For Thousands of Years Societies Banned Homosexuality: Were They right After All?


The term Perpetrator has dire consequences and meaning. The term  pedophile has dire consequences toward men almost exclusively.  Yet this effect could be entirely erroneous. As we shall see.
Men in prison for molesting children are separated from other people who would kill them in prison. Why is this vast animosity projected entirely toward men? Surely some women do this too?  Very few women are ever placed in jail for this crime. Male culture actually protects them. See Dr Warren Farrells book 'The Myth of Male Power" to see why. This is true although women as babysitters, sisters, cousins, aunts and so on have even now the most overwhelming level of access to children.
 But somehow these females are never queried socially, politically or ideologically in any way on this. Is this the 'sugar and spice syndrome' on overdrive? At any normal level of logic anyone can see that obviously women can do this too; can and must- even if only as a granted statisticall 'possibility',- yet nothing is done about this. All the fiery hatred is blamed on men almost exclusively. As to all or any forms of abuses of children. Why is this if not outright bigotted models of examination. Gay men too invariably get a free pass over this issue and this despite open advocacy of the man-boy love organisation. Certainly not a masculist organization.Often in fact recognized by the gay movement. As the mechanism of child molestation is how new victims for homosexual abuse are created. No one is born homosexual. They are molested into it. The association of pederasty with homosexuality is an almost totally smoothe mesh. Gays abuse the young. This is exactly how they 'reproduce'. It is not biological nor a 'social construct' it is artificially constructed entirely within the gay movement. In this false fire of molestation. It is one giant Stockholm syndrome whereby the subjugated boy or girl abjectly retains for life the imprinting of the early molestation. (cf Konrad Lorenz) This can be cured. The psychiatric profession has abdicated, as the Entire New Zealand Medical association- many years before did over abortion.
Yet the sexual orientation of these men is never defined. This lack of a definition is apparently socially deliberate. In general in schools and in  journalism schools the media are taught by propaganda tutors who are only informed intellectually by background training in the Frankfurt school of social understanding. This left wing understanding allies itself with progressive women called feminists; so female journalists and male journalists combined colour and flavour the narrative in their industry. Subsequently across society. This overarching left-wing point of view has acted as a conspiracy against the good name of men in general. Scissor action 'sisterhood' feminism is now its stalking horse. The left wing seeing feminism now as this talking stand in trope for leftism itself. Instead of revolution, revolution by stealth is the order of the day, it is an alliance with feminism in order to create the conditions of revolution. This is in no way good governance. Revolution is Revolt. Revolution is cultural collapse. Revolution is cultural destruction. Frankfurt school left-wing intellectuals and academics see feminism as the vehicle of Destruction. They see that this would bring about the much-promised collapse and it is doing so everyone is an angry how to handle feminist extra costs the confusing waste of time the legal battles the nudging out of society mean of Excellence frustrating men taking up means headspace of time taking up the assault taking up the consideration taking up the consciousness flooding their consciousness with confusing feminisms
So it is then that the biggest slur is made against men in by implication. By implicit propaganda. Not by direct statement. Subtle and nuanced. So that society and men are confused. How to tackle this.  
The term pedophile today without clear association and identification appears to suggest without saying so that all men are capable of this. The fact is it most of its victims are boys. Therefore, the perpetrators are gay. That the society of man-boy love is within the quarters of the gay movement is quite clear. No masculist has anything to do with this. The gay movement has everything to do with that. 
That is just for starters. For the greatest perpetrators and victims are just over or under the age of 11 in all cases of rape in the United States. Unlawful sexual connection. Statutory rape. Under the age of 11. And most perpetrated against such ages both boys and girls are not much older. This is the can of worms. This is the real can of worms; who has the greatest access to children but other children. Therefore it easily follows that this group are its greatest perpetrators. Bullying is but one outer aspect of this. Bullying is a form of public humiliation and cannot be so seen in private or more closely controlled situations.
Teachers too are another logically suspect group. Then women as a whole and large state agencies who deal with children. Hospitals also where there are a vast sea of opportunities to abuse elderly patients and other patients  for sexual reasons while sick and vulnerable. Men are the group least to be expected. Feminists resent therefore the influence of men for men might see straight away what they are doing themselves in the area of lesbian/feminist molestation of girls for pleasure and boys for the meanest of brutal power abuses and molestation. Imagine the thousands of little boys being molested physically/sexually right now by lesbian pederasts (Of whom, like Queen Victoria, we are to 'suppose') they could not so possibly exist to 'do it'. Neither are they- if we are not looking.
