Tax Feminism and Sparta: Cannon Fodder.
Remember the movie, "The 300" they were soldiers from Sparta trained from boyhood to die state overseers and Plantation's were matrilineal inheriting women. It was a matrilineal society; a matriarchy run by females for the benefit of female is into the deadly demise of men.
Today our boys are not trained as soldiers to die they have pushed them quite the opposite way. Feminising them by keeping them far too long in the company of women and excluding men as much as possible from their lives so that they become super sensitive boy – girl millennial creatures of no fixed gender. Vapid and vacuous nothings of almost no use to anybody. Fit for the slaughter on the ideology of the state. Toyboy's as meat upon Judy Chicago's table. Empty live'd denizens of nowhere. Brain dead and dumbed down so that they are no obstruction in feminism's absurd progress to absolute power. Which, apparently, they believe is the source of captivating charisma. A sort of politics for cosmetic reasons. I look better in power than out of it. As if the real anointing of authority depend upon being at the head of a dazzling display of nothing.
Men pay the money women spend them. The Top Ten Feminists in every category should worry about the ethics, fairness, balance and accuracy of things they have said, done and pronounced upon in the past. There will be some accounting to be done. Prosecutions must surely follow. Millions of male babies have died.
Thousands of Men sent into suicide. Boys molested by women, feminist taunts and abuse/abuses. There will be legal remedies taken. Confess now how you feel about it and much forgiveness can take place. Later will be too late. All men will be believed. No women. As is the reverse now. Justice department instruction and overseers guidelines.
Extortion and taxes
 Feminism then depends on the Patriarchal police state to enforce its false authority. Meaning feminism has no real authority if it is derived from force.
Feminism is a parasite force. Sucking life out of men.  Without complying with the terms of gender contracts or relations. Women reproduce the future for men to promote, defend and produce. Yet feminists delivers nothing to men for their greater sacrifice. In fact hiding this sacrifice by capturing Government positions in demographics and statistics; despite men being more objective and fairer in these fields. Hiding professional drivers deaths in the road traffic deaths; making men seem the lesser skilled drivers- and causing these deaths to disappear off the workplace fatalities lists. Minimising male productive sacrifices and boosting women's childbirth mortality instead. Saying any female death, no matter how materially caused, was a maternal death, if within forty days prior to the expected birth date of the baby and/or up to forty three days after. No matter how it actually occurred, if out driving for instance. Not exactly zeroing in on actually useful medical data funding information.
Lament of the Death Culture
Compulsory Political Neutrality from All Our Public Servants.
You accept the Kings Coin/ CROWN office- you do what the King/CROWN says.
 No subject person entailed with the instrumentality of the state apparatus shall have a doubled power or familiarity of it. Such as influences the future should be empowered to it only once for the sake of equity. Women influence the future through the nurture process. Not by schooling; which is initiation into leadership and responsibility.
So no rightfully incarcerated prisoner should have prior rights above a victim to influence the future via the vote, or be significantly advanced above victims or the dead as to their empowerments.
Like a soldier-go where the crown says- speak when the crown says- no offside political action strict neutrality public private life- or other solution no vote.
Incestuous Government- Labour Councils, Mayors and Labour Governments.
Clean sweep proof of long thought out conspiracy well funded and directed by the Chinese Government- as in Fiji?
True they are the only ones currently who want an Oblate Model access to Enlarged South Antarctic Ocean Oil- Which is entirely what New Zealand Politics today is about but with fairer open tender process. Americans included not secretly 'cut-out'- as in the Labour deal.
Labour is signing foreign Government deals for Campaign funding to Foreign Nations before actually becoming Government.
This is treason, public fraud and sedition. Betraying the New Zealand people behind their backs into pre-emptive relations.
We must investigate this further.
The Two Economies.
 MASCULINE EMPOWERMENT- The Need for a Complete Mens Manifesto

Feminist ideology has always depended upon just three legs to a stool. Rape-War-and Money. These they have combined into an equation called 'oppression by patriarchal power'. Variously attacking men via one or other of these three channels.On that basis, they lay claim to what is supposed stems from that social calculation. This book shows they are wrong in all three cases.

