Men's Liberation in Triumphant Freedom.

In respect of men, for men, by men and between men.

A new Masculist freedom and authority for men, in dignity and truth, can be established from out of these pages. How the economic argument completely defeats all feminist thought. How Feminism destroys itself when caught using outright lies manufactured blatantly to pursue destructive aims. How feminism causes unhappiness to most women, almost all men without any real overall gain. And how it also destroys western economies by driving down wages and increasing housing costs.

Men do not read women's magazines generally, nor do they read women's books, women's websites, blogs or watch womens feminist videos or attend women's workshops, retreats or seminars. That is why it has taken men so long to critically examine the ideas, ideology and the political, social and philosophical attitudes of feminism toward men; we thought it was all about women for women, by women; but it is not-it is by a special subset of women; mostly Marxist, Zionist and heavily influenced by the Frankfurt school of social science and population engineering. Mostly today, American (thus reflecting the cultural and social 'affordabilities' of such a wealthy society but probably a complete economic distortion of affairs in any other)How that elite small subset of radical lesbians want women worldwide to think about being female, even if that society literally cannot afford the exquisitely excruciating conundrums of American society while it lasts. My overall thesis is that American feminist lies exist only in a vacuum; they are unchallenged by any other equally funded research by the mens movement or by reliable masculist discussion, discourses, voices and hearings. Feminism is barren- it is shooting blanks.. It is socialist engineering by stealth and by monologed subterfuge; an ideological rant and rave up, the favourite parlour game of the boorish sixties. Feminism has not grown up: it's 'transformations' are like Mao's  forlorn and disgusting 'cultural revolution'(probably the most moronic and useless enterprise in human history before feminism). Feminism is a total red herring distracting us in important ways  from vastly more interesting projects.

Much of feminism has a criminal sexual and economic intent; at the highest level intending to bring down capitalism by corrupting the families through gender wars and stategies geared toward addressing women alone.  Yet men have been picking up feminist attitudes toward them by the truckload. Women quote commonly agreed 'statistics' at them to prove to their menfolk how deeply, truly horrible we really are. Although it is surprising how often they are repeated by women; unexamined and untested by dialogue with men; all their facts are politically motivated and operate in a vacuum; they utterly wilt as truth when examined critically-in nearly every case. Yet from Dr Warren Farrell's ?The Myth of Male Power' and Christina Hoff Somers 'Who  Stole Feminism'; two very important books that will armour you with the ammunition of real facts, we learn how drastically flawed these supposed 'facts of feminism' are and their statistical support is in reality an entire bunch of barely plausible lies.

Feminism claims to represent women. Yet no one voted for them. Feminism possesses remarkable strong views on men and a supposed 'patriarchal plot' conspiracy theory designed to suppress 'women's liberty' and knowledge of some higher form of amazonian goddess religion; an ancient state of prepolitical herstory in pagan times where oestrus ran free and orgasm was a daily and hourly delight. This is emulated best in the lesbian community supported by Uncle Sam and many government laws. It is a libertarian culture dependent on government subsidy and handouts of funding rounds. Feminism otherwise is the politically aware gender consciousness outlining the future cultural, social and cultural roles for women. Yet most women feel dragged along in the wake of radical lesbian man hating into positions that in no way answer to their ultimate deeply heartfelt needs to have families and children and be protected from all the stresses of men's lives. Women's lives lived ordinarily have stresses enough of their own. Women have become like men; suffering the similar stress related earlier deaths of men, their supposed violence, suicide rates and alcholism. Divorce rates have shot up so alarmingly it is not really worth it for men to get married, so how are the true desires of women beyond just sex to be met?  Women are not men. What went wrong so badly? That we ended up where we are today.

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