Boy Crisis

Highlights, for every 100 girls in American Schools:

For every 100 girls suspended from public elementary and secondary schools 250 boys are suspended. For every 100 girls expelled from public elementary and secondary schools 335 boys are expelled.

For every 100 girls diagnosed with a learning disability 276 boys are diagnosed with a learning disability. For every 100 women enrolled in college there are 77 men enrolled.

For every 100 women enrolled in the first year of college there are 79 men enrolled. For every 100 women enrolled in the second year of college there are 71 men enrolled. For every 100 women enrolled in the third year of college there are

75 men enrolled.

For every 100 women enrolled in the fourth year of college there are 94 men enrolled. For every 100 women enrolled in the fifth year of college there are 65 men enrolled.

For every 100 women enrolled in the sixth year or more of college there are 78 men enrolled.

For every 100 American women who earn an associates degree from college 67

American men earn the same degree. For every 100 American women who earn a bachelor’s degree from college 73 American men earn a bachelor’s degree. For every

100 American women who earn a master’s degree from college 62 American men earn the same degree.

For every 100 American women who earn a doctor’s degree from college 92 American men earn the same degree. For every 100 females ages 15 to 19 that commit suicide

549 males in the same range kill themselves.

For every 100 females ages 20 to 24 that commit suicide 624 males of the same age kill themselves.

Despite these statistics, it is girls who still receive all of the gender specific goodies. Female only scholarships, White House Council for Women and Girls, Title IX grant program for women in STEM, and the women’s Educational Equity Act are the known Federal level programs for women and girls in school.

Sentencing Disparity

· Average sentences for same crime under similar circumstances (robbed someone with a gun, knife, etc, ): Female – 18.51 months

Male – 51.52 months

In Britain, Judges are now ordered to “show more mercy” on female criminals when deciding what sentence they should be given.

· Unfair sentencing doesn’t just pertain to men, but for boys as well.

“Judge bashes Probation Department for gender bias in favor of leniency for girls”

· In North Carolina (and probably other states), it turns out that assaulting a female is a class A1 misdemeanor only if the attacker is “a male person at least

18 years of age”; every other type of assault when it comes to gender, is generally a class 2 misdemeanor. This can translate into a substantial difference in sentencing. Click to see examples of Female Sentencing Discount

Death Penalty almost exclusively targets men

Actual execution of female offenders is rare, with only 571 documented instances as of 12/31/2011, beginning with the first in

1632. These executions constitute about 2.9% of the total of confirmed executions in the US since 1608. Only twelve female offenders have been executed since 1976.

Women make up only 2.9% of those executed since 1976, but they commit 12% of all murder in the US.

Domestic violence

SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.

In addition; “the most comprehensive review of the scholarly domestic violence research literature ever conducted concludes, among other things, that women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, and engage in control behaviors, at comparable rates to men.” PID=4003003

Domestic Violence Hotlines/Shelters (tax dollar funded), refuse to help or accept male victims of DV. What happens when men call Domestic Violence shelters for help:

Of the abused men who called domestic violence hotlines, 64% were told that they “only helped women.” In 32% of the cases, the abused men were referred to batterers’ programs. Another 25% were given a phone number to call that turned out to be a batterers’ program. A little over a quarter of them were given a reference to a local program that helped.

Overall, only 8% of the men who called hotlines classified them as “very helpful,”

whereas 69% found them to be “not at all helpful.”

Sixteen percent said the people at the hot line “dismissed or made fun of them.” One abused man said: They laughed at me and told me I must have done something to deserve it if it happened at all.

Another said:

They asked how much I weighed and how much she weighed and then hung up on me…I was told by this agency that I was full of BS.

Twelve percent of the hotlines accused the man of being the batterer or responsible for the abuse. One abused man said: They told me women don’t commit domestic violence — it must have been my fault. Facts are they commit as much as two thirds to three quarters of the men’s level. A very significant and important

result from ‘not doing any of it’.

