“The best way to take over a people & control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny & almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights & freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” – Adolf Hilter, MEIN KAMPF (My Struggle)

How more like Hitler she is, banning everything.....Stefan Moleneux (by Clone), plastic, oil drilling, texts, videos, Jordan Peterson... etc... a real Hitler loony.Worse than Trump

 Do you know that in 1896 a New Zealand Jury had the power only a Judge now has? We could not only find someone guilty or not we citizens could also tell the court what charge she was guilty of! And, the sentence to be applied. Talk about power to the people-and the ONLY taxes paid were 10% or so on imported items; that's it- no wonder the tax happy Lefties hate Colonial politics so much- it was pure freedom and consequent vigour compared to now. All this revealed in Juluous Vogels "Women 2000AD"

Arderns Freemasonry: Dissembler, Public Relations, Propaganda.

Turncoat of Turncoats. First a Mormon, then a Progressive (Aggressive Youth) World Globalist Communist(UN), Social Democrat (Against Free Speech; Bans People), Bungler in Foreign Relations, Islamist Supreme (Feted throughout the World) the Earth's Favourite plastic and malleable politician; hates men, marriage, unaborted babies, negotiation from strength, the biggest liar in Aotearoa, Producer of Failed policies, cooperator with foreign intelligence services, blind to our own, Traitor to the working people and taxpayers of New Zealand.

Jacinda Ardern COMPLICITY with (2-4) 'red' handlers of shooter as fully revealed in video! Car # FQH875... with police entirely standing back- Jason Bourne type Tredstone Zombie. She has Islamic blood hands deep beyond all sleeves up to her armpits.
Angela Merkel- wears Habib- now the most hated female politician in Both Germany and Europe.

And culpable in other ways as well; she and her Mentor. For feminism conspires to hound men by hounding them out of marriage and away from their families though they are then doomed to pay horrendous taxes as wage slaves while being denied access to their own- creating a vast demographic vacuum of 700,000 aborted babies. How bitterly ironic that she grandstand at funerals of their 50 while directly supporting the slaughtering 700,000 abortees herself! This is monstrous hypocrisy!

These are the days of narcissist celebrities.The same number of migrants were then actually imported during the same period. Coincidence? I think not. Welcome to the hell-hole of consequences and the deepest unwisdom of feminism. It is a death culture papering up its dirty cracks with strangers who are no party to their sin. Then she blames men for it; even the shooter is a sleepwalking zombie for Jewish or Pakistani Intelligence handlers. Up to eight of whom were at the scene. What gives with the two piles of dead bodies being shot up by this guy. Guy indeed. A dupe by any other name. He travels to many middle eastern countries.surely the solution as to his real origins is found there; stop blaming white men; we are fed up with these scurrilous lies from women.
Now infecting politics. Driven by media. And of the media capture of the young; trapping them into perpetual childhood until they wake up. Crash and burn millennial, it is the only way your heroes will grow up!

Some of these fake celebrities have extreme narcissistic pathologies of person. Their hilarious mismatches between statements and achievment are vast and gratifyingly stupid. We are here only to watch the show of their unravelling.

Under4neath always lies the deadlier mass psychology and fake sociology of rabid feminism.
The narcissistic girl who glows politically harder than the others beaming her certainties her criminal personality out at us; while actually ripping us off.
Teethier than all the other charming girls; smiling furiously in desperate gleefulness; as if that assured all of us as to the commensurate certainties of performance. What are the RESULTS of all this dratted smiling manner. It is infuriating after a short time; annoying in the in depth betrayal of all good sense for outright nonsense and non-performing garbage politics.  This, it is wise, works on the personal level too; those cheerily beaming smiler who cheer your loins- do not trust them they are showing hope that dies clinging on memories once they've got your vote, signature, money, possessions  or power. Smile away baby; we do not believe you!

Patricia May-gauche swinging bag gait & demenour- lacks all dignity- Oh boy! Get this gal a book! Pronto- teach her some deportment; bet she cannot dance either, sing properly, or conduct herself humbly at great state occassions- sticks out like a sore thumb; relates directly to her maladroit behaviour with foreign policy too. Viz China- banning plastic; KiwiHomes; currency nosedive and extreme lack of purchasing value via high taxes, hidden taxes and cascading taxes built in (of others) mean clumsy application of  KIWIBUILD policy- it was found you could NOT at all build a house in NZ for less than NZ$800,000 (that is just an ordinary house in some bleak undeveloped new suburb on the cheapest land available) Which shows you in one hit the extreme high prices of everything here. Do not come here its value for your holiday is dismal and extremely costly; most New Zealanders cannot afford to live here. A very shaky economy from several points of view.
I wonder Free Student Study turned out to be just the first year of fees-to get you hooked- on such a larger subsequent debt as to be dishonest marketing spin. The gloss wore off; so a crisis was necessary- so an especially primed- politically preloaded and manageable problem was necessary; Voilla!
making the official view at this point only 65% likely and the false flag version around 45% a worthy contender as to actually being true; or, we'll never really know.
Unless someone with actual ethics spills the beans.
Consider this
If a crime is committed; who benefits- follow the cash
Who has the motivation; a slide in the polls.
Who needs a refocuses for emotional needs to hold the spotlight- the world is ruled by arrogant narcissists who crave attention; hell to those who stop them.

All told from looking at a person who cannot dance; Yep! absolutely.In today's world where illogicality and emotion rule the male recourse is to instinct and response; trust your instinct; this girl is up to no good. Too hungry for bare naked power; banning things indeed.
Psychology of Higher-than-thou self belief... the mass psychology of Narcissistic 'celebrity' selfishness and arrogance.

Other results of race based right/left socialism

 In the arrogant face of the rise of people power 'correcting' massive PC errors.The doubling Down of the New Elite Collective and Theocracy on racist political alliances.

 Anti Western politics the return to poverty policy ruining economy and cultural cohesion.

Request Queens Governor General remove Jacinda Adhern

 Problem similar to Fiji -for-the- Fijians (Despite Indian majority)
Maori questions.
 If Maori abandon alliances wrough over 150 years do Europeans then have any continuing obligations- privileged discount for past greivances.


 Silliness of such blatant grandstanding of emotional and theatrical insincerity- how can we trust them ever again?

 Rally for National Unity Against Enforced Religion
 Separation of  Religion  & State





 Constitutional Crisis in New Zealand

Has NZ joined ISIS?



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Hiding Pedophiles Rewi Alley/ Dover Samuels/Kings tranny to kill them with full power dictatorship?

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