The Notorious 'Death Culture & Industry' of Feminist Women

The deadlier than thou pathological harms of feminist women.
First there came abortions; how many abortions can a female have in her lifetime? Before she is a wreck? Tens, Twenties, Hundreds? What is the outer limit? After that comes infanticide. Then driving daughters and sons, young men and old to depression and suicide. Then outright homicide. After that Euthanasia. For difficult male patients only- over kill on your quota; take a break, you need a holiday. Welcome to the socialist death camp. Camp feminist Gripe Camp Stalag Gulaggii. Zero 630. Everyday feminist micro-aggressions performed daily with always fatal consequences to the economy, society, the culture: object- the complete destruction of the West from within unclosed ranks. Time to raise the bar gentlemen! This time it has to stop. Murder most foul is afoot. An infinite mercy is real justice. We must not rest until every female killer of men is behind bars. I figure some women have ten to thirty abortions, many none, most one or two. This hardens their heart. With deeply projected hatreds towards men. This is the real source of our social collapse. Death to Death, Long live life! Hurrah!


These stories are based on some mixed true events and are retold merged with many details altered and some added and crossed over from the other tales to highlight perhaps unknowable features. Taken from life in Auckland, Grafton, Grey Lynn and Glen Eden and in Palmerston North Christchurch and Dunedin and some details or occasions in Hamilton, Wellington, Kelburn, Sydney or Melbourne, Myanmar and Singapore. Young mothers I observed, loved, knew or had professional artistic associations with as student or teacher as I often was. Some arising from visiting their homes, hearing of them yet knowing them socially too. Some of the nine years in various cities I saw these behaviours or some like them. All of this I accepted. Thus it has the nature of clinical experience.  Female malfeasance is often overlooked 'such gentle creature, wouldn't hurt a fly'. They seem. Once knew a woman beat up a man with a heavy handbag openly on the street with hundreds walking by; hitting him in huge swing arcs over thirty or forty times. Invisible. No one took the slightest notice. Yet there she was next day sitting on the Women's Refuge stall collecting donations as if butter would not melt in her mouth. Foolish to ask her. She would not lie. It's just not in their narcissistic nature to even conceive the possibility. Of course that is a foolish, unintelligent woman; how could one expect insight at all as to culpability when completely oblivious to any such need of it. For such women, and there are increasing numbers of them, accountability is a totally dis-allowable word. It threatens their nasty ideological worldview too much.

The first Rape I knew of off stage yet heard. A young Buxom student when I was 19 Jane- in our class at Art School. Party. Woman comes home. Jane drunk so no consent. Lesbian whisks her away into bedroom within minutes and rapes her with Dildo- happened so fast 1969 did not know what was happening- in fact only later in recollection- it was the first animalistic sex I'd heard of- and later could guess what had happened. She was raped by a Lesbian dildo! First sex I'd heard of; did not see though. Very shy in my first much later sexual encounters- actually much later. First real love at 32 with young lady of 26.
So, from that earliest of all experiences it is natural for me to see that violent lesbians with a lot to prove- they drink hard, they fight- and they rape. This is exactly half the male image thing they exaggerate when out. How can young women call them out on it. That was rape right! They get the easy card. Rape and get away with it. Rape and hit and kill as you will see here in these stories. Based on fact. Take it as you find it; women can be evil, wicked, sick and violent.

 In this writing - It is also a discussion about matriarchal medicine and Patriarchal (inner) spiritual medicine. Especially identifiable is the materialist nature of womens female 'spirituality'- as in the word itself. Notice the 'mater' part of materialism for instance and think of Madonnas "Material Girl" or "Money, Money, Money" as well. Welcome to a fairly deep discussion of feminisms deadliest secret, literally; The Death Cult. How feminism derives its edge from the death of others, especially the deaths of men. Money, power and a false and evil 'authority' based on an occult spell called propaganda; repeating outright lies often enough that they become the truth as Goebbels said in his view of the Jews. (This is often attributed to the man himself. While he attributed it to them.) Some things never change. One other tip reread George Orwells, 1984- though about 'big brother' in his fiction. See how much today it is like Feminist Matriarchy-Lesbianarchy today. So much so it is uncanny. It is as if the elites have been actually using it as their little disguised 'playbook' for all its ideas. Newspeak being so much like the speech-crimes and gender pronoun nonsense of today. I am writing this on a day when President Trump has issued 10,000 indictments bringing down the Bush-Clinton-Obama cartel of pedophilia. So await events with interest. The first draft of this however began presciently the day before news of this emerged. Together with plotters from the paranoid CIA they were planning a Coup to take over Americas Democracy for a vile Pedophilia 'Illuminati Empire' of some sort, Sounds like Oceania in 1984.


