Methodological challenges in the research on rapists: Most detailed analyses of identified sexual violators have been conducted with either incarcerated sex offenders (Borduin et al., 1990; Hsu & Starzynski, 1990), or charged sexual offenders who are mainly pedophiles (who prey on boys) treated at sexual abuse clinics (Maletzky, 1991). This is hardly a fair or scientific survey for it does not survey everyone; it notably omits half the human race entirely; female sex offenders. No wonder men look so bad. They are the only gender arrested for doing what all are really capable of. Where is the equal funding to examine young women for aggressive drunken behavior leading to legally protected and deniable dangerous sex initiated by them with anonymous unconscious or drunken men? Until such time all authorities can report such equally funded reports then all reports finding men alone as being guilty then none are. The issue of false accusations shows up to 60% percent of young women later withdraw their claim; is it because they realize deeper within themselves that it was their own drunken selves who did the running and cannot live with blaming an innocent victim whom they ‘raped – they decide this livable outcome when they are sober and face that fact themselves.

Identified offenders constitute a very small minority of all sexual aggressors (Koss et al., 1987; Pryor, 1987). Thus the sample group is too small to call. Yet too large via the 'tip of the iceberg fallacy' to be useful except as feminist hysterical propaganda. Incarcerated rapists also tend to be “stranger rapists” random guys called out in a parade in a she said he did/he said he did not case. It does not mean he actually did anything.

These were promptly reported by their victim (the victim left physical evidence too?), who left physical evidence (an innocent man leaves semen also but in a matriarchal world his leaving brought accusation; let all the men go free until all the women who do this are in jail for a similar length of time), since semen can be picked up from a perfectly legal sex act and who were subsequently successfully prosecuted (of course, in a legal world where people are taught in high school and college and University 'all men are 'rapists' and all sex is rape then all men are guilty as charged and rape becomes meaningless a deadly ideological game feeding on its own feeding frenzy; let all the men go now!), convicted, and received prison time twice as long as any woman who had done anything like this; including serious sexual assaults against some men. (Carr and Van Deusen, 2004). Do we then characterise all women by these acts. Then who is being fair to

which gender here? Summary of important points from this section:

Sex offenders comprise an extremely heterogeneous population. (All men are rapists again) There is no typical profile of a rapist, (Me, You, Your Father, your Brother, your nephew; any man at all) but they share some common characteristics. Sex offenders are overwhelmingly male, (well, what-do-you-know! The discovery of the week!) it sure does help to only look in the male direction for that one! -typically have access to consensual sex, and were not sexually or physically abused as children. (Perfectly normal guys; let them out of jail now_ does it not occur to legal minds that women lie, that feminist women lie more and that radical-Marxist-feminists lie even more.) In other words all men, everywhere live in a kind of feminist Gulag concentration camp where the goons, the radical lesbian feminists-can call out any man any time whenever most inconvenient for him, at their convenience and accuse him of anything at all. Talk about Mao T'se Tung’s cultural revolution. Every student with her/his piddling little red book-nothing if not cheap these communist cultural cadres. The eastern playbook of the little purple guards.


Men are more likely to commit sexual violence in communities where sexual violence goes unpunished. Pass that one by me again? There is more where we do not know there is more because we do not arrest, tabulate, record and find them-but there is more there? How can that be? Bigotry is anything if not thick. Did I say that? Feminist bigotry more so, especially if we do not go looking for it-it is a bit like my argument, no? But my intention is that we do go looking for it-with well-funded research. Not all daft bigotry like this. AND ‘go looking for it’ on the female side as well.

If only we dare suspect that the stereotypical view of feminist’s essentialist woman was challenged, questioned and put to the test of full scientific study she would fail. Thus with unbigoted prejudice set aside to look hard at her, at the reality of women today and their vast capacity for evil as great or more than any mans or any of men. So that we stand equally before the court of public order with fair and balanced judgments; that is why I say release all accused 'rapists' now until such time as there as many women also in jail under all categories as men. For vile perjury, for lying slanders and similar feminist methodologies in order to ‘catch them’ in a kind of ideological entrapment. One way we could begin is to invite men to testify to anything in court for the next fifty years, as feminism under no constraint has existed for around that time, and to be utterly believed if it involves a woman, no matter if we even suspect he is lying, or he even tells us he is lying, we will believe the situation entirely in his favour without regard to any consequences at all to any woman even to life in prison or capital punishment, neither shall we care if she threatens suicide or goes ahead and does it. We will be cruel as the feminists, the matriarchs and the female perpetrator of everything the man said she did no matter what. No proofs at all required. Just his thick male voice as music to our ears, innocent as a young virginal boy-despite any criminal record of vast oceans of wrongdoing-his former prison times we shall not stand against his hearsay ‘evidence’: all women everywhere will be convicted having even our babies in jail-so that she doubly labours in times of punishment for being a female and in paying for her very own brat. This will be the highest justice of all. Now it is your turn. Baby.

