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 As Feminism destroys Western economies the ideological dominance of feminist driven narratives of transformation appears to be the way of the future. And as such seem to have a legitimate claim to be factored into all other contemporary political movements, tendencies and overarching stories. Yet is this compounded narrative structure really as all that cohesive as we suppose?




'Fighting for Survival' is an urgently written book from Phillip O'Sullivan devoted to examining these questions in the context of western economic culture, political history, and social understandings

Feminist ideological narratives attempt to transform society could bring poverty instead of abounding prosperity to all wealthy nations. It may be a final political death spiral. How and why this is currently highly likely is only examined in this book. We are all in the greatest danger.

Writers like Dr Warren Farrell & Christina Hoff-Sommers have analyzed, described and highlighted the details of how the feminist narrative falsifies reality. Yet both their interpretations and their political results have a very soft outcome on society. Both of these writers provide excellent material: yet remain feminist-like in their translations into political action or philosophy. One advocates 'relationship workshops' so we can 'get along' better: the other takes an 'ironic' line with her sisters. Suggesting, ultimately her sisters had only better get their facts right. Both illustrate the problem as far as men are concerned. Men are practical and need a plan of action. This current book provides better reasons and a more urgent addressing of the heterosexual male gender condition. Inside this book is a blueprint of reasons why 'men's social and political issues' should be at the forefront of current affairs rather than in the rearguard. These issues rank more timely than 'global warming' 'world poverty' or prospects for war. Western societies, often thought responsible for world problems are the best geared for their amelioration. Such efforts are frequently expensive to alleviate. Requiring socially wealthy inputs to sustain. Feminist driven collapse of these societies, this book argues will only hasten other crises.

O'Sullivan argues these are the best Ideas to save the Western World & Economies from feminist population collapses. This book takes a far bigger view. All politicians, economists, and students of History should read this.

Under feminist initiative, vast gender and social engineering distracted us from reality. Never before has a civilization enacted a situation all other epochs have considered as something one does to one's enemies. Feminism makes us hostile to our own best financial, social, economic and political interest. The feminist nanny state is killing us. They will destroy America and the Western World by an attractive yet pernicious philosophy.

This book tells us why we must fix it now. Making men again a number one priority issue.

Fighting for Survival
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MASCULINE EMPOWERMENT- The Need for a Complete Mens Manifesto

Beyond Dr Warren Farrell's "The Myth of Male Power" & Dr Christina Hoff Sommers "Who Stole Feminism?" Comes a book with stronger interpretations of the male condition. Dr's Sommers and Farrell were once feminists. O'Sullivan makes no apology; he is no feminist. His views on men are powerful, his solutions deep & more radical. A pro-positive expression approach. What men may need to hear or consider for themselves.

Men have forgotten what it was like to live in a world without feminism. Now it is our everyday reality. Men once had dignity, honour and respect. Now men are treated as criminals under constant suspicion. True equality accounts for differences. Feminist equality hurts men. All the advantages seem to apply to women; none to men. Is this fair? Is this feminist 'equality' actually not equal? We need a mens positive manifesto. So how do we react? Are feminists trying to make men feel bad all the time? For being male? Political victories in media, courts and politics as manipulated by elite feminists. Who are they to tell us these things? Would it not be better to hear this from a man,-supposing this was so in any way? Do women have the right to rule our masculine emotional and political lives? Doesn't this put stress on our lives? Lives that are difficult enough already. We men discovered under this unfair criticism.Our need of male loyalty. Masculine identity can be enhanced. Why not a conscientious empowerment for men, as men, without the guilt trip burden? How could anyone object?
With confidence, and a happier dynamic toward men's lives, it can enrich and generate success in life. We then have a new masculist motivation to exert our very best for those we love. Why need any woman to feel threatened by that? In this book, feminism's pointless accusations against demonised men are positively defeated. Mens increased consciousness lights an awakened awareness in cultural success. Feminism creates fear of this male gender confidence; in our male strength of character. Male gendered people empowered can play a greater part in society. A mentally defeated matriarchy- the nanny state- then no longer drags down our inner confidence. We will win. We need male freedom; our birthright as men. As you will find out in this book. The probability that feminism is never true for men. It can be challenged at every point successfully by intelligent men. This will give you the new male edge in matriarchal ideology. Your male trust in the politically aware process of male gender consciousness is our strength. Extending outward to a growing network of confident masculine men. Confidence comes free. If feminism has ever filled you with fear; knowing what this book contains may explode your life. Never feel afraid of people, or the postmodern world ever again. The author once felt as you do now. After coming out masculinist; seeing it as a viable defense of the entire male gender. To which we men all belong. Fake women cannot stand this.. Greater confidence with knowing it is OK to be male. This is how we should be. Free of double-guessing social situations. Free to be men again. Untroubled confidence in oneself. Only around seventeen percent are bigotted fanatical feminists anyway. A relaxed mind can discern ones real friends better. This equals confidence to do anything and win success. Be proud of the male gender. Being a man is no crime. You are one yourself. Men are everywhere. Instead of working out at the gym alone- and still afraid of harsh feminists? Work out at the mind gym reading this postmodern manist book.