Case One - Death of Two Sons
Mother Dabbles in unintelligent uses of the occult speaks thousands of mini-negatives a day. Petty self cursing of her own environment

Yet virtually laying out the red carpet for any evil influence to come walking in on. Seemingly a very warm and cosy place for wicked things to almost happen. Who would knowingly create such a place of welcome for the wrong things? Yet in an unexamined life- say in a narcissistic persons life -this could occur. Well, evil did walk in; The two boys got sick  with unknown diseases and fairly similar in pathology. There was no telling how they had picked up these diseases. There was no distress or stress in their life. One of them was an illness with no known name whatever. They were healthy then suddenly they fell ill with serious illnesses of fairly long duration. Deadly diseases as it happened. The mother was an everyday feminist only slightly blaming men-for-everything; just a moderate feminist.

Except that is for the frequent household curses she uttered in great numbers. Her conversation was extremely liberally sprinkled with them. Old wives sayings mostly yet often with a negative tinge to them. Nothing extra positive or upbeat about them except when ending a whole string of them; then she'd say 'Oh well, best to look on the bright side'. A life of cornball dangerous cliches.
 After noticing this soon after seeing the two boys buried side by side in the family plot (the Family were wealthy you see and had bought their own cemetery plots). There she is in the back seat of the lead funeral car; smiling and waving as she were Princess Diana or a flashy film star; unaffected by any grief whatever, only happy happy happy to be the centre of the girly bubble of attention.

Blessedly not all women are so pathologically sick in the head. Some women do not go out of their way to make men especially miserable. Misery by Stephen King is not their emmiserating agenda. They actually love children, people and men even when dependent- but not only dependent- they love to support men in flourishing, prospering and victorious in life. These women men truly love. Try to be like them moron. They are the true treasure of any city.

 (Here is a challenge to all you feminist-loving 'men'; try and find ONE passage in one Bona Fide Feminist canonical book that truly celebrates men, the male gender-for something/anything of value...and without a sneering or cynical qualification. Just one.) Three line about that...a pretty low bar to entry. Or say one passage longer than that? Any luck? Try Achebe or Bell Hooks 'Feminism for Everyone' and I'll show you the covert insults hiding behind every word. Three paragraphs she behaves herself. But look deeper any further and you will see some nasty comparisons, hidden insults, put downs whenever she mentions any male.  Not an unqualified good thing to say about any man, any male quality or anything except full on shaming.

You cannot find it - good. It means your eyes have been opened. The open and quietly certainty confirms to themselves- as always that they have been 'right' to this bigotry all along. When you see that start reading Dr. Warren Farrel if you are a man. Or Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers if you are a woman. Start there and you are on your way. The red pill like the red Jellie beans are the sweetest of them all. Besides it goes with your red lipstick. Some men actually like Tomboys, I'm one- competing directly with the Lesbianarchy on that one. So many girls in todays broken homes; caused by feminism raising too great an expectation for women- have lost a father figure. Don't do nothing. Just love them to bits that's all. When I find someone who needs that. They know I love them- better than sex any day.
Start celebrating men; being so one sided gives you all such a poor reputation as man-haters.
The very bigots you accuse us of. Now just you grow up; maturity and authority means taking responsibility for what you have done.
From that flows social healing. Y'know, for a better society. Celebrate men too if you claim love. Freely and truly. I doubt if you'll find it- for if you did that writer would be one thrown out of every feminist forum, seminar or magazine for sure. A group that cannot stand for any questioning- that group is immature right. Same with a person.

