Military Argument.

 I just made a comment on Indian military web site.
The comment was about female jet fighter pilots.
I was discussing this in the face of their recent attack on Pakistan.
My concern was for their historical necessity to begin some such process like this at some time in preparation what is bound to be a historical stoush and competition with China.

In the light of long the long recent modern history of saving France and Germany back and forth, back and forth Anglo-French war First World War Second World War and the Franco-Prussian War of the late 1800s.
We can see that something will be repeated on the Asian Continent landmass between China and India. They have already had a short walk in the Himalayas in 1963. A short war in which China nominally won by the pullback of Indian troops over some disputed border area.

This is something that any's military long-term strategist or tactician can see is a historical necessity unfolding. In India cannot afford this war with the right flank and the left flank governed by hostile or semi hostile force represented prospectively by Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bangladesh is largely flat and its military fairly weak and with its government's not so militant pro-Islamist front it could be easily neutralised in the case of a land war. Bangladesh could conceivably be easily occupied and controlled by India. However, on its Kashmiri front's overall relations with Pakistan, there are increasing levels of hostility between the two powers. It is in the context of that extreme likelihood that is made my remarks regarding female fighter pilots in the Indian military.

Gender Equation?

Needed consideration of what I call the gender equation.

The gendered equation in brief outlines the very real differences between men and women. Basically, it is this…

Women have a lifetime supply 300 eggs. That is roughly all they have hidden away in their menstruating wombs.

Men have millions of seeds, freshly supplied every day, so that men need to spread their legs in natural circumstances, wherever he decides in order to keep the gonads cool. It is important to keep seed at the right temperature. This of course is entirely up to the decision of the man himself how hot he feels himself to be. So we cannot really legislate against a Mans feel or sensed of how cool or hot he needs to be. It is entirely a personal political matter it as it is his body for himself alone in regard to such intimate things. We have no right to add another issue as it is his public health issue alone. That he has no need for permission to keep that seed cool and it is to the reduction of the quality that seed overall he keeps his knees tight like a female or it his seed hot. So it is also a public health issue for men the population health for the future economic growth, health basically of the seed it is his body himself and it is for no other person to say how that is to be any time or any place religion of the political system to tell him what to do with his balls, that would be an unclean and obscenely unjust and discriminatory legal court to try to do so. A dirty handed law indeed... 


 None of this above is what I really wish to say.
For it is the wider issue out of the 300 eggs and the millions of daily seed the man has, in contrast; drawing out their respective implications expressly that I wish to talk about. This is the existential implications down at that base level of our humanity – of how gendered humanity is biological-and how we build outward from there.
For now to consider even if you believe that global warming will inundate this world, this still remains an unclear possibility a long time away where adaptation and our own migration elsewhere- I favour back to the middle east around Lebanon to Jordan and the wild north corners of Saudi Arabia- and even issues such as large-scale earthquake since an army famine political crises migration say such as we saw with the division India into Hindu and Muslim nations. And that last one there was not that long ago though is not in consideration of recent events that prompts the last example. Any nation shattering disaster like war, widespread fires widespread earthquakes localise within the nation combination tsunamis and earthquakes and war say within a nation say.
At least we are considering this in an abstract sense as a totality in some location. And here the location is not so much a board did nation bordered, but people a ton a culture and Ethnos; any self identifying group, any group that feels it to be a group no matter what that group clusters around begets religion or clothing or language or method of farming or eating of food or whatever it is. People cluster and identify in groups of various kinds calling them race or Ethnos culture war are people all of a civilisation. This is merely in consideration of any particular threat, or any non-specific particular threat that happens to fall upon them. What is the ultimate strategy of survival given the threat to that survival? I cannot list all the examples that these might be. Inundation, or invasion, does it really matter? By fire, nuclear bomb, or war or passive persisted consistent unstoppable immigration, or by political decisions made far away division ones country. This what travails must occur on the trek away from the danger stop

So there we have a threat is impending of some kind.
How do we cope with the threat?
Well, given the gendered personhood that does 99.99% of the time does divide us off to 2 to separate genders. Just to. No more. Male and female. Those with the 300 eggs. Be they baby girl, young woman or fertile adult female

 AND, those without, yet having fresh seed in the millions every day.
Fresh.  Every single day; from 12/13 to 75/85 years of age.


we men can see that should some ultimate threat occur, be it war, famine, escape, slavery, terror, or so on including inundation, massive earthquakes, floods, big storms, natural disaster and so on; the tribe or group; any people group, could be saved by the men paying the ultimate sacrifices in order to stem, aid or halt these losses from occuring.
All we need are some of the technically knowledgeable men, the wisest of men and so on. To go with the women. Including one or a few fit brave men to escape with the women and children to help their escape. While most all of the other men go off,  perhaps to perish as heroes bravely (that why we honour men and hold the highest standards of courage for them.)

 For men have to die bravely, so that the eggs continue in safety. Thus, medals and rewards for men. Your husband will die for you, at rates higher than a thousand times greater than the risks to be run for women. That’s why women asking for safe places are correct-generally- as long as they are prepared to do their part. The gender equation. Have the future; no kids= no growth or future. Innovation will not do it. Culture is round and rich not a one trick pony.


