We are then an Embattled Manhood Fighting Back, against Feminist death and post-modern new-speak: let us account for ourselves now. Women are unfit to rule men in any capacity whatever; as proven in the lies of feminism and feminist statistics. (Sommers)(Farrell) (Denfield) (Heather MacDonald)

For Men, By Men; For Men’s interests, Male politics; men’s children may cost thousands (feminists killing them saves that; oh yes) but kept alive past twenty years of age, could otherwise have gone on to economic activity, making millions EACH per lifetime. Up to $17,000,000 each per lifetime economic activity (overall; on average). All figures approximate New Zealand rates, proportions, numbers and so on, yet apply equally-in proportion to almost any another Western Democracy on the OECD model. A colossal loss, gone forever: and for what? ( With say up to $17 Million each, per lifetime; of lost economic activity.) Basically multiply by a hundred times for Europe separately; and for the United States also; so a NZ loss of $70 trillion dollars over the next fifty years-equates to around $7,000 trillion dollars over the next fifty years. In the USA alone. In the European Union alone also. A massive economic reversal of fortunes; entirely due to feminism-or its combination with eco-feminism; both left wing projects. Now do you see why calling someone the loony left is actually a compliment?

Machines or robots do not have desire; you cannot sell them anything-so naturally consumer demand will evaporate-at least in white nations-once twenty percent of the entire human family-now shrunken to just 8% and falling further faster toward 1% by the decade. What other demographic group would so commit voluntary self-suicide? Of course the ethnic drivers of this 'transition' are NOT Europeans as they are from Asia Minor-the Middle East or Khazaria (take your pick) they do not care. Nor do they care about other Semites too in Palestine-if they actually are such themselves-nor in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

The compounded lifetime cost of foregone ‘economic activity’ coming up in the next decades at the rate of, say, $15 million per living grown child then it is as much as $6 Trillion NZ dollars. Or $60 Trillion dollars counting excess contraception also.. Forget about the so-called ‘demographic transition’ only beguiled white people have fallen for that sophistry; abstractions do not do anything, take responsibility, or help in any way. Turn something into an abstraction and you can talk about it until a dead cow comes home from the meat works; it’ll never happen that way. The intellectuals are wrong (as always) you are invited to save the planet for western civilization amoung the worlds peoples, tongues, cultures and indigenous ethnic minorities; which we are now, and accelerating OECD model. Downwards.. This is real for humanity, we could have had these but did not; Now do you agree with it? Next time you lose your job think about it.

In the USA this compounded loss is around $7,000 Trillion dollars over a lifetime seventy years of pain, suffering and deeper trauma than any mere minute moment of time 'rape'. Similarly for Europe. (Fifty years if impact concentrated in those years as 'working life')

When you think about it none of the above includes ‘children’s children’, or ‘children’s, children’s, children’ which would itself ‘accelerate’ the sums lost geometrically upwards by many times? Yet it would be perfectly correct to use them as it is the long run time effects, especially ‘lifetimes’ working lives of ‘economic activity’, longevity of ’70 years’ that are utilized in this essay. Kind of like compound interest in reverse. Accelerating downwards into a deadly spiral. The nations must renege on debt. Or form again their own sovereign currencies (and be forced-‘deliberately?’-Into ‘taking on that’-femdom-overladyship? Too?)-Altogether too many questions to ever be comfortable.; all because of feminism.

Our Demographic Aircrash

WE are heading for a big crash with ‘the real’ as Jean Lyyotard says. A huge gradient of debt combined with a huge exponential gradient of lost natalist potential. When I was fifteen I chose art as my career because it always had something to look forward to: it was said that the paintings of ‘old men’ were best: and approximately twice the population we actually have was projected forward. By the time of my death this population, all of the then current Kiwi mix would have been around twelve million or more; about three times what we now actually have. I have an unproven axiom in Population economics; that the failure to reach ones population potential by half means that you will collapse to around half of what you do have; or, in other words a quarter of the original optimum. Meaning a drop in the economy of around seventy five percent. Since we have barely a third of potential: our fate is now much worse than that at one ninth off potential; just above ten percent; say, around 11 or 12%. We can look forward, if my unproven population axiom is correct, (Population Economy is nothing if not extremely direct in its implications, though far more accurate and reliable than classical supply side economics), to a nett or gross loss in all sectors to over 88% percent off all current evaluations. This is a massive, and fairly permanent loss and outright collapse of our western way of life. Since population depredations began so long ago with the rise of feminism it is undoubtedly to blame; as the law changes came later than the ideology.

American feminist women stole it from you. European feminist intellectuals stole it from you. New Zealand feminist women stole it from you! Feminism stole your job, career and your entire future; probably your family, marriage, wife, lover, house, car, savings, holidays, fun, joy of life, that and all your other dreams, every single one. Now are you angry men? You should be. If you see this, by now you are one of us; welcome to the new masculist reality. This is where the secrets of politics are finally revealed to men. Feminism economically rapes men big time. Now is the time to close their pursed bitter and needlessly angry lips forever.


Male Rule is Natural

And that is just one tenth of it all. More to come. Google for ‘Population Economy’ to see how real, credible and plausible all this is. Otherwise, this site is the only one in the entire world; another New Zealand ‘World First’-to put it all anywhere near like this.

ECONOMICALLY, compounded, the accumulated result is mega trillions of dollars lost; of generalised ‘economic activity ‘, mostly amoung the first world OECD countries. Trillions alone even in New Zealand.

Probably over $7,000 Trillion over seventy years for the USA; and similar for Europe. Maybe twenty trillions of lost economic demand activity captive to Western style democracies, or more. A massive fatal blow to worldwide peace prosperity, amity, and development. All in the name of a very tiny few elite feminist females so that they can go shopping on our remaining slavery.

Yes, I say, Trillions of dollars over the next seventy years LOST to little old NZ alone. A country you have never heard of? The USA sum of $7,000 trillion dollars is pretty well worth considering; as the direct on flowing costs in lost economic activity, completely due to feminism; and we want to recommend this to the World? Thank god for them that they are NOT listening. Maybe Asian powers by population pressure alone will win the next war.

New Zealand men gave women the vote in 1893. Since we invented its construction, we have the duty of care to the rest of the world to dismantle it. To take away its mantle of authority. To destroy its authorship; to deny it our patrimony. Now is the time to reconsider that option.

Men died to win the vote; what did women do but continually work to destroy the economy. Economoia is ‘household management’ and they are appallingly bad, or shortsightedly evil keepers of the kitchen accounts; we must divorce THEM, now. Socially, politically and entirely from out of the public sphere. They do not deserve any further consideration at all. Death is dead. Long live life.

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