The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple: the hidden male provider and enabler.

In the feminist novel The Colour Purple men will note that it is the economic enabling by a male that secretly drives forward the events and successes of the women in the book.

This secret plays out in society too. It is men who do all the dogwork in womens lives, releasing them to cannabalize mens economic activity for their ideological yet otherwise non-productive pursuits.

When  feminists talk about Patriarchy they can blame all men everywhere for all things and absolutely anything whatsoever. Where is this Patriarchy they say so much about, it is everywhere and nowhere; and it is as nothing by being everything (even anything) so that it is so much so that it becomes almost meaningless if you stop to think, to define terms, to ask awkward questions. Is it history itself the mere unrolling of time? Is it economics? Is it politics, media, business, finances, money, men themselves, some old historical notion of bad-men 'somewhere'... what?   whaaa...


YET feminism has a FATHER-HUSBAND who pays for their every intellectual irresponsibility! It is the State! Every man has a rival shadowy 'husband#2' standing alongside ready to step in adulterously and eradicate everything about him except his money owed to women. He is paying double to support surrogate betrayals of all other men by stealthy agency of the loving lover state. Which then enables real boyfriends, lovers, lesbians etcetera to emerge all supported on his overburdened pay packet. When will men rise up? Then who fears uprisings should know;  this is why freedom tastes so good to they who breathe its fresh manly airs.


Phillip John O'Sullivan
:   Naked Christ Submits To Death
Dimension:  710mm X 957mm
Price: $3850
Date: 2013
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Femnisms Father Husband:  The STATE! The anonymous, boring state; taking 'care' of everyone yet answers  to none smaller than itself; making all men smaller, everywhere. The enemy of life.

It is the STATE!


So whenever feminists or marxists talk about the Patriarchy (meaning all men) translate that, in your mind, to : oH, THEIR 'SURROGATE' PATRIARCHY big government.

Yes agree with them and then explain after you have had sex with them, that you believe the patriarchy (BIG INTERFERING STATE) should be absolutely totally dismantled!


....but in your head you know that 'the patriarchy' is their feminist bullshit one.

Make women pay for their own hobby horse arsed theories. In every way.


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