Socialist Parties are ALL Insurance Companies


If Socialist Parties are ALL Insurance Companies then lets turn them into ONE.

How we could privatise politics itself.


Think about it. Socialism insures agains poverty, unemployment, mental health, ill health and poor schooling.

It does this by providing a compulsory state monopoly in all these areas. In Robin Hood fashion it takes from the rich and gives to the poor.
What happens if the system takes too much?
But what if people are poor because they are too lazy?
But what if people are poor because the system exists so they do not even try?
But what if people are poor the system is too generous that the most intelligent thing is to opt out of paying taxes by receiving them instead?

 Monopoly is the worst form of price gouging and swelling the payroll uselessly. When Social Democrats come to town the landlords are happy as they swell the payroll artificially. Now that is a social construct for your post modernists. Their jobs are secured. That is why they teach that stuff. Having no other merit to it.


Compulsiuon too is utterly totalitarian. So a socialist system based on totalitarian theft of money is more equitable than not? Pull the other one, they are the ones who need a police state. This is more than a rhetorical contradiction. It is an absolute contradiction. Marxist praxis is entirely flawed from theory on; Marx is a totalitarian crackpot. The emotional driver is always jealousy of what someone else has. This twisted love of someone else's money is the root of all evil. No socialist government has ever worked. Ninety percent of Chinas success today can be attributed to the financial investments of taiwanese investors into mainland China in the later part of the twentieth century and beyond. It was nearly all the result of Taiwans investment. Keep that in mind when you consider other so called 'socialist' successes.


One form of politics I have invented is called Taxocracy; where onlt NETT taxpayers vote. Successful people then, who know how money works, how to value the cost of its production, then can asses how much can be given to the poor without bankrupting the country.
At the moment we give the entire country for a time, into the hands of people who've never earned a self generated dollar in their lives. Alwys the bungle this responsibility with complete disregard for the facts of economic life. They are whiney money virgins who open their bleeding hands and  legs too soon.

 Finally it is the taxes I have highlighted that causes all the political phenomena we see today.

The money in the workers hands is limited. There is only 100% that appears to belong to you.

Around the world all Governments now run expensive public systems.
 These systems eat into the 100% percent you earn by as much as 50% to 75% worldwide.
 Leaving the actual income after sales taxes, property taxes (or Rates) ands other extractions.
 On the Tax Fodder page I call these Taxes, Hidden Taxes, Secret Taxes and so on. These final leve taxes are little thought of as taxes commonly. They are hidden by the woprkers own neglect at considering them.

 Why are these things so persistent? This will show you why.
 Incoime Taxes plus regional taxes, water taxes and oil taxes and all such smaller and petty taxes soon add up to the higher of the levels above that we see worldwide.
Why Macron, Merkel, The UN, the EU and so on have to go; they are doomed. As you will all see now.
The Seventy Percent level common in Europe means only that a worker has thirty percent of his own money left. This cannot go on.

For, it is far, far higher than that. There is one more fifth level of taxes to consider. And, no, it is not student loans. They can be included in the averaged out amounts acrooss all kinds of taxpayers.

It is CASCADING Taxes; the taxes of others in their 'all other categories'that are included into the PRICES you pay for everything; making the final tax rate for almost any individual taxpayer nearer Ninety percent of total income. No wonder there are so many criminals, so many despairing, so many who cannot find happiness or love.
Socialism will literally tax you into murder, suicide, drugs, criminality and so on by its fiercely weird sense of impoverishment.
Welcome to the new poor.
 The Taxpayer.



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