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Answering Overpopulation Myths

Overpopulation? You say? Is that a problem? Or does it license our hook up sexual lifestyle that leads to the too easily accused situation that is modern rape statistics. Like seven billion persons standing shoulder to shoulder in a medium sized county in Florida? How about a future 15 Billion standing all packed in shoulder to shoulder; standing in one of the largest counties in Florida; with several other large counties in Florida empty around them, plus all the medium sized ones and all the small counties in Florida too. All empty in Florida except for one of the largest counties.. And all the rest of Texas, California and Montana etc.-all of it empty of any human life whatever. The entire United States empty apart from one large county in Florida which is as crowded as, but highly significant and symbolic. Canada empty too, and South America, that’s empty. The Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Russia, China Empty, India and all of Africa and Asia. All just so bleak and empty. Is the world really overcrowded, or just one large county in Florida? .Now move to the largest county in Florida crowded with up to twenty Billions of Humans. Now we are in the year 2050 or so and we have scores of large, medium and small counties in Florida to Go. So is the world really overcrowded? Obviously not. We have heaps of room to move. We make arable land. We have a right to be here. We obviously do not actually dominate the planet; we are thousands and thousands of years away from doing that. There is plenty of room for all the plants and animals to live with us in harmony.

What lie is that with all the rest of the world empty. So really it is an argument about a supposed ‘shortage’ of arable land. Malthus was entirely wrong theoretically: he postulated that human growth would outrun food growth. Yet food, all food, red-meat, fish, seafood, biomass, dairy, sheep, or green vegetables or fruit is grown biologically on the same seed and egg basis as is humanity. Therefore there is no theoretical difference whatever; they both grow on a moderated geometric potentiating basis; moderated by natural death and attrition. Food grows by seed and egg (when one considers the seed in green food to be the actual seed, and the womb-egg to be the soil.)

So where does arable land come from: pray tell me I really want to know. It comes from out of our bums.

Each person shits out more than enough tonnage of night soil; properly utilized, over their lifetime to cater for more than enough arable land to support themselves and many others. Shitting is something we cannot help doing. The same goes for skin scurf, sweat, tears, sex fluids, other liquids (i.e. piss) and other waste products of the human body. Mixed with, hay, stubble, dust, clay, paper, food scraps, corpses, and other wastes huge quantities of arable land can be created. Physical calculations to come. Feminism coopts and rapes our collective conscience about these things. On the one hand a seductive entrapment, a promise of intercourse freely available; on the other freedom for women to accuse you up to twenty or more years later whenever she feels like it. And for her to be believed and you not. Easy money that rapes, a mans will, and his pocket. How can man be free when women can act extra legally, illegally and illegitimately to enslave us. Feminism rapes men.

Raping the Male Economy

The Marxist-feminist ideology has worked upon us to our total biological loss. People have deliberately organized an eradication of our cultural group and ethnic pride. While visibly retaining exactly what is condemned in others for their home state of Zionist hegemony and sovereign rulership over the world order. This New World Order has the ambition to dominate materialistically and matrilineally from out of a Communist/Capitalist female dominance or matrilineal system based geographically at the centre of a boss in a wheel where Europe, Asia and Africa roll along according to their collective central will and Matriarchal ideology. It is time to ditch this malign miserable and parasitical ideology; it engenders nothing. Feminist-fascism is barren. A matrimonial apparatus we must divorce ourselves from.

Marxist Feminism is practicing its own brand of ethnic cleansing in slow demographic notions, hoping we do not notice; from out of the Frankfurt school of politically correct ideology, academic hegemony and intellectual consciousness. Young men, in despair at the role, yes, the role, that intellectual feminism assigns them: mute and agreeable sex subjects, are marked down by women teachers as shown in many research results and papers, undercutting what residual dignity they have to the frequent point of suicide. Yes, feminism is LITERALLY KILLING our young men. Both as grown men and human beings. Feminism murders all life not just that of babies. It is our intent to restore our world and the best political environment for sustaining European culture: we must do demographically what other indigenous peoples have themselves the right to do: BREED, in order to prosper and grow culturally and economically.

Lifetime Earnings Raped

This loss arises from the loss of the ‘lifetime earnings’ from the economic activity of the 400,000 aborted in New Zealand alone: almost ten percent of any western country. Feminism rapes the womb. Had they lived their lifetime earnings would have sustained our economy at the then current level until now, with every likelihood of continuing. These are not people we could not ever have had, these are living humans we could have had and did not. This is their true fate worse than death. The demographic suicide of a ‘raped people. Truth is ‘raped by feminism. This is the rape of statistical genocide.

Lifetime earnings on average are 3 to 4 million each over a forty or fifty year working life. Plus these earnings are in the cause of much more value in terms of goods produced in New Zealand since no one pays someone 40k just to produce 40k worth of goods: as there is no point in that, as there is no increase. Thus feminism rapes every economy. So people are paid somewhat less than the total value of what they produce. That increase is relative to the extra costs and risks involved (something Karl Marx never accounts for). So the $2.3 Trillion in NZ alone is somewhat much more than that: maybe five times that; say, $10.15 Trillion dollars over the next fifty years. Now do you see how the loan of a mere .035 Trillion (35 Billion) that Mr. Key bought his way into office with at the hands of the big hidden banksters, who-really-run-the-world, goes nowhere near being able to supplement or replace that massive loss. Furthermore when other population depredations are added in, like contraceived losses or absences: that massive figure is ten times greater still. At a loss of $101.5 Trillion dollars in NZ alone over the next fifty years. In other words we have halved our potential income from general economic activity over the next fifty years, by means of our lustful lifestyles, hardly a wise option to go on with. New Zealand was always known as the ‘easy’ country: where our women folk opened their legs too readily: masculists will necessarily have to act in closing them. Only reproductive lifestyles will return us to economic viability. Anything else is cultural, economic and race suicide. Do not leave your brains at the door, reject murder as a way of life, it cannot bring life but only death. Such desperation amoung men of sense may grow so that violent coups, putsches, right wing revolutions may occur. These are desperate times. Men are fed up with the lies and the death bringing consciousness of Feminism. Surgical operations incise the gangrene of such death: in order to save the whole. This is my political prophecy and legacy.

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