A fanatic is any person who cannot accept criticism. All feminists as such then are hysterical follows, yes. For their literature has no qualification or correction allowed. It is fixed dogma.
Better facts always sweeps away human manufactured dogma...correct? Because better human experience lives out the light or the lie of that doctrine subsequently... am I correct? Therefore dogma is always defeated. Therefore it follows that all feminist dogma will one day be defeated. In that result the feminism is already defeated. We no longer need to believe it. Some of will stand. We can retain that. Most will disappear. It happens to everything.

Therefore we can make room for its direct opposite somewhat. A little anyway at first.
Therefore aspects of masculist thinking will one day remain. It will remain as working truth. As pragmatic fact.
These unfolding aspects are still going on in their now timely business of unfolding.
Therefore it is time to at least begin to pay masculist thinking some attention so as to support the unfolding of that which of it will last. Correct?

Peace then be unto you.

Great list of true and untrue things that have been handed down over the years.

We all have a grandparent, old Aunt or even a mother who has told us some pretty far-fetched things over the years.
Some of these things turned out to be true, some not. Trouble is in the mix you cannot know which ones are either true or false.
Here is a look back at some popular wives tales and superstitions.  


Always hang a horseshoe over your door with the ends pointed up.  Or the luck will pour out.

When the wind blows the leaves on the trees upside down there will be a bad rain.

If the deer are out early grazing there is big storm coming.

A ring around a winter moon means storms.

Winter thunder means snow within 10 days.

Squirrels nesting in dead trees instead of making nests of leaves means a harsh winter.

If you kill a spider indoors, it will bring rain.

If you killed a snake hang it over a fence and it will rain.

 When your left palm itches, it means money coming into your pocket; when your right palm itches, it means money going out of your pocket.

If you drop a fork on the floor it means you'll get money.

See a penny, pick it up.

All day long you will have good luck.

Don't pick up a penny that is face down ( tails up )

It will only bring bad luck.


Health or Death


1950s before the polio vaccine.

People thought kids would get polio if they played in the mud puddles after a rain.

If you sit too close to the TV you'll go blind.

Not true, but how many times did you hear that growing up as a kid????

If you let your hair hang in your face you'll go blind. Again not true.

If you accidentally swallow a cat or dog hair it will become a worm in your tummy.

Kissing toads give you warts.

Not true.

If you go out in the cold you will catch a cold.

Seems true enough.


A howling dog is a sign of impending death nearby.

NEVER Sweep after Dark, either inside or outside, as Someone you Love will Die by Morning!

if you plant a cedar tree then when the shad from the tree is big enough to completely cover a grave you will die. This is most likely true as Cedars are slow growing trees.

Didn't wash clothes on New Year's day because if you do the person whose clothes you washed would die sometime before the year was out.


Marriage and Weddings

Brides: During your wedding ceremony, put a penny in your shoe for good luck.

Your will have one child for every ribbon you break at your wedding shower.

Girls hold our feet up when you go over the railroad tracks or you will never get married.

For Brides on your wedding day.

For good luck wear: something old, something new, something barrowed and something blue.


Religious, Spiritual and Ghosts

Don't to whistle in the house (or barn) because it would call the devil.

My cousin used to tell me if you eat in the bathroom you invite the devil to dine on your soul.

When someone in the household dies, cover all the mirrors so that he/she won't come back to haunt you.

When you put the pillowcases on your pillows, the opening should never face a door - otherwise evil spirits will be able to slip into the pillowcase.

Hold your breath going past a cemetery or ghosts will follow you home.

Whistle past a cemetery.

Now I am not sure how one holds there breath and to avoid the cemetery after dark.

Speak of the Devil, and he will come.




Don't have a cat around if you have a baby as it will snatch the baby's breath away.

If you let children eat bananas after 6pm, you run a risk of their having seizures.

This is False.


If you have bad heart burn while pregnant you will have a hairy baby.

Don't vacuum or hang clothes on the line when your pregnant. (Someone probably didn't feel like doing it so they made this up)

If you're carrying SO low, you MUST be having a boy!

Don't eat honey when you are pregnant.

