Bucking the worldwide trend reversing laws favouring homosexuality, Australia has voted- in a divided house with many abstentions- to begin Homosexual 'marriages'.

Some questions; what about gay 'divorce' settlements.
How does this alleviate the trend to 50% or more marital breakups?
Welcome, then, to Sharia law, ... as soon as possible?
How does this reflect on regular marriages and regular divorce laws and other things related to strengthening families.


NOTES: On the Way of the World compared to the way of the World regarding Us. What is the real future of Men?

A no fault divorce environment creates housing demands; cutting no default divorces could immediately release hundreds of thousands of houses available for young struggling couples. Leading to better-launched young families. Stable families-less social problems- Oh, I forgot, doing socialist policies out of a job. And thus subsequent, more stable societies, stronger societies with more money for research and business and constructive infrastructure. Notice the dreadful social equation hiding in there? Socialist governments NEED social upset and destruction to justify their existence. Gay marriage sure, means more social disruption, more social services and more reason for having a socialist government. Hence socialist governments are essentially destructive; they require theft for their existence, more reason then to hide this behind a smokescreen of social distress. Create social distress and then people want social policy to fix it. For such you need socialised governances. More socialist parties equals more social problems; an all-time boring emphasis on social problems. Did societies live like this in the past? The pernicious  aspect is that there is subsequently no emphasis on actually fixing these things. In fact actually fixing poverty or social distress is not at all wanted- what they create are political and useless jobs where people say they are working on these things, more problems, more social agencies all the time.

Eventually however the money runs out; socialist governments impoverish nearly everyone except useless party members. Solution is always fascism. They get rid of socialists and the creaming-off party hacks. Are we about to go through such a period; indubitably. Is there any other solution? No, probably not. Fascism has this virtue; it is one tenth as destructive of its own citizens than is Communism. Gulag versus Auschwitz if you like. However you may bear that if you have a particularly nasty view of religious folk. For that Communism is your bag. They will kill up to ten times more Christians, Islams and later Jews than the fascists. Are you really now more fond of being an-antifa thug? Is it because you like thumping up ten times more people yourself? So who is the 'fascist' then. If it down to a choice between a pile of bodies ten times higher than another: a choice between Gulag versus Goyim say; or between 'fascist' as in Germany, or FASCIST as in the Soviet Union then give me a mere little corporal 'fascist' any day. Though he killed my kind the others murdered ten times as many.

 In the end it does not matter good Lot survived and all the Gay couplings in Sodom perished no matter how much dirty rectal turds they pushed up biologically backwards. They all died, not by the hand of Good Lot but by the right hand of God (Jesus) who after all had created them and had the right idea to smash the evil clay potty pots if they came out wrong. As he was their co-creator- he could do anything he wanted with them; make them believe a lie, harden their hearts, destroy them, judge them, place them forever in torments exactly fitted to their crime. Do good and your reward is great, do evil and your reward is evil to you. It is always like that.

My religion comes from Moses so I am a Hebrew; My religion also comes from Jesus so that I am anointed to tell this as if for my burial. I am prepared by God himself. One cannot do this from oneself. One is chosen. There are many others. Yet you would not often know us. We are as invisible to you. You cannot kill us until the time is ordained by god. Before then we seek each other out. When we come together our people will leave you then there will be much destruction. Receive instruction from us and then the treasures of heaven will be released unto you. Miracles and healing after the message of salvation. The workers of iniquity always get this order wrong. They are too impressed by miracles, thus spoiling the message. Miracles are only restoring that which is normal. It is as if nothing to God. God made us all whole in origin. Nothing could ever be born unholy. All were holy. Then crime came in. We all became criminals. His blood washes clean. The blood of fascists and communists is dirty; it makes every human effort dirty. This is totally unacceptable to the divine Holiness of the Right Hand of the Father. Socialists and liberals are like wishy-washy versions of fascists and communists. They too disgust God. He would rather prefer you were either fascists or Communists as you could then see more quickly the stark criminality of your ways. Liberalism and socialism disguises this from you. It calls good bad and evil the greatest boon to Mankind; God himself sharing his anointing Holy Spirit ineloquent tongues among you. He gives freely to those who deeply believe as I do the many gifts to use in faith. Faith means hear/obey in the Hebrew. Those who hear from God and act upon it in action or speaking (mostly by speaking-,thus the Tongues, much maligned-and openly targeted by Communists are very important- much more so than the modern-post-modern church dare accept) have this faith. Nothing else will do.

Nothing to celebrate here as it further smears the whole concept of marriage further.

Why not marry your dog? Or have sex love-ins with your toilet?

People are doing that, and requesting legal structures to support it.

Bestiality is next and then all hell will break loose into utter chaos.