Three Act Dystopian Novel
Xinthipe Gloriana is an expert technology writer and analyst working for the Zealandia State.
Such a state as assumed by the inhabitants of the narrative. In many ways a relocated love interest. Though politics is theoretically analysed along the way as to its functionality and viability in a believable way.
She falls afoul of the authorities in an affair with a man.
David Rich enmeshes her in what becomes their joint concern. The real salvation of Earth.
This work foreshadows much of what is going on now in the real world yet played out in our near future.
Matriarchos is the leading philosophy at the opening of the book.
Then the state ideology falters and changes, leading to an atmosphere of near political chaos...
Lastly the book takes its many characters on a positive journey toward an Economia of sustainability (conceived of as a living social entity like Lovelocks Giaia hypotheses except for living networks of human 'transactions' considered as a type of financial sex) far in the Southern parts of Zealandia..
Elements of Zeitgeist are involved. An ideological and political struggle occurs asymmetrically off stage during the main characters preoccupations with human freedom and restricted liberty with surprising outcomes.
The final scenes occur deep on the Southern Antarctic Oceans.
Contesting for the Geo-Political life of Earth and of Humanity. Will Xinthipe succeed within this larger canvas?
This is a first few chapters sample in this series.

Quotes from the story...
"Justice was female matter how harshly applied. If her
supposed infringement were detected it was reasonably certain
that it would be punished. By death, or at least by twenty-five
years in a forced-labour camp. Abagail fitted a new cartridge
into the ball-point and sucked it to get the grease off. She
tugged nervously too at her portable ceramic piece, stroking it
briefly. The click pen was an archaic instrument. Seldom used
even for signatures. She had procured one, furtively and with
some difficulty. Simply because of a feeling that the beautiful
creamy paper deserved to be written on with real ink. Instead
of being scratched by mere pencil graphite. Actually, she was
not used to writing by hand. Apart from very short notes, it
was usual to dictate everything..."

"Propaganda can never turn a sausage back into a cow. No matter
how many "salamis you salute or slaughter" went one
outrageously common party joke. While solemnly doing exactly
that in defiance of all reason. Politics has a 'logic all of
its own' averred others. Dumbstruck by the insanity endured."

Haavi Ostri









Redeeming the 'male gaze' from the biased judgments of a competing lesbian gaze.
In competition for the loves, affections, and continuity of the human species of our female counterparts- it is a perfect fit after all- who are they but hypocrites who 'determine' what, we men, are to look at, how we are to gaze, stare, peruse, scrutinize or otherwise visually behold the potential mothers of our ongoing children. We must not bend to the corruptors of youth.

Rather the seriousness and purpose of our gaze is vastly more important than pleasure alone. We must be free as anything to gaze openly without unfit scrutiny upon so gazing. We men are fed up with the deepest hypocrisy emanating from the feminist lesbian camp. They are not making the kinds of decisions we are making over our future loves and bearers of our children. Men are so concerned.
Theorists of the male gaze are simply not qualified as men are to live with the result of our so gazing. We must choose the best women.
Beauty is health.
Beauty is the best condition for child rearing.
Beauty is a happy woman.
What male wants an unfit, unbeautiful and miserable woman to raise his children?







How to win NaNoWriMo in 7 Days
How to write fast: much faster.
How are one fingered peck & punch typist found a way to write way faster than 90% or more of the world's fastest writers. Yes, you heard that right. Writing faster at the rate of 250 words a minute without using your hands. Writing as fast as you can think. You can write the rough draft of a book in seven days.