Don't clean the cat box while pregnant!

This is VERY true and can be VERY dangerous!

 cross your fingers for luck


Honey last forever.

This is true!

If honey is store at a stable temperature out of the sun it will never go bad.

Honey stored in Egyptian tomes was still good after 4000 years.


Salt last forever and never spoils . This is true!

Salt is known as the chef's best friend, it can be used to enhance the flavor of almost any other kind of food.

Salt has been used for thousands of years as a food preservative.

If your salt gets wet, just let it dry out and it will be good as new.

If an floats is bad. This is true!

If you want to make sure an egg is good, put it into a bowl of cold water. Cover the egg. If it stays on its side on the bottom, its fresh and good. If it stands up on the bottom, it's a little older, but still good. If it floats, toss it, it's bad.


When cooking beans never "clean the spoon" by banging/bumping it on the top of the pot or it would make your beans stick.


NEVER Drink Milk with Fish or You will be Sick by Morning!

Eating apples at night will constipate you.

Eat Mac & Cheese with fish or you'd get worms.

Never turn a whole fish over when you serve it at a meal, or the fisherman's boat will sink.

Don't swallow gum it takes 7 years to digest.

Don't swim within one hour of eating.

Whiskey,lemon, and honey mixed together are supposed to be good for a cough.

Not sure if it's true, but if you take enough you won't care if you have a cough.

Drink buttermilk for irritable bowels.

The Internecine Feminist War Against Good Men: Treachery of the Deepest Dye

The boss illustration- or any power figure, that happens to be male- or a thorough figure such as mother, father, boss, teacher, lecturer, Prof, and so on who influences you and is employed to influence you toward both your good and that of society.  Now if they influence you in a negative way, like that above nonsense-so that you performed less well in life and work- then one should have a right to redress there malign service to you by receiving your money back or having them prosecuted. After all it is a crime right? To sell a less than adequate service.

Word crimes and speech crimes
Surely if a speech crime be in just one instance out of thousands of things we say well most days. A small mistake in that average surely. We need some perspective here. After all we all say things we regret, that are less than gracious, maybe offhand and not so especially or elaborately 'respectful' in that smarmy euphemistic manner required by the daft, and politically correct. Of the then single uttered hate crime then the repeated utterances of this many thousands of times in its smaller versions of malign offence- including gesture and frowning and sneering an attitude detrimental to the wellbeing of either a child or spouse or anyone held captive domestically in the family household for some ordinary reason to one using it as a place not of kindness yet of vicious ongoing unrelenting personal power. What the old hippies called a power trip. And so on; then how much more cumulatively damaging- sort of like capitalised emmiseration and infliction. Can it be especially from a mother figure – who dominates the home the most as so frequently present and presiding within it- the man and child being more or less banished from fully functioning inside its dreadful orbits.  Domesticus Fatalis on the prowl. Whether she is as from an authority figure within the family dominating the home environment or the neighbourhood or community – or some public figure otherwise being the greater holder of assumed authority means the greater degree of damage and  the greater degree of the repetition to her subjugated parties. Even from a person of low authority means a cumulative level of harm and personal dysfunction resulting from that person.
Hate crimes and hate speech
Now hate crimes and hate speech can be written as well as spoken and the cumulative effect can be massive both on its captured accosting of audience and on its target victim as individual – so therefore the harm is also keen be expanded through the effects of cumulative and accumulating harms and damage – new feminist death line- a kind of domestic industry of extremely local internecine murder, grievances and spiteful evils; yet with the deliscous pleasure of the extremely high degree of getting away with it except in some eternal sense. A type of justice too long in coming for people to see it and learn its lessons by the subsequent example of appropriate consequences and fulfilments.  Such as they are. 