In Phillip O'Sullivans 'EMPOWERED MASCULINITY: A Masculist Manifesto'- these three false accusations are methodically addressed for men in their historical, geopolitical, ideological and economic context.

-Women can literally rape men as is shown anthropologically in the famous'Tapioca'stage of the Kula cycle made famous by the London School of economics as 'shell money'. Rape too of men by women can also be seen on Googles Youtube channel if you but search for 'woman rapes man'. You will see more than one live filmed example of this. Suppressed too in the often quoted press released '1 in 4' argument of the Koss survey is a long buried result unearthed by Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers out of that survey giving a 'one in four'result for men also. In what strongly appears to be coercive sex without our consent. This is repeated in almost all modern scientifically independent recent studies as well.

-War: in logistics, it takes ten men in the supply chain to feed one man at the front with both food and ammunition. Men in war die as often in transport accidents because war is like a gigantic confused construction site in all weathers and unfamiliar conditions. Of the men at the front only around twenty percent of those men (just 2% of the whole) can bring themselves to aim, 'to kill' the enemy. Therefore the remaining 80% (just eight percent of the whole contingent-it makes me weep to consider this following) are more prepared to die than to kill the enemy. No greater love has any man than that he lays down his life for his buddies.
The strange case of Erin Pinney supporter of men and the original founder of what became women only refuges. She was booted out of feminism because she was not anti-male and sexist! Her concept was for shelters for both men and women. She was interested in victims; not using 'victims'merely as pawns in a falsified 'gender blaming war', against men. Weird how it is all coming out now isn't it? She was not the only one this happened to.

-Money: Women live way longer than men; there are therefore more of them (this matters in a democracy) and live to vote up to two more elections than men (around an 8% advantage- twice the four percent needed to 'swing' any closely matched election)- thus making Democracy- really 'Women's Government'-and male politicians know this. Albeit only 17 percent of women now believe in feminism. Women still win big in the power stakes. For they inherit wealth from older husbands. Outliving them long enough to score big on receipts of pension monies as well.Taking over 70% of all pension payouts.Women also score largely on the general health vote and on the education front as well. Also in family assistance and other forms of payouts and benefits more than men; many only available to women. In jobs, women gain from quota systems and other privileges and preferments. Men do the industrially dirty jobs and may be paid more for this. Sometimes too under adverse conditions or in remote or difficult locations etc- this attracts more pay as encouragement. The real terms of pay are more like $1.70 to a man's $1 than the obviously erroneous '77 cents'slogan so cheaply touted about. Especially when everything in the overall picture of life comparison is contemplated.

But Oh! I forgot 'binary oppositions', like revealing comparisons, are not allowed or tolerated in the feminist canon of politically correct speech.

O'Sullivans 'EMPOWERED MASCULINITY; a Masculist Manifesto' shows a fully rounded case for men's rights.
Working for Families & Taxes
Perversion & Taxes
Pleasing everyone while disappointing those who pay
Tax and control/management/power/subjugation/terror and force/right to rebel/ tyranny/suppression & Oppression.
A crime is committed- who benefits-follow the money
What to do Chatham Island Owenite Community Prison for main players
Are antifa an attempt to derail the mens movement? If so people changing sides- people with a conscience are our friends. We appeal for you to come forward.
All the better if it costs you. You are OUR hero. They noticed your less than full fervour anyway- nothing will satisfy them. A great place amoung us will be your reward. We love all the women who join us.
Revolt of the Centre.
The International brigade are now the enemy?
Is New Zealand pulling in the drawbridge up into Jacinda Adherns safe place. Little Island New Zealand, land of the slave. A cannibal culture eating its own? 600,000 human sacrifices rendered in meat. Greeting the stranger by grabbing his nose? So he does not smell the culture of death. The bitter-sweet flavour of decease.
Taxes & people
Does free money ennoble people or empower them anyway? No, it makes them say a stinking yes to a pile of offal.

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