Was Shooter Muslim 'Black FLAG'?

A white flag signifies surrender

A False Flag signifies flying under an enemies colours or that of a neutral country in order to attack an enemy.


A Black flag or dirty flag-wet ops- signifies a Friendly Fire Attack that is not a mistake. It is not a false or friendly fire attack; it flies the flag of a false issue in order to hide a hostile attack on a friend in order to stir things along. (The Sturm Gang did things like blow up their own peoples Ships in order to blame the British so as to speed up access to Israel and create their homeland.) Video reports are very strange of 'someone' holding THAT gun. Question; is it too dangerous top assume that ALL the shots--- of him firing 'into' already dead bodies mounded up into two piles of twenty each...is it him. How did he do it? Or were there more than one fall-guy shoote as we were told in the first accounts; who had the motivation to do this. Question; Are Gym going muscleguys also computer nerds capable of complex texts (for him) and feats of body dead weight mounding....then merely shooting them again? Or did his camera misfire? A halt in streaming-- no he was OUTSIDE shooting at fleeing victims.
If any of this is so how can we explain red clad handlers; is he a Jason Bourne Retarded asset who needed such close monitoring? Then is he truly responsible?


A red Herring is a deflection or false trail- could the manifesto widely available online and doctored into a 'personalized ' form by 4-8 red clad  Tarrants handlers have been left as a plant to put people of. Just speculating as he is also said to LOVE Pakistan in particular.


Mothers often hide things distasteful to themselves for fear of bringing shame upon their families. Was Tarrants Father a Serbian Muslim who had an Aussiefied name?


If you are a White nationalist you travel to Gernmany or America to meet up with gun nuts and survivalists.Why travel to Bulgaria, Montenegro

Serbian born Muslim travels to Turkey, East Israel (Arab Territory) Pakistan, and North Korea (expert brainwashing country) now known to us  Brenton Tarrant, 28, from Grafton, Australia.

In the background the truly motivated Pakistani Government with heavy morale losses in Battle needed a gigantic world beating distraction to take everyones eyes off their losing their end of the Indo-Pakistan war now escalating almost daily across the Pakistan border. Was New Zealand Shooting that distraction- asking-in effect, indirectly for a Muslim Jihad in order for Pakistan citizens and the Islamic world to take their mind off the war failures of the Militant Islamic Army.


Why then, otherwise the blaming of Israel which has nothing at all to gain by this incident.


DW News
Published on 26 Feb 2019
Dissent This
India says it has destroyed a militant camp in the Pakistani side of Kashmir in an overnight airstrike across the ceasefire border known as the Line of Control. Indian media is reporting 200 casualties. In the raid on the all eged camp in Balakot, Pakistan acknowledged that Indian military aircraft had violated its airspace, but denied reports of casualties. The strike comes amidst heightened tension between the nuclear-armed neighbors after a militant attack killed 40 Indian troops in the disputed region of Kashmir earlier this month.
The Indian foreign secretary accused Pakistan of failing to take concrete action to dismantle camps that arm and train hundreds of jihadis on its soil. He said Delhi acted on "credible intelligence" that Pakistan-based militants were plotting further suicide attacks across India.

after prior militant suicide attack that killed 40 India soldiers
BBC News
Published on 26 Feb 2019
Dissent This
India says it launched air strikes against Kashmiri militants in Pakistani territory after a suicide bombing earlier this month that killed 46 Indian soldiers.

A top Indian minister said strikes targeted a training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group in Balakot.
200 militants killed-one fourth of suicide unit

Pakistan said it scrambled fighter planes in response.

The move represents an escalation of hostilities between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

It is the first air strike launched across the line of control - the border that divides India-administered Kashmir from Pakistan-administered Kashmir - since a war between the two countries in 1971.

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