The Male Gaze



Why do sexually straight hetero-normative men devote some headspace checking out women's breasts? Scientists have often explained the male's natural breast interest as part of our breeding strategy, but now, a neuroscientist has discovered an explanation that he says “just makes a lot more sense.”

Dr. Larry Young, a full professor of psychiatry at Emory University studies the neurological basis of complex social behaviors, postulates human evolution has enrolled an ancient neural circuit that firstly evolved to increase the mother-infant bond while breast-feeding, and now uses this brain circuitry to strengthen bonds between sexually active couples also. The outcome? The male gender love breasts using the same neural networks. In romantic and erotic love, just as intimacy for babies: cuddling, stroking and caress predominate. One cannot get enough mutually satisfying stroking, petting, embracing, holding or massage. It is a standalone phenomenon. This is much the same as with affectionately handling pets, other children; we kiss dogs, cats, children, wives, cousins and so on it is a perfectly natural human response to the affectionate needs of another. It draws us closer and is universally considered sweet, charming and highly desirable. Now we know it is also an evolutionary strategy looking for the best milk supply for our children. Thus it is completely innocent and highly practical.

Before we touch we admire, if admiration is accepted we intuitively reach out to touch, hold or brush by in some suitable occasion as soon as suitable; these complex messages and their reception we call empathy. It is a main component of love, affection, seduction, flirtation, courtship and roman It ought to be encouraged as freely as possible to enhance and increase the integrity, numbers and power of one’s own sovereign tribe, group or ethnic tongue; it is the most desirable social gift of all. The gift of touch, charity extended first in invitational moments by gaze and sight, eyes given and held, sight glanced and returned to generate that family of semiotic signs we call community.

O, how I love thee, say my eyes. How I long to touch you. To intercede on your best interests and raise our milky tribe together.

When a woman’s nipples are stimulated during breast-feeding, the neurochemical oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love drug,” floods her brain, helping to focus her attention and affection on her baby. But research over the past few years has shown that in humans, this circuitry isn’t alone reserved for exclusive use by infants at all; it come built in for both purposes. Intimacy routines from evolution, nature or nurture create intimacy conditions for all required situations.

Recent studies have found that nipple stimulation enhances sexual arousal in the great majority of women, and it activates the same brain areas as vaginal and clitoral stimulation. When a sexual partner touches, massages or nibbles a woman’s breasts, Young said, this triggers the release of oxytocin in the woman’s brain, just like what happens when a baby nurses. But in this context, the oxytocin focuses the woman’s attention on her sexual partner, strengthening her desire to bond with this person. The male also is stimulated by initiating touch of the nipples. It is a vital area of interest for both partners.

Your breasts are my delight; they are like honey, like pomegranates on the vine. Says Solomon’s love song to one of his many lovers.

In other words, according to the study, men can make themselves more desirable by stimulating a woman’s breasts during foreplay and sex. Evolution has, in a sense, made men want to do this. But if women do this it is artificial both socially and biologically-there is no payoff for nature in bonding a love that does not continue the cycle; it breeds itself out. A barren bond is pointless. Thus this self-rejecting behaviour creates tension internally in non-biological bondings where there is no reproductive aim. Can this be the stress that causes so much angst, drinking, violence and breakup within feminist and lesbian circles? A stress that sees short lives lived spasmodically on huge swings of emotion, excitement and betrayal. It is not a desirable lifestyle biologically; it is a dead end.

Every radical-feminist woman is a barren orphan mourning a lost future, so desperately looking for societal company to die with her. One cannot command love to exist in the empty womb of absence. Continued violations leads to an inner sense of bio-betrayal that plays out in difficult aggressive and violent drunken lives, we are born to breed. Love is scientifically part and parcel of that strategy. Anything contrary is counter indicative, both culturally in the mass of proletarian culture particularly, and politically when the lowered birth rate lowers demand and thus diminishes job openings. Your 'choice', job openings or 'leg' openings.

We have come a long way haven't we; now it is time to learn the real overall costs of the birds and the bees.