If 76 gender pronouns are adopted also it will greatly multiply the weaknesses and complications of society. These layers of complex laws and regulations are a first class way into society wide abject poverty as explored by the Peruvian Economist De Sotto on exactly this trend. As if complicating society morally hastened the creation of many more 'compensatory' rules and regulations to create a quantifiable 'lawfulness' to replace simpler moral law of greater quality. This is not a triumph, except for they set on destruction, both of themselves and everyone associated with them. It falsifies several major religions rendering the foundation of human liberty and freedom in religious freedoms much weakened.

What of domestic violence in such 'homes'; since lesbian-feminism is noted for its early life terminations via despair, pointlessness,stresses, drunkeness and its own crude feminist violence. As if compensating for the absent macho element by over acting badly in some freaky sphaghetti and 'perfomative' opera of lesbianality.


None of these things have expressly been 'put to the vote', no Jury would convict anyone questioning these things. All is done in secret, on holidays like this Christmas, like at midnight, like with heavy abstentions and deliberate absences. It is really done in secret.

A weak society does not stand against its enemies. We will seriously regret these decisions.

Trump and Brexit are a reaction to a complete wrap up of these things and being stood against finally.

This Australian result is like that- a minor victory despised by many, feared by some that certainly earns the epithet of draining the swamp.

If a party should come out finally and say or allude to standing against all such things- really free of Treedle-Dum and Tweedled Twee; all is not lost, it more clearly defines what people can eliminate in the future via the vote by removing the parties most closely identified by moral cowardice.

In effect it outlaws religion.

True Judaism- thus in the deepest sense it is anti-semitic.

Islam- thus it is in the deepest sense Islamaphobia; and Islamaphobic.

It is the Anti Christ characteristic forbidden in the ancient writings. Thus it is absolutely anti Christ and anti-christian. Those liberal moderate compromising Islams, Jews and Christians who accept it are heretics respectively in each of their then falsified religions.

In effect these laws outlaw religion. The first foundation of Human freedom. It weakens a regard for the majority-building a natural revolt of the centre. Therefore it cannot last; but, y'know, reveal yourselves- we will know then who to militate against politically in the near future. A wise man keeps away from causing chaos. History can snap back rather alarmingly. So, yes, please put your hand up. Someone can chop it off politically later.

Furthermore it bucks a trend alluded to before. That of reversing these laws worldwide.

At one time only another country and Russia held out against legalising homosexuality. To the deluded this cuts that record in half- so it appears that only the former Soviet Union now stands against homosexuality. However, in the meantime over the very last of these five years or so in several African countries alone those countries have abandoned homosexuality and western same-sex marriage laws. More have annuled these laws than have accepted them in more recent times.

So despite the most recent Australian result the new trend is toward strengthening society by kicking out the politically correct left wing ideas that are suffocating us- as we should perverted, pederastic and pedophilic friendly laws in general. Minority governments need to keep in mind the real needs of the majority of the people and not hide bad laws among some good sounding ones.

It is my intention to start a small group myself- unfortunately it would have to be illegal, underground and anointed. That should keep all undesirables away.

For the law may make us unlawful yet we obey a higher law. That is what makes us civilized. A law based on licencing anal sex is crude and animalistic- like the poor beasts.

Driven underground though we love the light of day. Yet now the children of greatest darkness roam free. Invisible yet visible to they who see the same higher  light.

Anointed because God knows his own. Filled with a light the wicked cannot see. Nor ever shall. Without conversion from one to another there is no saving of two thirds of the whole of humanity. No; God does NOT 'love' everyone. Only the silliest forms of liberal apostasy say that. It is not what the word of God says. Have you read it and thoroughly know its contents; I do, I have read it up to 60 times all the way through.
Acquiring two other university degrees in the process- but not in any religious studies; just regular University Degrees. Match that and I can listen to you.

Our caveat, trouble must come to the Godly yet deep woe and greater trouble to them that bring believers trouble.
The wealth of the wicked, dissipated into drunkenness (for even the wicked cannot live with the results of their own wickedness) and sorrows (for yourselves)- is instead stored up as prosperity for they living right. Be it on your own head Australia. You are doomed. As we all are. Seek the Holy Spirit. The only way of escape in our time of troubles. How like the Weimar republic it all is; more reasons in our time to oppose the usury bankers and now the moral laxity. Welcome, I am sure to a type of madder by far Hitlerian future: all Europe in turmoil once again; just because the left went way too far again beyond their real constituancy; themselves alone. A small clique of idiots and fools. Believing themselves to be wiser than all others they BECAME fools.

Imagine deliberately seeking out foolishness?


The things that we fear; Fascism? Shall come upon us. After all it is only one tenth as deadly as Communism and the Gulag.

Is greater Israel our best hope- surrounding Hebrew tally/token with protective Holy Spirit filled shield until the time of the End of all things? 










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