Meaning by that I urge society to be quick. Evil is evil and wrong is wrong but no greater wrong is there that one man should spend a day more in jail for the same offense just because he is a man. Being a man is no crime. The law is an ass that makes it one. Why would men obey it? That is the real danger.

Social respect and public order break down. We should repair all probable causes or likely causes of this. Sex offenders are experts in rationalizing their behavior. So the better man at defending his rights is all the more guilty? Apply that to women; the more innocent they appear the guiltier they are? Then LONGER should they be in jail. Feminism declares all women innocent and all men guilty; so that means all women should be in jail forever; and all men no matter how guilty, no matter how vile a crime committed must walk free forever from the gaolers grasp.

I think you will make me a Bolshevik next; for that is exactly what they did in Russia in 1917. They made a mass murderer a Supreme Court judge. No I do not mean, archly and indirect, Lenin or Stalin; I mean they actually took a real proven criminal from jail-according to their academic intellectual theory-that all crime is caused by material circumstances and so the most innocent sufferers of circumstances were the most guilty and therefore the more innocent and thus worthy to be judges. Confused? So you should be; this is the stuff leftists believe in. Mad bad and lacking totally in sense. There must be a better way. Not left nor right nor straight down the middle but truly a third or fourth way overcoming all these in sense, prospects, depth and practical reality. Cross-cultural studies of rape identify the following factors as contributors to sexual violence: sex-role socialization, rape myths (if all men do it; all men will do it-thanks to this FEMINIST myth put about and heavily pushed), lack of sanctions for/against abuse-all sides-all ages, male peer group support, pornography-including enabling female written pornography-assume the position! (Means too; take responsibility), adversarial sexual beliefs, lack of empathy (feminism again: women have no feelings), and all-male membership groups such as fraternities and sports teams. Plus to cover bias: all female membership groups-such as lesbian LGBT and other ‘otherness ’sororities.

Arrest Everyone!

Alcohol abuse has been identified as a strong correlate of college rape.

In a study on male sexual coercion, 23% of college men admitted to getting a date drunk or stoned to engage in sexual intercourse. Alcohol can be a disinhibitor and increase sexual impulsivity, as well as lower women’s detection of risk and impair their ability to resist assault.

Intercourse cannot be consensual when the woman is incapacitated due to intoxication. Going the other way. Biology is not destiny. We masculist would like to see all such drinking women below in jail equally as long in similar numbers to men. It is logical, it is fair, it is right. Matriarchy must be overthrown; we see it here. Nothing else will do; all men should be released from jail until such time as there are equal numbers of drunk women in jail (more) as being commensurate with their numbers in gender. No man should honour law that does not command his respect, nor bear witness against any man until such time as this occurs. Women must not be supposed the corny old 'fairer sex' when for all other crimes she commits as much as in ‘unfair ‘guise. For instance we can see easily where female shoplifters are as numerous as men for there is democracy of access in shopping. Move over to another situation where there is NOT democracy of access-as in access to children-then we can expect the frequency of sex crimes to children to rise amoung those who have more access-if we went looking for it. We may well demand the instant, permanent, retrospective dismissal of all state, government or corporate or university officials as discriminatory against men as to suppose the prejudice against men on prior grounds earns them more jail, more often. When with fairer legal definitions women too would suffer right consequences exceptionally similar to those of men for absolutely all types and categories of crime. No man is to be considered more a monster just because he is a man alone. That is bigotry, prejudice and vilest discrimination; no man should obey any law until all laws are fair, balanced and utterly gender neutral; logic alone should prevail. There must be evidence. Uncorrupted evidence. Justice must not be seen as a sly bitch with corrupt eye and disgusting table manners. Let us have equal justice. Let real justice for men be done.

What we have now is the shame and ignorance of the centuries. Let 21st Century Justice be a new one, truer than all centuries before, and expunged of all feckless feminist lies and the framing of 'interpretations' that are willfully biased at the outset by assuming what they then 'discover' especially where they simply do not ask the men, boys, or male children similarly leading or loaded prejudicially framed questions. If we ask men in the right way and interpret using exactly the same Koss like methodology and interpretive regime bent-this time in favour of eliciting the fifty percent of male responses so far entirely overlooked and absent (except by accident) from the data. (It notably only gathers in data that men penetrate other men-and sometimes women rape men and are caught by accident). Black men of course are always caught deliberately. Feminism is nothing if not racist in essence; you cannot hate men and not especially hate black men apparently-from the statistics anyway. From the results we see in US prisons. The feminist data is always dodgy and unreliable when no surveys with equal funding have been done exclusively on boys/men or adults from another gender point of view. Note that most if not all current data interpretation regimes have been set up by women’s advocacy groups or similar feminist advisory panels.



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