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Analysis of Power, Display and Spectacle in the University setting.


Phillip O'Sullivan Massey University Studio


Newtown Tiger 2009


Painting in Acrylic on canvasl 1600mm x 1270mm


2013 $4500


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Rostrum Monologue Who has the power of interruption, corruption, speech monopoly, Equality? Fraternity? Liberte?
microphone board volume control, speakers box=hyde park volumetrics.




 readings slides, notetaking or listening  booming voice elevated whisper, one person doing all the talking like a evangelical minister  titles and payments who participates? Status of listeners joinor- assumed knowing nothing? or bringing mothing


stance of facilitation or arrogance; helpfulness, clarity or obscurity?


semiology, sociology, psychology rhetoric, time presentation, professionalism, objectivity abuse and academic freedom slanders, perjorative utterances recording  versus online review rework other versions, legal record copyrights, goods and services lecture as commercial product. record once charge all out sourcing lectures via satellite/internet youtube. etc


Tiered seating Culp/ culpable? Pol Pot Sorbonne?  1968- 1978? Context? Ideas theory only   or testable usable=science


Theory as ivory tower maxed out.


Academic freedom Academic abuse beginnings in Greek Times


Politics who has the power question time debates/ when they occur; when forbidden overtime-question time spilling out into quadrangle, part of job access when motivation there...? too cool cautious timid, fear of challenge to position imagine how exciting University would be if a student occasionally out-thought a professor; student power/ freedom to vote out failing professors just as in Greek times; sort of.


 errors discussion


student rights


How to present Lies as Truth and Fibs as Fables.



Phillip O'Sullivan


I am My own 9/11 Unwritten Histories Asymmetric of Ideology Overthrow: The Real Intellectually Hegemonic Regime Change.


(How Art Changes Over Time)


Eating Lawyers for Lunch, Professors for Breakfast and Toppling Prime Ministers for Dinner!


Some Wear Tee-shirts: I DO IT!


Monotony of The Monopoly Monologue: Discursing the Discourses.




Yet, am lowly and meek of heart like the little boy who saw the Emperor had no clothes.


 Alternative rescources lists. Mises Institute Yale on Marx, Stanford etc You Tube, Illych




Freeing University from Illiberal Liberal Practices.


 Professional professors: professing what you believe calls in question objectivity, professionalism and validity of the discipline itself,


how half baked theory masquerades as its whole. Telling marx/feminist half truth in the absence of tradition, history, philsophy, reason, easthetics, optics, physiology, examples earlier than 1848 _(life begins in 1843? same as seventh day adventists? how modern are they!)

Failures of amazonian states? Marxist failures... not in political science departments, literature departments (it is lit theory after all- why booted out there?) nor in economics departments or psychology facu


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