So how do we put this in the context of the personal. In the interactions between individuals, single individuals and individuals coming under other individuals repeatedly within the confines of the home, the workplace – as with the boss. What does it say to us and what the boss says to others about us and it's accumulative effects – My own view is that a single utterance are can be apologised for it is not a sign of constant intent to harm or hurt; as anyone in the world can make an inadvertent mistake occasionally- it is definitely being part of acknowledging our fallible humanity. Yet a persistent, insistent and unexamined poltroon of a woman; it is over-excessive momism I have in mind. Is an extremely poisonous disease that blunts children, obstructs men and cripples people to the point of killing more than their living individual life; it actually kills them in a death industry embrace that is characteristically toxic with feminist ideology. Momism is bad enough. one off utterances as we are all prone to such thing as part of our human nature. However a deliberate and repeated and constant barrage of such statements is vastly more important as I believe in psychologist or counsellor or workplace therapist could tell you. Surely a person repeats again and again and again remarks that are negative and not contributory to their persons improved performance; in other words they are deliberately sabotaging that person's advancement and improvement and giving them no options but to take it or leave. Then that puts the person in an excruciating position which must lead to this distress in stress and even possibly depression or and or suicide. This obviously has very serious social and domestic repercussions within the victims household. So it's the character risk it characteristic really damaging instances of its repetition and constant micro slander and or libelous attitude to men. Without let or mercy.
We can see this in feminist literature which is constantly putting down men which is to say it slightly – for it is heavily berating men and blaming them for violence or rape and every ghastly thing under the sun. Continually and constantly flows the story of feminist hatreds toward all men in the male gender both on a personal sense and an occupational sense and in employment since and dinner therefore in a financial political and economic sense. It is on this basis that people commonly referred to feminism with its natural nickname. Which we hear as nearly being always 'toxic' feminist. So that its nickname betokens its actual toxicity.  Because to many here that become victims it is an extremely poisonous entity. Feminism is toxic because it poisons people just as toxicity does. Feminism repeats again and again it's hot hatred; fear and disgust in the wild violence and fierceness of its revilements... of all rich vehement and full on hatreds. Feminism is only and exclusively posited on hating all men; all men everywhere- even more so the weak quislings that support them.
There is nothing I experience from this silliest of all ideologies except its vast and oceanic bile from the fits of Jezebel in one of her madest rages of barreness and deep irresponsibility. A juvenile set of hatreds that are as immature and as deeply offensive to any thinking man for the insane maintenence of these hideous female opinions unaware how it functions best to absolutely destroy, one precious dead baby at a time, the very society, culture and civilization from which they so skankily derive their absurd and non-sensical choices.

libel and slander- or OFFENCE
Maybe it is MEN who need safe spaces far from women!

libel and slander of feminist is its heavy duty hatreds and slightings of men and the male gender in the printed and published for either online or in paper texts. Almost all university courses featuring feminism include massive plan is an libels against the male gender. Just by quoting these texts are we can prove the fierce hatreds of feminism for men that are unrelenting unrelieved and give no L clicked for balanced discussion outlet.
This of course is unjust and extremely unfair.
Micro slander is a domestic crime
micro slander between close individuals in the home is also a form of hate crime. It is well documented in the dynamics of families that sometimes dysfunctional homes one individual is picked on above all others in a kind of vicious picking order. Show any weakness the group will attack you.
So with a mother or elder sister or auntie or daughter in the household who was a fierce feminist brought up on this literature viciously salted with hatreds of men with seeming justifications. Resulting in TOXIC putdowns thousands of times a day. Surely this creates tension within its accused hearers. And we do know do we not how found of groundless accusations feminist women are-do we not?  Now even psychologists are beginning to observe this- how people can toxically 'poison' a social environment- the slow drip drip of toxic acid killing and cutting away someones innards as surely as an unlicenced surgeon. These things kill people. Should it be a crime? It is hard to prosecute- yet somewhat suggests that maybe the Medieval Whitch-trials could have had it right after all.  Low level cursing/cussing behaviour does destroy lives; could this be women's violence?

