The Natural Dynamic Driver of All Value: ECONOMICS.



Foot-traffic drives commercial value.

Early primitive accumulations- cooking; so hunter could easily range further afield.

Two islands


Zero population growth- = collapse as no new single item needed as already have them- mean moribund society and economy as in Cuba Russia 1950- 1990's... it causes outright collapse

Overpopulation excuses for sexuality without resonsibility... diseased focus on addiction to sex.

Life is more than sex.

Love is more than sex

Sex is beginning of life in raw form

Babies have no sex, old have no sex?- some have no sex at all yet can life be said to be absent from them? No

Life is not sex; sex is not life- no matter how lively. Oversexed lifestyles are a social and epidemiological sickness. Quarantine required. and drastic social cures.

2 children is not enough, 3 or 4 better, Max human litter somewhere near fifty/50

Photo of Dutch couple with 27 children.

Vassilyev and his first wife hold the record for the most children a couple has parented. She gave birth to a total of 69 children – sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets – between 1725 and 1765, in a total of 27 births. Sixty-seven of the 69 children born were said to have survived infancy. Vassilyev also had six sets of twins and two sets of triplets with a second wife, for another 18 children in eight births; he fathered a total of 87 children


How many hits on website; more equals more success via monetised.

Illuminatii wrong in their own case; we care more for them than they us; their own existence seriously imperilled.

Hard to recover from downward demographic spiral so this is TOP PRIORITY- not some stupid joke.Old are not fertile

In 1970's over 47 percent of all NZ couples had one barren.

 Unsuitable for barren women to rule us. Has no real feeling for families or children and their education; only sees youth enmasse as numbers to be indoctrinated further to failed feminism.

The failure of femninism? Divorce, social injustice; homelessness amoung men more result of obver feminized social services and feminist blindness from public servants -state-within-state mentality than any government. This has been happening under socialist western governments


Ask how well did USSR treat either womnen or gays? Not well.

I would make Gays illegal- yet otherwise not harm them- to reduce anti-natalist propaganda from lesbian barren women and fierce fundamentalist stalinists.

Population pressure maintains asset values.

CF $2 a day is a lot of money in parts of Asia- Burma

Primary/Junior school teacher earns $1 per day in early 2010- supplemented by tutoring

Headmaster earns sixty dollars per month-two dollars a day-

This is fine as all other costs within Myanmar are commensurate. A can of food is just 13cents. for instance. A brand new book 50 cents. A full colour oversized book of Yangon  maps only three dollars US

So fuel is low cost as labour for distribution is fairly low cost. Paying more is inflation so all costs rise meaning relative situation remains the same.

This has Military implications as Asian army group at one billion cost per year often ten times the numeric size of a one billion dollar, US army group

Remember when Obama for a time had to decide wether to pay the troops- or pay the postal workers- resolved only by diluting the money downwards to Myanmar levels eventually-- a never ending downward will regret

Bull in Paddock

Barren Leaders unsuitable forleading families


Obama & Helen Clarke deception. Calling into question the deep politics of that which is foist upon us all. The hidden homosexual/Jewish agenda a matrilineal society.

America should thrust away all foreign influence on her internal politics; ie Wahaabi and Saudi money and international Jewish money; in fact all Jewish money... they must banish this bainfulinfluence on their own countries interests. Or else be set up for Zionist plunder. Their final gameplan.



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