Two economies one based on money the other on invisible influence; which is more powerful?

And gets the money too?

Masculist Economy

Patrimony-patron-pater/pastor pastoral/ honeyed agriculture- the land substantive- to the sons

something worth fighting for = freedom

= strong society

strong men= strong society=stable-reliable =accopuntable


Matriarchal Economy

strong women = shopping and dissipation of matrimony ie decadence-poufters and destruction Waimar republic

Matress money-=matrimony

Inheritance from men  to wives and daughters. slipshod moralty- apology for crime leads to acceptance ie rioters/anarchist violence cf Machievelli as to treatment and toleration of government within government

ie/eg rioters/ killers on loose gangs/terroruiststrraitors/treason and truly seditious non military discipline lax- solution capital punishment restored and limits to so called 'rights' citizens charter of basic responsibilities/devolution for more intense local controls.

Disipate by granddaughters Medici/art sensualty  drink food chefs more famous than bankers or ministers of government




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