The solution in the event is obvious. The complete de-sexualisation of society. No one who says this could possibly have, or have ever had; nor could possibly have now; any ongoing continued interest in this- and say that. Sex is sex; it is how we got here. Hetero-sexuality is that sex; who is anyone to say it is malfunctioning. That is absurd. Whatever the originating sexuality does to survive is biologically normal. It is the measure by which all other sexualities- if they exist- are themselves to be measured by. Normal is the Norm. All else is secondary. For thousands of years this is mostly a private, personal and intimate matter; only a few violently outrageous rulers flaunted their perversion publically. Now everyone flamboyantly exposes themselves
Who has the greatest access to children, all crime involves opportunity. All crime involves opportunity advantage motors in the ability to carry it out. Give enough opportunity and crimes will be created out of nothing special where power is given. In the past to create zones of untouchability is dangerous. Catholic priests took their opportunities and now pay for it while homosexual perverts openly flaunt their vile proclivities regarding children to the unbelievably vast endangerments of society- and until now have appeared able to get away with it. It is a necessary part of alpha masculist understanding to punish homosexuality, and to bring back capital punishment for it. We are fed up with the double talk of Judith Butler and other word warping queers. Any presumption of paragons of Virtue is dangerous. This category paragons of virtue exists today. Paragons of Virtue today the untouchable ones are in the gay movement the LGBT Mafia. And when we are forced to touch them because of the children we rename them and cost of
Any presumption of paragons of Virtue is dangerous. This category paragons of virtue exists today. Paragons of Virtue today the untouchable ones are in the gay movement the LGBT Mafia. And when we are forced to touch them because of the children we rename them and cost of generalised they flew out upon the poison heads of all men. Like a poison gas attack. Yet clearly identifiable gay men have done it, homosexual men who prefer little boys. Real Men Real fathers denied access to their son because of the suspicion of it but gay men who openly and proudly advertising are allowed to go unmolested by Society, it is imperative we start arresting these molesters of little children. Homosexual perversions must stop. 
If we look at the world of women as well as to the world of children we would find enormous numbers of sexual abuse, violent abuse, verbal abuse, social abuse, neglect and cruel subjugation slavery and other homicidal acts it will be found in huge number huge undiscovered numbers by women. Of all the forms of homicide and murder the murder by mother's of the children is the most disgusting of all. It is the complete the betrayal of trust. Do not let women get off. Equality demands it. Are women too the untouchable ones  like catholic priests; now infamous as hidden pederasts.
Men must never rest until there are as many women in prison for all shades of criminal offence for as long as men, now!  As are the numbers now currently in prison of men and that proportion should be maintained forever on into the future. and all men who number that number equal time for equal crime should be released. the men should be released until such time as there are equal numbers of women in exactly the me types of prison. Women's prisons in the UK for instance a better built more modern and have a great and number of swimming pools than in proportion for the men for the means presence the means prisons are old and the very very few ones have swimming pool or gymnasium but the women's prisons have gymnasiums exercise rooms baby feeding rooms lounges all the mod cons airconditioning very warm lots of TV it's like a hotel that the men's presents and places of penalty punishment and treated long length of time this must change. Weekly round the other way. Young Justice is completely around the other way. It is mean you are being suppressed in the matriarchy. It is men who are subjugated and oppressed by the evil feminist regime. 
It is the women who do more Sex Crime and  more violent physically abusive crime against children than men. We must look at it closely for the protection of children. Men must be released from prison who are falsely accused (later on in this book elsewhere in this book you will see that 60% of men are falsely accused of rape they are have been unsuccessfully falsely accused of rape) how about then the successful falsely accused of rape.  I suggest that 60% of men in prison for rape. Men in prison for rape are only successfully falsely accused of rape and they are probably innocent. Domain has no previous convictions for a fifth of violence result of any other less a kind greater kind then he is probably innocent of rate why would a man suddenly with no record step out of the shadows and commit a crime without any for taste in his previous life as a used as a young adult or the young man. It is hot. SP should I be released if there is no previous record and the account of the rape depends on no evidence but a he said she said case I think the Parole Board and the Prisoner authorities and the government and the Justice Department and the courts and the police should what that means record entirely and completely clear and he should be compensated she should seriously face the possibility of perjury charges serious serious perjury charges so minimum 4 years and present 24 and in a prison a woman's prison built like a man's what was exactly the same facilities no more no less if it requires degrading the women's prisons are putting long-term prisoners in the and shifting them across to women's prisons go for it this is the way to go to restore the dignity of men

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