This individual could well feel justified through breeding influenced by their own reading matter – which they have freely decided and chosen to read even though it's against the interests of members of their own household – which by the nature of humanity, and we notice how all of science feminism offside puts its consumers with their families, are – so that when that individual is in charge of sectors or sections of however brought about in their influence on the can be nothing but negative on the male members. Furthermore feminism gives women an artificial source of empowerment in what they call the sisterhood. This is more or less like the old girls network; big mamma rules the roost. This appears to be a loss of philosophy. The philosophy. Appears to be the philosopher. This empowerment may give them the sense which is artificial in nature – for such dominance is not see in females of the species in almost any other alien mammalian animal society. So this toxic dominance could have extremely have extremely adverse extremely outcomes and results.
A dozen daily micro slanders is a speech crime against one's own family, room group, classroom, workplace, colleagues, fellow professionals and so on. It is the cumulative nature of such micro-aggression speech crimes are arising from distorting idiotic, – it is this that does the most harm stop. Because the occasional or unusual statement said in a moment or passion will be remembered and resisted – probably successful. And you can complain about it and asked to stop sold so. An apology may be all that is necessary in that such passions in the workplace were in the family or anywhere are usually fairly rare. Whereas the dripping tap for of constant smaller negatives, – like the low level hypnotism of NLP – can be more effective than either



daily micro speech crimes are hate crimes that accumulate too serious personal psychological damage and dysfunction


Bad Luck

If a black cat crosses your path, turn around, go all the way back and start your destination over.

If a black cat crosses your path to put an x on your window.

Don't step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back.

Don't step in a hole, you'll break your mother's sugar bowl.

If you spill salt you have to take some and throw it over your left shoulder to ward off bad luck.

Never buy pearls for yourself, it'll bring bad luck.

It's bad luck to wash on New Year's Day.

It's bad luck to wash your hair on your birthday.

If you break a mirror, throw salt over your left shoulder to avoid 7 years bad luck.

Never put shoes on a bed for ANY reason. It's very bad luck.

Don't open an umbrella in the house.

If you give someone a wallet or purse, you have to put money in it (even one coin is Okay).

Find a penny, pick it up.

All day long you will have good luck!

Odds and ends

If you look at someone cross-eyed and a wind blows, you'll stay like that. Don't wake up a sleepwalker or they will go mad (drop dead, freak out ect...)They might get mad at you but they won't die.

Every time you say something that could curse someone but you didn't mean it, you have to spit the badness away.

Never give a friend or loved one a knife as a present or it will "cut" your friendship.

Don't cross your eyes or they'll stick that way.

If you pull out a gray hair 10 more will grow back in it's place.

Don't put your new shoes on the table or they will forever hurt your feet.

Always wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident. Not sure undies would be clean after the accident, but it is good hygiene.

Itchy nose means you will kiss a fool or have a fight.

Ears ringing means someone is talking (thinking) about you.

Drop a butter knife and company's coming.

Don't joke about something going wrong, because it will.

Don't talk about something going right... you'll jinx it.

Never, ever mention having extra money while in the car. You're sure to need a repair within the week.


Violent Abuse of Young Son with Mother Subsequently Murdered.




Ward of the court seduces at sixteen a much younger girl (11)and molests her.. meanwhile claiming her father - who works for Child and Young Persons Family Protection Unit had earlier abused her too. She is young (20)and has pretty natural curly hair- boys fall for her by the dozens leads chaotic nightclubbing life with these boys 19 years old; then pigs out and destroys herself forever; pulls knife, shoplifting- banned from every shop in town. Mental health living with depressingly limited older guy. Dim witted body builder. Character in Novel?

 Sister Falsetto and Her Violent Accusations: Covering Ones Own Tracks
Welcome to the Nanny State Apparatus Justice Division

Narcissistic Mother Raises two people. In an underground bunker. Locking them in. Sometimes literally leads them about on a chain. What do I mean by narcissistic- the sort of person paid to do a task say nurse others as home patients where you would think all care would be in regard to happiness of patients arranging good people and a healthy minded thoughts environment as well as food, clothing, care environment; so thus  filled with happy people happy thoughts happy welcomes for all the patients friends. Instead it becomes subtly or not so subtly about them. Like a bureaucrat. Like that Guy in Austria but more cunning and disguised as outdoor freedom.  They themselves. Not the patient as with healthy care. But with what they are doing, seeing to on behalf of the ill, an illness partially the result of ever diminishing the esteem and inner well being of the person.
What a wonderful angel you are- sort of, forget the care, 'how noble you are' is the resounding call- everyone must march to the beat of head sister in her hospital zone. A zone whose very apron springs smother-mother love has germinated the resented distressing diseases they have. All beaucracies operate like that.



