Are you a parent or a student worried about University?

Are you a high school student thinking about going to university?  In the short term, with the state of New Zealand universities and universities around the world absolutely saturated in academia with Marxist feminism and usury fairly heavy duty forms of these – why not investigate technology and the trades.  If your country is like New Zealand, there is an overemphasis on university education and what is called degree dilution.  Degree dilution occurs when the factories of ignorance churn out to many graduates in your field of interest.  Then the bare basic first order of degree is pretty well useless in that field.  You have to do a postgraduate degree or diploma such as a Masters or a doctorate to have any ranking for jobseeking purposes in that field.  In other words, the original degree first sought has been downgraded to merely a preliminary apprenticeship level of degree.  In effect, it does not count at all in that field anymore.


In your country.  It could very well be that there is a more demand for airline pilots, nurses then there are four aircraft engineers or doctors.  The rewards in fields with a technically equipped people are rare could be extensive if not as well off as the full professionalisation of a field.  In other words, that job that is more practical may be more applicable, easier to obtain, and almost as nearly well paid.  It has the further advantage if your son or daughter or you self are quite intelligent that they are so much less harder, though considerably useful and practical.  Doctors and engineers these days are rather remote from many people; wearers, nurses and technicians have a wider Circle of friends and are not restricted to the tight professionalism that is under threat anyway – for being too expensive for most people – and thus clinics and technical help centres are more widespread and are as equally spread globally as the more professional careers.

In my country.  There is no crying need for architects, engineers or lawyers – we have far too many already.  Yet there is a 60,000 shortfall in tradies like plumbers, carpenters, builders, gas fitters, electricians and other such well rewarded contract work.  A carpenter can get work anywhere in the world.  So can most nurses, if well-trained at a reputable hospital.  Having a Masters degree and flipping burgers at the local McDonald's is demeaning and tells everyone what bad life choices you have made.


Universities todayare often drenched with alien philosophies. Thus, your son or daughter will return to your household, a serious intellectual cripple. He or she will be hostile to everything you have raised him or her to be. A Christian household is no proof against seems this alien philosophy – Marxist echo feminism – has been pushed out of political science departments as being terribly and impossibly old hat.  So it is second and third rate practitioners have buried themselves within the faculties of sociology, journalism schools, and curiously, in fine arts.  Turning the fine arts with its notion of finesse, pleasure and delight – and its impression that it has been a harmless, innocent and creative pursuit. This is now ended not in an impression.  What descends on one in this area.  Nowadays is a depression toxic, alienating and distressing ignorance.  A political system has wormed its way into these faculties that has proven to be the most gigantic intellectual failure in the whole entire corpus of history.  This failed system is then force-fed by its third rate practitioners onto vulnerable students who were held captive to them for three or four years or longer.  Say goodbye to them.   As if at a funeral.  You will never see them again.

Bid their happy smiling faces goodbye.  They will appear before you in the flesh.  Alien to you and all your values hopelessly lost in a foreign hostility that is completely fake and has nothing to do with them at all.  You may recover them somewhat.  After a decade or more.  They will be so shamefaced that they would never wish to speak of it again.  Do you really want to remove an entire decade or more from out of their lives?  They may take to drugs or to drink in order to solve this insoluble problem.  They may grow old before your eyes in despair.  University has killed them as if it had murdered them.  Their soul is destroyed.  They are not them.  They unfortunately during this time are not yours either.  You will suffer them, and suffer for having sent them to University.  Why suffer then your little children to go to such a cruel place- as if to the Gulag; as if to a brainwashing centre, as if to a cult, a nasty Stalinist political cult, alien to you and to them, foreign to you and to them, emmiseratingfor all involved, universities have become miserable places in your absence.  Prisons and torture chambers of the mind.  Places were a system of guilt is planted inside your child's mind.  Like a religion of the worst kind.  Fundamentalist political ignorance.  That is the tired old obsolete philosophy of one crackpot known as Karl Marx.  Marxism failed at every level practical application.  If capitalists profit was so great, why did not.  He and his mates organise a factory run by the workers themselves.  No, complaining was their way.  Whingeing and whining and criticising; the glass is always half empty: it is easy to criticise and harder to construct or create.  Why else did you let your son or daughter go to art school?  Instead of places of life.  They have become almost literally places of death.  Having been there, your son or daughter is much more likely to commit suicide today then and there the other time in history because of Marxist feminism and the ecology over population.  Example that they are taught- whereby the young feel guilty for being alive and mooch about moaning that they are a blight and a virus upon the earth.  These precious lives are not the risk.  Do not go to University that teachers Marxist feminism and eco-feminism.  It will kill their soul.  If it does not kill them.  You will never have them back again your lifetime.

