Surprising Examination of an Overfamiliar Idea.

A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially :  one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance. Like hating Christians? Or Islamic peoples? Or White people? Or Irish. I do not hate anyone because of their race or religion but I do hate the Israeli policy over Gaza. So do many Israelis like Dr Finkelstein. I hate the American policy over Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. I love Mahatma Gandhi. I think he is cool. I do hate Zion supremacists for their arrogant ‘god’s chosen people’ lie: they are evil. Zionists are world criminals. They have financed all the wars of history. They have massive amounts of blood on their hands. They think to murder nations and slaughter millions for profit is good. Come out of her as betrayal of her is honourable to the Universal rights of all men.


  1. He was labeled a bigot after making some offensive comments. The role of art is sometimes however, to offend people. Being so labelled note, does not make it so. It is all about having new ideas.
  2. bigot

who hasn’t entertained a new thought in years. I have lots of new thoughts ever day. Important ones too.Bigot is related to the idea of someone with firmly held views that they wont budge on. They think their champion, be it Marx or Freud, is an irreproachable genius, and will not entertain any other view on their chosen God. Atheists can be bigots, so can liberals. A bigot is likely to be boorish: he loves the sound of his own voice. It is not only views that are new he cannot stand. it is even the voice, writing or mode of expression of those views he cannot stand. The bigot is generally narrow minded with limited understanding or appreciation seemingly for anything other than those limited ideas. No matter how advanced the pet ideas are, the ignorance of how they play their part in the whole range of human ideas, experience, spirituality and objectives is unsophisticated. A liberal with very fixed ideas – even if they are the most fashionable ideas, one can hold them too dogmatically and rigidly. Good ideas can be bigoted ones. It depends on the flexibility towards others in relation to those ideas. Others must believe them or else is the attitude, in the heart, of the bigot; they do not relent inside themselves towards others. It is horrible to be so regarded. And extremely inapt in the teaching situation. Since a bigot would never allow that other ideas have value. Or grant that there may be weaknesses in his own position. Since his own world consists entirely on hearing his own voice mouth his inanities endlessly because inwardly he lacks real faith in them. He is just a poor boy picking his nails ceaselessly waiting for the bell to go home. His world one of the lonely unrequited professional student whose working class red brick token scholarship ever nears running out. Thus grimly holds onto the thesis topic for dear life. Believing in it in so far that thus far it has batted off every other miserable contender for his job.

The most bigoted thing one hears is invariably ‘you are a bigot!’ which closes off dialogue precisely because they will not entertain new ideas. So then who is the bigot in that situation. Obviously it is the person who declares that offensive remark to others. O, what an ever decreasing circle of irrelevant ideas do they inhabit. An intellectual bigot to me is a person who has a limited range of reading in his background, well read in his favourite topics he has ignored all others as a waste of time. And it shows.

Who is Sexist?

Sexism is itself sexist in that the ‘perpetrator’ is always assumed to be male.Thus the idea and concept is bigoted and sexist. It almost never examines the new idea that the bigot may be female.

Same with racism.

New idea: good racism- the preference for ones own kind.

Who said only white people can be racist. Surely a racist said that.

Hidden bigotry and prejudice.

Voltaire said that of those that one cannot speak; there lies power.

Everyone begrudges capitalism and patriarchy yet no one speaks the name of the one capitalist group set on its own white supremacy in the centre of the middle east living in a racist apartheid state that is so economically powerful globally that it has the empire of the United States do its own dirty work for them: we all dread, fear and cannot love them, yet no one calls them out by name. Who are they? They doggedly insist on their own view and way everywhere. Like a bigot. I pity them. No new information flows into their hearts.

For myself actually- as I say to my friends ‘I love to be wrong! Because then I can learn a new idea.’



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