First came to this when examining ancient text that stated "bitterness drieth the bones" I figured this was a diagnostic pathology. And spoke out about it to a friend. Saying it probably meant bone marrow cancer. He immediately yelped, 'I know someone like this! She is remarkable bitter! Extremely bitter person in fact. And she has bone marrow cancer.' Wow. That was some confirmation. Quite striking confirmation. I felt a stirring within me examining myself now for bitterness or any unwanted unreasonable feeling.
Then I noticed what it said about homosexuals "receiving in themselves the punishment that was meet (Suitable; appropriate)" This is not me note- I did not write that. Homosexuals are everywhere these days. Appearing to increase in number all the time. Friends of mine and regular folk seem to have gone that way. There is ultimately no limit to their number. Some are OK personally- but they do tend to press themselves on you and touch you and so on. Just note an increase in Karposis Sarcoma with its blotchy green bruise coloration of the skin; arms, legs, body and other caressed, stroked and sensually fondled parts of the body. Out there in the culture. Jasper Johns has featured plaster arms painted like this in his paintings. This is quite frequent now, it was once so extremely rare, now it is almost common. Especially amoungst the gay patients. It is a frequent secondary malady for those with immune deficiency disease. No need to tabulate that as 'gay'. Unfortunately. So this in scripture confirms something of its potential diagnostic ability- therefore its potential potency in a spiritually appropriate sense- as a source for healing authority too. The usual sound advice is keep your medications going but if a healing comes by this route why turn it down? Go to your doctor to confirm any healing that may result.


Thus I am confident to go on with those willing for any deeper healing work via this Patriarchal way. The ways of men. Pharmacopoeia is the way of women: the way of magic hidden as science. The ways of penicillin mold and ragwort dust and so on if you will. Consider opiates, cocaine, digitalis, and other boil and bubble derived substances. Though often recognized as being 'discovered by men' magic and the pagan matriarchal arts are the original sources of them. Paganism is materialist. Note the mater part of materialism. Pater is paternalism. The centrality is the fathers dying blessing. From his death we have our blessed life as the father literally spoke it. This is immaterial. It is invisible spirit. Spirituality is Patriarchal. Material medicine and religion; worshiping the lake, the river, the mountains is female. The male God is ordinarily unknowable. Invisible and silent. Belief appears to be a belief in an empty gas cypher. The cloud of unknowing. Yet he can be heard and thus obeyed by the few men who devote themselves to him. In this way he is always male. The female Goddess is always a thing, fruit, tree, apple, water (libations) and needs the death culture in dead things; virgins sacrificed, kids killed, offerings made in order to appease her.
The figurations of the male God; Father God are always as near invisible or insubstantial as possible; pillars of fire, smoke, incense, light, spirit - things that appear like love, palpable yet invisible. Something that appears in force-then is gone, pouf! Like the Wind. Even a God who dies- how invisible can you get. A powerful mystery that the rational man can see and not see at the same time; a bit like abstractions and principles themselves. Abstractions like wisdom, justice, mercy, truth and so on. All that grand cavalcade of heaven.

The Patriarchal way is long forgotten and suppressed by the Matriarchal Obama Like governments we have been having. It puts the case for the cause possibly within the person themselves- kind of like; all disease is self inflicted- if true, maybe spiritual attitudes within a person can be the cause of so many of our troubles. Sin as disease; dis-ease. The lack of ease within oneself. The lack of a clear conscience. And in that too our inner interactions with one another. As when some strong selfish domineering spirit crushes or vanquishes the low humble spirits of those around us. This is the new Zeitgeist- the old one the material new age Baalish nature one has disappeared.