Tattoed 'Feminist' Attack Patriarchy

Frankfurt School- why gay lesbian Overrated Freud etc privileged over all other thinkers etc?

MATRIARCHY; the deliberate suppression of the male point of view by Feminists/male apologists using academic, political, legal, financial and media power structures to do so. Visible in the wide disparities of treatment by big government agencies like Welfare, Education, Teaching, Hospitals, IRD, Media Politics, Parliament of men in lowered or reduced power circumstances; How women treat men with low income, education, low power, low virility (aged) and so conrary to the cosmetic emotions of the 'womens ways of knowing'.  My key text...on Feminism! is The myth of Male Power by Dr Warrenn Farrell & Dr Christina-Hoff Sommers.  Who Stole Feminism... all critics of feminism told me more about feminism that was FACTUAL... than over 200 Feminist canonical I had collected to look at later- having read some key ones since... for a laugh! ... after reading  Farrell. See Unwin also Dr Paul Ormerod.Death of Economics.Gailbraith on Economics.

Where are the texts? Is code word for attacking religion? Ie hinduism, islam,judeo-christian and other faiths- all connected historically. No religious freedom at massey? not reflected in staff, students or alumni

Snowflake College via PC Teachers UNEMPLOYABLE


Sexual Personae in ART  Camille Paglia ART; they did NOT tell us about this- I've only just found this SIX years later!!!   Publisher: Yale University Press (September 10, 1990) #7 in one Kindle category and #63 in Women's studies category; - so, no slouch- and dripping with art.

Epiphenomena does not count. WHERE ARE the theoretical texts? Of this supposed patriarchy

Not the ones that say it exists  ... no more Papal 'infallibility' for Universities,  their teachers, staffs or student activists.

 The Knowing ones from this putative 'piss-factory' that know what it is doing- ones we students actually SUBSCRIBE too? - for us to be attacked for it? Where are the lists of hate words, hate speech etc that we are not to speak, think or even dream (in nightmares?) Where are they for this poisonous environment

Evidence based University work? I don't think so

Nine years University experience- activist lecturers hardly objective, neutral or undistracted by the material; course material dodgy, one-sided, unbalanced and deeply prejudiced against the male gender; plus being outright WRONG in fact.

One full year University Teaching- worst ever Left wing incompetence.

eight further years earning my chops in adult education

Qualified in pre Physics maths- lifetime artist- 30 one person exhibitions.

State subsidized gay art magazine ArtNZ

Priviliged pervert 'protected' library hires...schools administrators expelled male teachers from education Hilary Haines false propaganda

Crowd funding



PC Awry at University| ENROLLMENTS DROP

Plunging Enrollment at Mizzou | New York Times

hell in university no safe place for heavily threatened minor thought discourses. ie NOT left! Not PC! Bigotry at University

Academic prejudice Unprofessional behaviour. Inflicted on the young  Hate Teaching.

EG Evergreen State College; Worst University in World

Substandard intellectual ethics, practice , teaching and legel redresses

 Historical grievances; heavy compensation for failed, abused and mobbed contrarian students and university victims.

 Toxic atitude driven by deliberate and failed theoretical and academic curriculum. That breeds hatred bigotry and abuse against men. Increasing suicide in male students and pupils throughout the state education system.

All done by man hating male and female; all academic standing to be restored in full to affected based on past records at other Universities.

Jordan Peterson on Universities



As in regard to the concept- that the incidents lasting the full THREE years of Hellish 'education' deserve punishment and student compensation for stress and having wasted their time. Highest level of life infringement ever encountered... totally unexpected arising from time spent at Waikato, Canterbury and Victoria Universties, many schools, (Grade 2) plus Massey- good in some aspects.

Tricky student contract does NOT override our collective human rights hundreds or some thousand or so affected/effected materially. Redress, Redress, Redress










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