.

I’ve approved this comment for no other reason than to further expose feminism. You claim that many of the issues are because those stupid males “put themselves in those positions”?

Ironic, because most of those ‘bad’ positions filled by men (such as the workplace or workplace death) are because of ‘gender roles’. You know, the ones that you feminists are always railing against (well, the ones that affect women at least). The men who are dying on the job are because why? Because they have a family to support and “a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do”. So, in other words, gender roles (something feminists complain about often), but according to you its because they “put themselves in those positions”.

The other part of your comment regarding bachelors degrees, ALSO ironic. Women receive hundreds upon hundreds of FEDERAL LEVEL female only programs and laws in order to help them succeed, you can read about those on this page (yet women have it far worse according to you?): http://www.cultural-misandry.com/female-only-programs/

Some of those programs are in the education area, laws/programs like Female only scholarships, a Title IX grant program for women and girls, A WHITE HOUSE COUNCIL dedicated to them, and the Womens educational equity act – to name a few. BUT, again, according to you low male enrollment in college is because “men put themselves in those positions”??? It couldn’t possibly be because ALL of the help is being dedicated to the girls?

NEXT. “Wage Gap”. OH LORD, this bs has been debunked a hundred times over: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christina-hoff-sommers/wage-gap_b_2073804.html http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/02/01/no-women-don-t-make-less-money-than-men.html http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-gender-pay-gap-is-a-complete-myth/

And, most notably by Consad Research Corporation – in their report to the DEPT OF LABOR: http://www.consad.com/content/reports/Gender%20Wage%20Gap%20Final%20Report.pdf 

“Women have to fight for control of our own bodies. When was the last time men voting was an issue?”

Facts for the feminist: MOST men did not have the right to vote either, that ‘privilege’ was dedicated to a small minority. OH and btw, I am not sure that you are aware but EVERYONE has the right to vote now…So I have to ask why you are bringing this nonsense up?

Also btw, men actually had to defend their right to vote by signing up for the draft…over 58,000 men died in the Viet war and many of them were conscripted. How many women died? Almost none.

“Women have to fight for control of our own bodies.” Lady…Circumcision. And, so you could kill the man's baby without him having any say at all in it. 1.5 million every year in America.

Girls are protected, boys are not. Longevity, equal funding for mens health. Do not blame the men for not coming forward, fund it and go out and get them. Anything less is discrimination. We want to see 50/50 outcomes in the courts for all things; no man goes to jail even for a long time without the exact same number of women going to jail for the same time for sexual assualts on vulnerable men. That is, men as a group must be exactly matched to exactly the same apprehensions, searches, discoveries, arrests, punishments and so or the percentage difference should walk free, automatically!- so that they receive a non-negotiable statutary pardon forever. Anything less of a result and outcome is unjust, discriminatory, rights violation and they who promote this injustice, and who have done so in the past, must face arrest and prosecution for incitement to hate crimes. Feminism is that hate crime; it is unequal, prejudicial, and vastly unfair to all men and ultimately supremely damaging to all of society as a whole. Its seditions and philosophical treachery against the democratic ideal one bring back the severest penealties for it. Ideological rebuke just will not do; cutting funding will not do; reversing its effects will not do- it must be utterly expunged from the body politic. Feminism is by far the greatest evil of the human race.

That is young men, uneducated men, black men (serial false accusers accuse black men first) men who have no other convictions should in all cases walk free. Half the men in jail now are there for racist reasons. This is driven by rape theories promoted by white supremitist Jewish women safely ensconced in their lonely University apartments in New York and other theoretically safe places far from the action; and far from seeing the painful and miserable results of their ideological interference in the beautiful, constructive and useful lives of good men. As many in jail as men are in jail, anything less is idealistic bigotry. Women on almost all other crime indices are apprehended more than men, or as often everytime, yet fewer get arrested, indicted, convicted or punished as much; for exactly the same crimes, equality? Yes, then lets see it exactly here. Fifty fifty outcomes no less or Judges should face termination of the bench time forever in government service. Forever. No exceptions. You do the crime you do the time; no excuses. Feminist bigotry must end.

“I know men have these issues and they are serious, but they will never compare to the struggles of women. Not even close.” Which is why you brought up a whooping two issues, one of which (“wage gap”) is completely fabricated in feminist mind. But I will bite, list your issues here and see how well they compare with the above 22,000 word list.