Another said:

They accused me of trying to hide my “abuse” of her by claiming to be a victim, and they said that I was nothing more than a wimp. Blaming the unheard victim once again. Time for the male ‘tip of the iceberg’ to confess, to their false ‘shame’ how their wives, girlfriends and mothers, aunts and sisters beat them up regularly and repeatedly. The local collector for women’s refuge; beats her own Maori boyfriend up openly in the street. No one does a thing.

Of the men who sought help by contacting local domestic violence programs, only 10% found them to be “very helpful,” whereas 65% found them to be “not at all helpful.” One abused man said: They just laughed and hung up the phone.

Another said:

They didn’t really listen to what I said. They assumed that all abusers are men and said that I must accept that I was the abuser. They ridiculed me for not leaving my wife, ignoring the issues about what I would need to do to protect my six children and care for them.

Mandatory arrest policy

Thanks to the Violence Against Women Act, states

are encouraged to enact “mandatory arrest” policies when it comes to domestic violence. This means that when someone calls the police alleging partner abuse, an arrest has to be made, even if the allegation looks to be false. Mandatory arrest policies completely ignore a Constitutional right known as “Probable Cause.” Just arrest all the men, all the time, solves every policing problem known to State and government police administration. Get the arrest rate up; making the police look good. would-anyone-oppose-the-violence-against-women-act/273103/

Mandatory arrest varies by state, currently 21 states have mandatory arrest policies.

Arrest the male

Thanks to “predominant aggressor” (aka arrest the male no matter what) policies, men who call the police on their violent wife are often the ones arrested, or threatened by police with arrest.

· According to a study by George and Yarwood (2004), police have threatened 47% of male victims of intimate partner violence with arrest. George and Yarwood also found that the police ignored 35% of male victims and 21% were actually arrested instead of the female perpetrators

· Another Study by Linda Kelly found that when abused men call the police to report domestic violence committed against them they are three times more likely to be arrested than the wife that is abusing them. review/downloads/304/kelly.pdf

A good example of this is the case of Pro Footballer Warren Moon. Moon was arrested after he tried to restrain his wife from assaulting him after she threw a candlestick at this head and kneed him in the groin. Police came, arrested moon and he was charged with domestic violence but only acquitted after his wife confessed that she was the violent one. women’s groups were not happy and wanted Moon to be charged.

Child Custody

Women receive custody of the children in about 84% of custody cases

Paternity Fraud

Paternity fraud is rampant in the US. In as many as 30% of cases, fathers are being forced to pay child support for children who are not theirs.

Click for examples of men being forced to pay CS for non-biological children

Boys Forced to Pay Child Support to their Rapist

In at least 3 states (California, Kansas and Tennessee), courts force boys to pay child support to their statutory rapists. In at least two other states, state officials attempt to get boy statutory rape victims to pay child support to their rapists. Men’s -rights/legally-obscene/

Click to see examples of boys being forced to pay CS to their rapists

False Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are usually as simple to get as filling out a form correctly. In 2005, Santa Fe District Judge Daniel Sanchez issues a temporary restraining order to “protect” Colleen Nester. According to her, for over 10 years a man has been sending her unwanted coded messages over the airwaves expressing his desire to marry her. Her alleged harasser was CBS talk show host David Letterman.

When asked why the judge had issues the restraining order on such a ridiculous allegation, Judge Sanchez replied that Ms. Nestler had filled out the restraining order request for correctly. id=1643

Temporary restraining orders are issued by judges without the respondent having legal representation, being allowed to present opposing evidence, or even being aware of the allegation. Thanks to state laws that have been lobbied to redefine “domestic violence” broadly, restraining orders are extremely easy to obtain.

Judges also rarely require proof of abuse, and the statutes invoke a “preponderance of evidence” standard (the same standard forced onto colleges in rape cases). In most states a temporary restraining order is followed by a full hearing 10-14 days later; at that time, a final determination is reached.