Sex is reproduction. Reproduction means babies. Baby means more production; food, blankets, booties, cots, rusks, doctors, nurses, cars, rooms, beds and so on which means more work and more jobs. Failure to do that in some feminist dystopia (like we have now) means far less of all of those things; tax receipts down, fewer government jobs, fewer real 'productive' jobs and more factory closures and a severely retrenching economy. Such that emergency measures are sought politically. And people to blame. Pity the poor immigrant it is not his fault.

The resulting poor job and economy conditions means firms only offer low wages too low for the normal worker so it is given to the more desperate. Thus are the new lower class right wing parties emerging? People aren't stupid; but intellectuals are massively blind. They are blaming the wrong group; immigrants are just responding to new conditions, but the conditions themselves are created by radical Marxist-feminist theorists, activists and politicians.

Do we really think workers care two hoots about gays and lesbians? Feminists and white female elite privileges? Not a bit of it. This is not 'reactionary' or some other imagined bogeyman idea; the working class man is directly responding in a realistic way to the impossible situation mad critical theorists, control freaks and other murdering Stalinists have placed him into. I applaud his overdue response; just not his target. Feminism is the evil; we all face. Immigration is a symptom of his troubles, not its main cause, though aspects no doubt cause him grief. Feminism has been destroying us all along by stealth; it is deliberate, seditious treachery by ones so culturally close to us.

Feminism is the real target of this book. Feminism is a complete distortion of all livable reality; in the name of love we must remove it from ourselves. Feminism must no longer be found amoung us. It must be banished from our thoughts as we do the sight of a dead dog. The reasons for which you will see unfold toward the end of this book; so stick with it. These expressions are not extreme when you see the extreme situation into which feminism has placed western men.

Caressing ones lovely lover with our eyes is not obscene. If the 'male gaze' is too strong for her then where is her strong women image; beaten by our gazes? Our glances do they crucify you. Then die on the cross for us our gentler living dildo is no-able; hers cannot say yes or no. Her mechanical love is tiresome. Try the real thing. You then too have proven empathy, without it none. Pornographic rape is in the mind of the dally dildo. Inconsequential dance of dalliance. In dildos dance all are wallflowers. None participate for none are there; the real responds the fake not. A machinery of existence. Where is the anticipation there? Automatic YES for anticipation. There is none there where it is always. Like an overstaying guest who cannot tell you she is bored.

Men have always desired women for the personal continuation of the species and for their identity group in particular-whatever that particular group may be. What is the identity group of feminism; what is its notion of economic responsibility or even feasibility?

What is the gaze of feminists to rest upon; if lesbian do they not also in their pornography and so on gaze upon the beauty idealized as femme women; Is not their pornography exactly of that beach bimbo beauty kind of Playboy. The recently straight women called 'femme'. But what happens over time as that femme becomes corrupted. She moves more toward the butch mode.

But who likes the ugly butch. Do all femmes become butch over time; mourn then your lost beauty.

You have become uglier over time. No wonder you drink to excess. The whole world hates you. You have only succeeded in making us afraid to say so. Thus it must needs be said for your own good. You must hear this. Even if you do not like to. It will save you from yourselves. The consequences of a self serving pleading. The survival of the human race depends upon it. Only God now could stomach you in mercies. Turn therefore to god-there is no other; the balm of God awaits. New virginity, beauty restored and the 'beauty of holiness' given freely to you. The most beautiful woman I ever saw was once a praying prostitute.

Do a Google a search for 'lesbian porn' or for feminist porn, eroticism or sex imagery. It is all uniformly exactly quite like Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, and all the others, particularly of the pictorial kind. There is no difference whatsoever. And of course realizing this one need have no need to go to a specifically Lesbian image pornography site as it in turn is exactly like the men’s ones they berate-because they are designed for men. Thus, once again feminists have it both ways; kick the men-and still do exactly as they see the men doing and mimic them precisely. Only outwardly though: never seriously venturing to find out what you are missing. Having femme/butch sex like fast food. No courtship needed, like mock cream, phony and undesirable once you have the real thing.