Taos Green found a way to level the playing field for himself. A frustrated writer unable to find a way – he read all the books he could on writing faster. On writing to a timetable and with systems of discipline. Writing is a function of time management. Writing is a professional business. Secret and obscure methods piled on by the time in order to get those books out on time. How could it be done? How could it really be done? Was there a way to speed up writing so that all ones most delicious thoughts could be paraded before the public and that they might choose to select his books to read? Doubts filled his mind. He quickly saw that a speedier and faster method of the actual writing process was the only thing that held back. After all, it's called writing, isn't it? To write one must write: as if by hand or by finger and moving those wonderful digits called fingers fleetingly over the keyboard. One problem he couldn't type for nuts! Is that you?

It took years to find this method. He had attended a number of speed typing courses, and many courses on touch typing in order to speed up his production. It all failed he could only produce at a very slow rate that way. He was still a one finger typist in the fastest thing he found was to run his thumbs along the bottom of the keyboard to guide his hand. He was very fast as far as a sighted keyboardist went. He became very familiar with the site of the strange position of the keys out of alphabetical order on the keyboard.

It was only when his doctor told him that he may have first level diabetes that he began to consider his dependence upon eyesight for his typing and writing. He had spent over 10 years at various universities writing essays. But this was writing on topics set by someone else. The length was set by someone else. These were requirements for a course of study. After school and then high school and university and postgraduate work, all of this writing was done by hand and fingertips. And always at the discretion of someone else as to subject, approach, tone and attitude, and even the length was determined by someone else.

Well, here we have a method that even a klutz can master. Even a clumsy and awkward typist can learn to produce up to a theoretical limit of three or 4 million words a year. That's right you can write blazingly fast, faster than you have ever imagined. And the only keyboard artefact you ever need use is the into key at the end of your text. And the occasional use of a mouse for re-flowing and re-positioning the flow of text. It will be that fast. Theoretically you could produce hundred and 50,000 words in a day! Realistically, since you are human and wish to take coffee breaks and other breaks a word limit of even 15,000 words is perfectly achievable at a fairly relaxed rate. All you need is a little bit of focus. You do not need to be a highly polished professional. You can write in your pyjamas if you want to. I mean, it does take a sort of discipline to stay at home all day just to write.
Welcome to the lazy world of full-on faster writing.
NaNoWriMo WINNER in 7 Days! Is the easiest way for truly serious faster writing. If you think getting your important ideas out there is your best way to influence the world then this is the book you need to help you do it. All the best.



Since Thomas Merton & Simone Weil has there been a modern mystical tradition of note? Phillip O'Sullivan positions himself within this Western Mystical tradition. Is this claim valid? This book explores that possibility.
Osullivan begins with an instruction from someone else.
Steeped in keen readings of Rainer Marie Rilke, St John of the Cross, Huxley's 'The Perennial Philosophy', TaoTe Ching, Buckes 'Cosmic Consciousness', The Dhammapada, William Jame's 'Varieties of Religious Experiences' and Evelyn Underhill's book on 'Mysticism' the author set out determined to explore for himself. This slim volume is that record of his spiritual journey. From New Age to full-on discoveries within the Western Mystical tradition.
Soon it began to settle down to the age-old consideration of the self. The "I" problem. What was going on in the midst of oneself? What was I habitually thinking? Could I control wandering thoughts? What did they mean? And where could such thinking take me? Was this the spirit? Is this the way of entry into spiritual things? These and many other ideas were explored through sheer focus. Gradually a series of ideas formed in his mind a plan of action for the uses of meditation. To settle one's life in contemplation. To empty the mind of all the dross. To count the cost of attitude and habit. To give overall direction to one's life. To submit in trust to a greater power than oneself. Where had I come from? Where was I going? And what exactly is the human being?