In practice restraining orders trample on Civil Rights of the defendants.

· The accuser may have had weeks to prepare for the case, and is probably receiving free legal help. In contrast, the respondent has only a few days to find a lawyer and develop a legal strategy.

· The respondent has limited access to evidence in the home that he may need to prove his innocence.

· If the respondent has no money for legal defense then they may be forced to undertake more difficult prose defense. One attorney noted that “the mere allegation of domestic violence…may shift the burden of proof on the defendant.”

Take this court transcript from a hearing in which the respondent’s attorney requested the temporary restraining order to be removed:

Attorney to his respondent-client: “Can you please state your name and your address for the record?” Judge: “I don’t believe I need to hear any evidence from your client. I’m going to deny your request to vacate the restraining order.” the-violence-against-women-act-now

Concerns about the misuse and unconstitutionality of Restraining Orders have been voiced in legal circles for years.

· Elaine Epstein, former Massachusetts Bar Association, admitted “Everyone knows that restraining orders and orders to vacate are granted to virtually all who apply…In many cases, allegations of abuse are now used for tactical advantage.”

· In Connecticut, attorney, Arnold Rutkin said that many judges view TOs as a

“rubber-stamping exercise” and that subsequent hearings “are usually a sham.”

· In Missouri, a survey of attorneys and judges found many complaints of disregard for due process and noted that allegations of domestic violence were widely used as a “litigation strategy.”

· In Illinois, an article in the state legal journal described legal allegations of abuse as “part of the gamesmanship of divorce.”

· In California, the State Bar admits it is concerned that protective orders are “almost routinely issued by the court in family law proceedings even when there is relatively meager evidence and usually without notice to the restrained person…it is troubling that they appear to be sought more and more frequently for retaliation and litigation purposes.”

In Washington State a TO reads:

“IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED THAT…The respondent is directed to appear and show cause why this temporary order should not be made effective for one year or more and why the court should not order the relief requested by the petitioner or other relief which may include electronic monitoring, payment of costs, and treatment.

Temporary restraining orders have been called “the gamesmanship of divorce.” One account to how damaging a false TO can be: “In ten days, the hypothetical husband has gone from having a normal life with a wife, children and home to being a social pariah, homeless, poor, and alone, trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare.”

The following is a case account by a grandmother of the victim of a false TO of how a woman can abuse the system in her favor to get the father out of THEIR children’s lives.

In November 2002 Mrs. Soucie’s daughter-in-law decided to leave the family home, and opted to take along her nine-month-old grandson for good measure.

“With the slow process of the court system, my grandson was concealed for 3 months. We missed his first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first New Years, and his first birthday,” Mrs. Soucie sadly writes.

Finally the father, who works in law enforcement, was granted formal visitation rights. That’s when the nightmare began. Somehow the mother got irate because dad and grandma wanted to see junior from time to time. And someone told her that under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, causing a woman to feel even “emotional distress” is considered a form of abuse. “In October 2003, my son and myself were placed under an Order of Protection. We did nothing to break the law, we did not harass, stalk, intimidate, or try to annoy. Our only purpose was to pick up the child and deliver him back at the appointed time.”

Apparently the mother told the judge she found dad and grandma picking up the child to be “distressing.” The mother has learned the system and uses it to her advantage,” laments the disillusioned grandmother.

Box 1 – indicates there was no allegation of physical abuse. Instead, the wife accused her husband of “harassment” and “interference with personal liberty.”

Box 5 – on the basis of those allegations, the female shall receive custody of the children.

Box 7 – Orders that the children be removed from their father and allowed to see him only every other weekend until 6pm on Sunday.

50% – the number of restraining orders that are given without so much as an allegation of physical abuse 70%

– the estimated number of restraining orders that are false based on several studies by state.

Of 302 men who experienced domestic violence by their wives, 38.7% reported that she filed a restraining order against him under false pretenses.

Click to see examples of False Restraining Orders

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