Culture elsewhere is everything worth preserving. We die, culture lives on. Culture is art, theatre ballet, music, opera and also science technology, methods, ideas, patents, copyrights, concepts, poems, songs, cuisine, sexual behaviors that preserves the desired genes in a stable social and political way. Culture is also methods of moral behavior, modes of warfare and systems of government and education.

Rape Industry

Rape has never been a deliberate part of culture, no culture that cultivates rape or false rape accusations and its associated ideologies, the ideas that even make such a thing possible can survive its own twisted herstory; matriarchy is an end game. The rape industry that actually suits (for funding mainly; rule number one-follow the money-who finances this?) feminism the more there are reported/accused/tabulated/estimated/tip-of-the-iceberged/guestimated/surveyed/criminalized/biased toward/etc. etcetera and so on the more funding and institutional respectability they gain-it is all politics, for that reason ultimately-alone. Not for power, for power is a bitch-it has to be shared-the hysterical crisis has to be cranked up even more for other more driven reasons-more like a Ponzi scam-until the entire edifice is so absurdly overstretched and ridiculous that no one wants to hear about it anymore. Feminists are liars. On all issues. They do not care for rape victims at all. I am calling them on that. They care for more rape accusations. That is entirely feminisms motivation. MORE ‘RAPE’ ACCUSATIONS.

Feminism is a blame industry run to produce more pointless guilt by the hour than any capitalist business ever produced widgets.



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