 For it can happen that -existentially- this ultimate threat can be recovered from only from the survival of one young male- the more the better, in case he is lost in micro-dangers.


For his seed supply, with current methods can inseminate millions of women every day.

Beat that feminist.

On this unbeatable possibility and greater sacrifices of men- as Bees will sacrifice to save the Queen Bee for the sake of the hive similar, are all male honour, and consequent obligation to women, based. This is an undeniable theoretical fact.
It happens sometimes, not often yet rarely- yet often enough and often enough nearly so- such as in the recovery between and consequences to the last Two World Wars.
It operates as a the hive activity of humankind.
Thus establishing, unlike Dr Warren Farrell the absolute importance of men in industry, engineering and so where dangers exist sufficiently to forbid the employment of women in dangerous occupations. Because of the loss of unknown others alongside her- or inside her.

Since in the case of women the loss of life is not one at a time as with men; and replaceable by almost any other man in men’s cases. Not for her then, her loss from death by danger, war or any other emergency is both an absolute loss of herself also unnecessary; plus her three hundred eggs all at once. Meaning the human replacement litter of women- overabundantly being 300, where, in biological extension with longer life or future fertility technology, medicine or drugs  may well be extended to 54 or more children per woman; though none are proposing that. Yet in modern times in Holland a woman has been photographed claiming 27 children as her own. All that from one womb.
So it can be seen how a cultural group f willing to survive or more than survive can quickly expand its population base and political voyting power. Well worth making the effort in a wealthy economy.





 In the story above...

 They had two armies in contention.
Facing each other they found that one army consisted almost entirely of mean, male regimen and mail in mail army army
the other army however was larger for several regiments of women and one Battalion crack women troops amongst very similar set of equipment and equip each and military Munitions and clearly now material
what were the armies to do when they came into contact and were prepared to accept losses of an equivalent degree on either side.

Well the commander the mail army is very strategic reminded he decided on the tactical method of attacking in detail, he assumed this that the commander on the other side would guess what it might be trying to do take action according to his decision was not based on the terrain of the land law on the deployment of the troops nor on moving from centre to flank doubt flank and so on such like traditional thinking. His thinking was focused entirely on the women regimen's female Italians in front of him. For, he thought to himself this if I take out the women and there is eggs I am in fact killing at least three or four soldiers on into the future for everyone that they may obtain in losses of our soldiers.

And so it what's – he made a faint of attacking the battalions and regiments of men on either side his first assault and the quickly veered inwards and attacked the regiment that he was really after stock. The regiment of crack Italian women. And in this he had great success for he was feeling a regiment to Battalion in this task though not committing a whole army of majority to live his horse while his soldiers he losses themselves in such crack troops succeeded in wiping out the entire regiment of enemy.

There was pandemonium in the other army one of their regiments had been entirely wiped out and the story is male battalions has captured a hill in the process. They now held the high ground and the morale of your opponents severely heading downwards because of the loss all the women folk but foolishly they thought that it was just an accident that the enemy were only attacking another regiment like themselves as the falsely assumed.

That they were mistaken reinforcing the hill position they sent the entire army after that position to centre themselves around it and go beyond for they discovered and immediately to the left and right reserve positions are female Italians headed ensconced themselves the camps almost unprotected. Can see how this is going. There mean filled with adrenaline from their first victory were immediately put into action as if refreshed by this thrilling deadly killing escapade. This is what they will all want to do with dreadful vengeance and severe prejudice.

Wiping out the two female battalions was a total wrapped they killed every last he egg. Counting it a victory at every enemy soldier kill in reality they had killed three potential soldiers as well future. By this method of attack they had slaughtered by that kind of count almost half enemy army

This was a great victory for them.

As the enemy fell before them they went out of their way to target the places would gather total or sheu few ensued. With such a large loss of morale and the women soldiers population collapse for everyone fled in an. Panic stop.

By which means the country was overrun through the loss in the pan one in tire harmony for the loss very few of their side.

Point is this, forgetting all refined arguments about how many male soldiers would lose their lives trying to protect a female soldier down to the level that close to plaque toplatoon. This is the email still on the number but this is the basic reason why women should not be placed dangerous situations. For the simple reason is that a man controls the whole population horizontally with his memory needs between the legs. And of woman is of much smaller number of human lives at stake all of them contained within her body and taking a far longer time to create of those things she must be protected at all costs. As the above story demonstrates.

That's why we protect women and children and the we have that built into us when she puts that uniform or hinges on an enemy field of battle it is the wisest thing the safety of your own people and nation in time wipe her out with severe prejudice and make sure you slaughter complete or not out to cripple her main your alt to destroy as the new and your people will have peace potential for at least 50 years or more that it might take for such a crippled people to rise up against you again.

And I have no squeamishness at all telling that store for this in fact is what the feminists have done within our making war upon women not men Their wombs and family, their happiness and their future. The future should all share in the our love and her lover and the love of children and the children love of the mother father. For on this visit nation built.

No party, no politics, no state, no government and certainly no ideology has any right whatsoever in the universe to do anything at all to harm such a relationship and set of relationships if they do so then we must count them as being full of nothing so much as the greatest degree of illegitimacy and busted ideas that must perish in the political weal that we must inflict upon them.
 So help me God



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