Zdenek Hanzlik

 A man injured outside Parliament on Thursday last week has been named as

Rotorua man Zdenek (Sid) Hanzlik. He burnt himself to death it appears over mens justice issues amoung other things.

The 60-year-old Czech-born man died in hospital after an incident on

Parliament grounds. There seems to have been some Family Court Issues Involved

Poice released Hanzlik's name today.

Hanzlik's death has been referred to the coroner and police said they could

not make any further comment.


Men are deliberately being discriminated against by Family Court Judges and policy advisments issued by the Justice department.

We deeply regret Mr Hanzliks death.


Notes Justice department discrimination on men

50/50 outcomes is the goldstandard in Masculist manifesto and now it is time to demand that it always everywhere be adhered to

There are good men- there are good women.

We could constructively suggest that if the sociological figures support this which I strongly suggest they do that we could say that 40/60 outcomes sometimes favouring the man should be entered into against the party that calls for the divorce (if that were so there would be far fewer divorces.)

As divorce I believe is far worse for the children- and both parties subsequently

 All Judges who fail to deliver 50/50 outcomes over last fifty men/women custody divorce, alimony, family payments cases or all other cases involving males either as victims or defendents- where it is basically

Notes on working this aspect out... 'fundamentally men/women cases'   what does that constitute-Complete law change=revolution in court-system/ legal system, corrections system so that police can arrest only fifty fifty men/women YES why not--- are men Badder than women- what person can say so.

Do facts say so when facts CONSTRUCTED by female officers, judges etc and female justice articles and text evidences?

More on this shortly-- this article does not depend on the Czech mans sacrifice it is a sign of what is happening when Government departments increasingly run and fully staffed to very high numbers and degrees by feminist women

Where are the activist masculists in Justice department or are we to call it the Department of Injustice until there are 50/50 staffing ratios of real men including activist men- as there are no doubt activist feminist men or women on board with their legalized bigotry and discriminations whereever and however they occur the raw numbers tell the story. 50/50 writings & Publications

50/50 staffing & outcomes

50/50 sentencing & equality

50/50 lawyers & probono

50/50 recommendation & policy results in favour

50/50 positions & seniority


And so on


Justice is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue for MEN

Fire all who disagree.

Fire all disparate outcomes.

MEN should serve only as long as women; as many women should be in prison.

Are men BAD; Women all Good.

Make NEW CRIMES if the numbers do not match

If the numbers do not match. Make them match or release all long serving men now to make sure they DO!






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