Breeding strategy
JGender cf ... equation tinder equation vagenda equation jinda gender
How to survive politically inept civilization
Ginger equation infinite fresh seed per day
This is chunky time spans periodically cally monthly
Culture Chunks uline generation fashion = 40 years
Feminist movement shelf life where is of masculist formations patriarchy is of society sovereign Lee self-determined
National integrity
Glue death of self and bodies do not count ideas
Ideas = idiology = frequency of word and myths of ideology and consciousness
Consciousness is the religion of politics = feminism = Earth goddess = Mary Daly equals the offer me theological extermination theological examination
Theology and theologians Darwin malthus Stalin etc
Guy guy god is philosophy Gaia uline goddess Blossom goddess philosophy
Bodies eschatology equals death = Carly it was Medusa it was Aphrodite = Earth mother anodyne which we s*** out of our bum
Set Carly is diff is s*** and create and death without courts gaia is death burial in the earth
= worship of death fungi angel of Death = War Goddess = voluntary sacrifice = Sparta = Mars feminism is the Eart
Dissh antidote come and did you go dirtdiff goddess
Is the Earth goddess
Is the s*** goddess

From day to come and get you go dirt
From dirt you come & in dirt you go

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