Helping the Young accept their own poverty.

How the old oppress the young for delusions of welfare and bottomless pits of support

How ironic;  A woman needs a man like a fish (who smells like one!) needs a bicycle- NOW they are all riding them pretending it is fashionable whereas having drawn down wages by becoming the 'reserve army of the unemployed'- approx. by half. She is riding a bike at near thirty because they cannot afford a car; and if they bought a car they'll have have no house of their own. By competing with men- the ultimate feminist nightmare has arrived she is vastly worse off! Thus nor can they really afford to have kids.
And driving up costs by divorce- doubling the price of houses. The bureaucrats grab it all in the name of 'helping' them - producing nothing of substance; unlike unhindered men who produced heaps of all sorts of useful stuff when working together and well rewarded- without unnecessary and useless ideologically 'correct' employments competing with real jobs. What we are talking about here is the two economies. One useless and government devised. Mostly women indoors and vacuous. The other outdoors, fabulously useful-like plumbing, wires, houses and buildings. The real economy is multiple times more productive than that of government women. Men make things. Women talk and feel things.

A man is four times worse off; and so is she! Oh, thank you feminism! Halcyon days are here again; sow the wind female chauvinists- of the world united. The whirlwind has arrived.

Combining back again; as if they did; then the effect would still have lowered his overall position by half.

No wonder the rich are laughing all the way to the bank. Oldest trick in the book; divide, conquer and split the difference.

why it cannot work now and in the long run and what to do about it.

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