Feminists miss all the richer dimensions of Men’s gender and sexuality. Yet do copy men overtly and covertly because you can nominate the very website she goes to as for the forbidding 'male gaze'. But the emptiness of their doing it without its primary function is so deeply stressing inwardly that they often die far earlier than the men. She cannot give the babies those milky breasts yearn for; frustratingly, her own included. Frustration is built into the entire depressing lesbian lifestyle. So in the long/short run Lesbian 'marriages', overall, must last for less time through mortality than conventional heterosexual marriage; that emmiserating fact dooms the gay project totally. It is not even gay, or happy– a dismal prospect of inertia repeated forever. Ultimately boring in the long term. It cannot reproduce itself. It is a dead end. Decadence is dead, long live engendering hetero gender sex. It is different. We last in every sense. We have a point; to continue the generations. Nowhere more pressing is to press the nurture argument familiar to Marxist theory. Nature is against them; biology is against them. With nurture however, they come right. Especially ideologically. Let Reason Prevail. Logic engenders good sensible results. Longer term is better.

Man’s natural attraction to breasts “is a brain organization effect that occurs in straight males when they go through puberty,” (Young). “Evolution has selected for this brain organization in men that makes them attracted to the breasts in a sexual context, because the outcome is that it activates the female bonding circuit, making women feel more bonded with him. It’s a behavior that males have evolved in order to stimulate the female’s maternal bonding circuitry.” (Young)


Feminists might make 'males have evolved' sound anything less than natural. As if men had congregated in smoke filled rooms and plotted to evolve this breast focused activity. Men love breasts because of biology. It is entirely natural. Women love mounting men. So just get over it. Peering at pictures of naked women is not a sin. Onanism was a sin of wasting seed. Of denying seed to his dead brothers wife. It is a sin of attitude toward population. Men make fresh seed every day; throughout the day. This is our advantage. Breasts feed our future children. The inheritors of our production. Reproduction serves production. Equally, production serves reproduction.

Women’s wombs are filled with time stamped eggs. Womb eggs age. The clock is ticking for the female. She must mate. To have children she must mate soon. She must at least consider every man who comes along.

A dildo is entirely artificial (probably manufactured by a businessman) it answers to no natural signal it is always priapic; always ready to rape. It cannot respond downwards to a thousand subtle negative signs and signal nuance, it cannot become impotent as the ultimate rejection of women. Therefore all situations are yes only; it must rape to be ‘raped; to have its signals overidden by will.


Hitler’s triumph of will over right desire-the Nazi dildo is fascist-in the bedroom or couch-the fascist tool. The triumph of the wilful dildo over the sweet femme de la résistance. The violation occurs. Every dildo is a rapist. The strap-on rape. Bottle rape. All feminist sex is rape. rape of her kind. In every possible political sense. rape of the man by legalistic assent; this is not love, this is not free love. This is costly love; for it enervates pleasure and makes of it a habit not a surprise. This is love in the fumbled prison of the feminist matriarchy. All sex with a feminist is rape; hers, of you. Hers of herself, the great masturbator of political ideology.

The ‘real’ rape of the future; there is no future inside her. Her heart is a cold prison, colder by far than Siberia. Her own rapes give rise to destruction. Her sex engenders death. Population suffers cold losses as if in a war. The absences of murder. Her babies cry out from the ground; all your living children are orphans. Murder has torn them accessory from you. The ditched hitch is in the bitch. Death has claimed her desire.

She will live not long. A broken heart aches for years before, finally, the grave claims it’s token of pornographic whores and murderers. Life has died. The dead love baby, more alive than living she. Its spirit cries out living revenge from a million coffins. Boy’s corpses roped together in agony with one mind.

Our mothers have died within us, we are more pregnant than they with agony. A pain worth more than death for we never saw bright pink life with our smaller eyes but behind the skin of our betrayer!



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