Property is Theft. Prouhouns political equation the first one I shall deal with.

 There are others... coming



Property is theft
Taxes as theft

theft as property (of socialism)
theft as theft
 property as property
The ubiquitious tautology approach
Proudhoun as property- did he have royalties ad hominem not a defeat but a logic fallacy to ... nevertheless interesting to ask
the property/ies of proudhoun; anarchism as theft (of use value via destruction; ie no one else can thieve it or own it care for it or maintain it)

theft is property more attemped to be 'accumulative- in a purer form than capital or landlodism or ownership... etc'


Communism as theft

Democracy as theft

Monarchy as theft etc...



Poverty as theft, theft as theft (theives steal from other thieves so/yet the thieving 'community loses out overall result= not encouraging... but thieves...incorrigible thieves...still do it; ie not laziness but the DRAMATIC if temporary acquisition ofd goods; an illsion if as a way to run society; of theives?') The lazy would inherit anything/everything...obably just any old thing as in communism; notorious bad products.

IE Keynes versus Basquiet?

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