Bitterness can be caused by one inciting incident. Just one is enough. Seething away inside the infected person it 'gets their blood up' putting pressure on the marrow to create more blood via the spleen. Marrow is the source for what the spleen works with to create new fresh blood. Drying it out. The marrow material departs and it is depleted. Leaving opportunities for cancer cells to proliferate in its place. Bitterness is an all round poisonous emotion. Hurting everything in the body. Forgive, even if you are in the right. Is the amazing advice of the Bible. This form of forgiveness will not only cure you of bitterness but of bone marrow disease as well. If deeply and genuinely done with no canting religious posing; the real thing alone might work; this, one could call faith. Plus a magnificent and noble human characteristic will be powerfully planted in your soul as well.



If so ill why not in hospital. Then no kicks for theatre of concern. pathology of performivity. The acts of slow killing without-killing- letting psychopathological disease kill for her. Many like this; homegrown boring femme fatale- like MISERY by Stephen King.  Kali the destroyer the death Goddess. NOTE; (Must Look this up beyond the movie; excellent movie by the way) The retarded adult life under her as an automaton, mutely taciturn, unconfident and acting as a dismasted male cypher; a hollow man domesticated 'nice-guy-type' who acts more than slightly handicapped as if constantly belittled in her world of male drudgery. Not truly respected by men, no  no no flirting with women allowed. None at all- it blights his imagination, life and sexless undercarriage; She treats all men meanwhile in a slightly flirtatious way, domineering - bossy manner; expecting at past prime time for all local men to be treated as potential suitors. Keeping them in their place is their motto.

Using death as a metaphor for closeness; a lover stalks his opportunities, hidden by trees from the rest of time. Except for one forlorn witness above. How does that martyr convey the reality, his vulnerability to all authority. Should he notify all others as protection particular? To cover himself he has to duck under the trees and go underground and leave a record for posterity and to show feminism as the ugly cult of murder that it is. Death shall have no dominion over them. Nor shall it protect the conspiracy to kill all human life.  Stolen sexuality smearing the victims good name and making a mockery of his long drawn out sufferings.
 A son and one Retarded female - one for twenty years and the other for longer. The zombie like one had been raised in youth by someone else. So took longer to kill. Coroners report information via Anne Rule. Little doses of Motherly poison. Yet thousands of them...over decades can kill as surely as poison in one dollop. Read that as you will.
Shades of Misery by Stephen King. Good theme for novel. A study in Plausible Killing.
It would have to be a very long novel like war and peace. How to convey tension on a daily stressful basis? 600 pages; minimum.
Long, long, longer book.


Grandmother Buries Husband then embarks on a ceaseless round of partners and lovers for thirty years and twenty to thirty selfish overseas trips. While keeping sons at arms length and well timed insults on departure. Buries all without any remorse. Callous as anything.
Completely fails in intimacy with her own brood- while out prefers eying around- rubber-necking... the lives of others as more important than her kith/kin; The best families regard each OTHER as the more interesting
While Grandmother Pathologos 'acts' the matriarch Egera Yet is not one decidedly for pays actual family very little real detailed attention- preferring gossip about all other families rather than proof of excellence about her own. And the encouragements thereof. Daughter prefers her Husbands family. All her sons marriages fail.

She speaks better of their abandoning wives than figures out how to rebuild sons life, prosperity, interests and well-being both mentally and psychologically. She is a peasant and remains one; life not teaching her anything except how to open her elderly legs.



Woman with Many Feminist books on her shelves torments and curses her sole son. He shoplifts. His own retail therapy. Does it work? No, More dysfunction...



Euthanasia, Suicide, Abortion, Homocide (Dr Warren Farrell) death of the family, relationships, businesses, sex, sexuality, gender wars, death of truth, death of reputation, death of mercy, death of protection, death of the economy, death of God, death of science DAWKINS and deplatforming, death of intelligence, death of mercy, fairness and equality, death of reason womans way of knowing, death of life, death of death limit consciousness...death itself, death of defence force-culture and civilization protection, death of democracy and politics, death of reason, logic and objectivity, death of media and free press and speech...all forms of social and conceptual death...the age of unreason. The death of feminism and plausibility of women as a whole.

Femme fatale, Femme Vitale-guts you of economic and political rights by devious manouvers.


see the books by Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers "War on Boys" and Dr. Warren Farrell "The Boy Crisis" for more...

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