Do women have to worry about keeping their due process RIGHTS? Do they have to worry about being sent to jail on nothing but an allegation (false restraining orders)? Do they have to worry about being arrested after being the victim of Domestic violence, or having to pay their statutory rapist child support? The list goes on and on and on.

Feminists cry “women’s issues, worldwide, are much more serious and are very much a human rights issue.” But we live here; your advantage to put that digression is here, in the Western nations. You can play globalism all you want. You will collect your advantages from the rhetorical abuse and misuse of a cheery picked illustration- which cannot be checked out or held accountable to western methods of examination.

Feminists are absolutely silent about the open and public oppression of women in Muslim countries. Why are you so silent about that, and instead focus on the American male who has already been bullied into near submission by women who feel they are owed something because their ancestors were ‘oppressed?’ You white, Marxist women are no different than American descendants of negro slaves who claim they’ve been violated today because their great grand pappy suffered.

Wow so im a writer whos been investigating the issue of men vs women for my local magazine and after days of wading through femenist websites and whatever male support groups decide to call themselves and before I write my paper I feel compeled to say something and this is the most recently active post that wasnt filled with lines and lines of how men suck so here is my two cents as somebody who believes that alot of men are indeed pigs ( im a man btw) but id hardly say even 60 percent are however are women any different than the monsters they accuse us of being? You say that men are sexist in the workplace? Tell me whens the last time a straight man was allowed to work in a makeup department or lingerie store? Almost never because the simple fact is we are 2 different races and some things are just better to be left to the other. In general the opinion is we treat women like their objects well when you get dumb women who are famous simply for being lude (kim kardashian amongst other discrases) thats what creates that train of thought so mabey if women spent half the effort they spent on making men look less than human on publicly condeming actions like being idolized for being a skank we would gain respect for women who are making it known that people of ill repute do not represent their entire gender. So in short women do everything they accuse men of doing. so if you want equal treatment mabey you need to realize that we are indeed equal no better no worse than women and what id like to ask femenists out there is that if you crave for men and women to be equal then why dont women start opening the door for men? Or bringing us flowers and telling us were special? Or how about you pick me up in your car and pay for the date were going on? Oh yea men are expected to so those things in general but hey guess thats your sick version of equality.

That’s just the thing, Cody. Most women don’t want full equality…just enough to get the benefits without the responsibility. They want to be considered a strong, independent woman while taking advantage of federal and state assistance programs, asking for large businesses to have quotas, saying there’s a significant wage gap (there isn’t), and claiming that civilian women are the true victims of war rather than the men (and women) who’ve actually given their lives. Even something as simple as the continued desire for chivalry is misandric at a certain level, as it states that 1. Women deserve special treatment because they’re delicate/weak (not true) and 2. Men are undeserving of reciprocation because they are always strong/able (not true). Which is a weird 'feminine mystique' or 'essentialist' requirement built into feminism have-it-both-ways argements, rhetoric, claims, demands and polemic: meaning in short all radical lesbian feminazi writers, 'thinkers', ideologues, male apologists and so on are hypocrites. The infuriating thing for men is that is well nigh impossible to satisfy these ridiculous conundrums. The reply that is best is to become masculist and deny them everything. That way one can obtain some breathing space and flex out a reply based on what men want as an equal and necessary requirement for any discussion. Women are violent, females hate, feminists are liars must be the absolute grounded basis for discussion and from which all replies are to be launched. Any other basis is futile. Women kill. Women lie, Women fake evidence. Women talk up a bad discourse. Feminists tell fibs; acknowledge that and we can dialogue; without that there is no debate. Feminism is the biggest hate crime of the century. This one.

That’s why I’m an egalitarian. I *like* buying gifts for my FwB and taking him out to dinner. I *initiate* sex every week to let him know how sexy I think he is and to show how much I want to share pleasure with him. True equality is letting your friends and/or lover lean on you for support and comfort regardless of their sex…it’s allowing men and women to have access to the same opportunities without giving one side an unfair advantage. It’s in understanding that men have issues in society just as much as women, and being willing to fight for your boyfriend, husband, father, brother, uncle, or male friends because you love them.

*That’s* equality. Feminism is not.10.

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