This book takes the reader on a journey where one man explores the world of contemplation, meditation, prayer, mantra, affirmation and other such spiritual guidance. These are the things that form our highest life. The author sets forth for himself and for others a plan of progress. This is an exercise by example of how one can spiritually progress. He describes phenomena from beyond the physical realm. After all, he argues we believe that things like joy, love, and peace and hope, and faith in the future, are real things. They are real goals and targets to be aimed for. He says they are as real as tables and chairs though they are nonphysical. We can live without some of these things I can do without an extra table and an extra chair but we can always find a place for more love at the table of our lives.
The author especially explores the world of the Western mystical tradition. Though some notable Zen and Buddhist examples are also given. He believes he experienced the blissed state known as samadhi; yet went on further to explore even greater and mightier phenomena.
Phillip O'Sullivan in his book: TESTIMONY: 11, Mystical Epiphanies shows that a determined man with no particular claim to holiness, can ask for, and receive, all manner of daring things.
O'Sullivan writes of asking the Divine to show himself as did Moses ask.
Surprisingly, he can! And will do also for you. Just prepare to be determined Phillip asks.
O'Sullivan's clearly outlined book examines this possibility.

Recommended for seekers of deeper spiritual experiences everywhere.
Spiritual Conversion & Mystical Testimony.



A Danish Viking shipbuilder is obsessed with a Viking 'Amerika' cross bred Thane-Skrelling woman. Little known and overlooked the A.D. 83 Norse community rejects her as unsuitable for him. As does he also.
Though reluctant she finds her own need for him intolerably unworthy. Her jealous possessiveness alerts her inwardly to her own very low Thule status, rank and immaturity.
She determines to grow up fast and prove to hem and herself a mature ability to fully respect and inspire their primitive Viking life together.
She elects to do a great task. Only trouble is she does not know what it is – just that she must absent herself from him. Throwing herself into the howling winds of destiny marks her indelibly. Inward changes occur within her feminine character. Living now by a higher cultural standard. Their gradually growing together takes time; and one more fiercest of all tests calls to her as she moves towards it... in risking all. It's loss devastating to them both.
Task accomplished would she be worthy of him then?
And of his people now, what of they?
Arising from a time where the True Early foundations of all later Viking life, adventure and fame derive. A robust and innocent period. These brave & stoic Norse souls, Danegeld-Vikings and the Scandinavian Teutons from before 3 A.D. From earliest Roman Sightings vastly prior to Erik the Red. A period begins here of over 600 silent years from A.D. 3 ( as recorded byTacitus) to 785 AD. Where the better known 'Viking' historical period from 695- 1300 began. Here they speak again. These early ones.
As existing in a longer time well before known history; overlapping centuries of Rome in Europe. And much else... this narrative emerges as a portion of that time long ago... Determined to not live vicariously yet authentically; the real thing called life. Always misunderstood.
A forgotten time when notoriety is deeply private and tests sudden and deadly.. During that bitter humble epoch many were forced by fierce winter storms or local political history to flee, or venture anyway, out upon the dark warm green ocean deeps: in stark anonymous hazard: caring not for fame or death itself. This is their lonely saga exclusively relayed here...in those far off teeming days in a warmer Arctic than today...

Is his task the right one? As it presents itself to him in a most unexpected way- the opposite of all ways he could imagine; will it even risk putting her entirely off him in even its accomplishment. Even if she should hear of it? Has he made a mistake?

Seeking not the boosted vainglory of saga tales and expanded bards; yet the adventure itself, in all its own ghostly and haunted beauty....

...for vision itself alone... with purpose and tone

" Seven brave men for death IN EARTH,to keep

sOME FOR FIRE OF WAR, one for waves

anothers bitter birth in life to save

In the dark prophets cave he'll live

The West Vintners fields well bring him in.

winning Asgards favour, to his fond love give"











Advanced Mystical Love Poetry Inspired by King Solomon and Persian Sufi Rumi.
Mostly poems from 1990, with some updates and rewritings. Poet a practicing mystic all the time, keeping the night watches, fasting, meditating for long hours, experiencing visions, voices and inspiration. Marvelous spiritual experiences like Simone Weil, T.S. Eliot, William Blake, St John of the Cross and Hildegarde of Bingen. Steeped in mystical writings from Evylyn Underhill, Cosmic Consciousness by Bucke and William James's (the brother of Henry James) book The Varieties of Religious Experience, Julian Huxley who wrote The Perennial Philosophy (brother of Aldus Huxley) and further mystical volumes in the Western Mystical tradition. Also includes influences from the Eastern tradition, zen poetry and koan.
Never before published.
80 poems in all.
Keen new writer.
More poetry to follow at irregular intervals.














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