Justice for Men

What is needed are masculist ones, openly advocating and defending men's rights in these matters. If a criminal is to be vilified do we not assign him/her professionally adequate counsel? Can we do less in issues of this kind? The lawyers advocacy for his client is not held against him, in fact we require him to advocate; even if her private views differ from the defense she offers her client; here all are set on prosecution only within a prejudiced framework; that only men rape.

Intercourse cannot be consensual when the man is incapacitated either due to intoxication. If a woman has had sex with a man when he was drunk, then she has raped him! This alone would lead to massive female perpetrator figures. Most cases where by the definitions above the man is said to have ‘raped' the woman (who is drunk) then she has equally raped him too-as he was drunk also most likely; they have raped each other! This drink factor-seemingly so 'telling' against the men is in fact the hidden rapist. The booze raped them. Which is true in a way as both have been overcome by the drink. Perhaps the inducements and enticements are entirely the fault of the liquor companies and their advertisers and the magazines and newspapers and TV stations that carry their seductive messages. Arrest the copywriter officer-his texts have raped us all!

Guilty Professors

The world publishes tens of thousands of texts by over ten thousand professional professorial tenured philosophy professors every decade; but Oh no only a teensy itsy bitsy 'canon' of maybe a score of Marxy boy writers is ever referenced as if it were holy writ; one wants to scream grow up intellectuals! This limited baby food pap just cannot do as meaty fare for the intelligent table. When I do read these it has become its own parody-a laugh a minute. If elite intellectuals actually take this seriously-for, if tested (hated word)-and much can be tested-it entirely falls over. What is Marxist economics for instance? Something is only a ‘movement’ with no rights of governance; of our consciousness, our thinking-let alone our parliaments, congresses, republics or federations-whatsoever. Period. If it lacks an economic program. Feminism has no economics, none at all: no policy at all should form on it. If it’s promotions are self-serving: things are said or done just to rake in the money, then it is suspect. Neither should it form any permanent laws or locked-in bureaucratic funding; expenditure that will go on forever without any accountability-like some ideological ghost. Bleeding the nations dry for little or no practical returns. Totally a state of pure moral hazard.

Of course I see the problem; one of logistics-it is materially impossible to entertain all ideas simply because there are far too, too many of them; and sharing ideas in common form dinner party table talk-so there is this malignant-and fabulously ignorant (for almost everything necessarily has to be ignored) result. Either tell all and be incomprehensible; there can be no check on what one says for there is no other 'peer reviewed' expert in the room-i.e. intellectual freedom: or limit discussion to a convenient (if fantastically silly) and romantic set of failed ideologies of no threat to anyone. Yet pointlessly entertaining to indulge: for none of these armchair Marxists will ever mount the barricades or rush the tyrants guns with a crumbling brick except it be a briquette from their own twee University.

Limits of Intellectual Life

Above is that very situation is the greatest sleepwalking threat of all. The entire Western culture may go blissfully to its demise (slavery, oppression and complete eclipse awaits us from the very post-colonial cultures whose ostensible inchoate and prescient 'rights' we have so freely nurtured).

Now why is this dangerous; because Marx is supposed the world’s only genius that has the last word left on every topic and his notes in The Family Private Property and the State by Engels fix forever the orphaned relations between the sexes? Left wing Marxists cannot let their favorite drug go; to them he is infallible. Thus attitudes to capitalism (a code word to the early Marx; by which he earlier plainly said it was 'Jewish bankers and usurers who ruled the world' a term we nowadays refer to as Zionist banksters-Marx of course being a lifelong anti-Semite) Engels text being the uttermost foundational Marxist text for all todays gender relations and sexuality discussions. The political bible for humanity. It was written at the time of the original Seventh Day Adventists though few religious folk are as stuck in the 1840's –1888 period as are most hobbled left wing theorists today. Meanwhile the one closest to home that oppressive, suffocating and tyrannical hegemony known as feminism or matriarchy will destroy us all (including ironically the feminists themselves, and their Universities, and all their other central institutions of power and ownership) Where is culture then?

Laugh uncle tom colonial boy doffing his hat in the post-colonial direction naming all the established names as before by all the others; nowhere am I to find this cultural location-neither


as the word location suggests, nor in some confused postmodern critical theory neverland, possibly perhaps in the neighbour hood of Frankfurt theory itself.

I sense a funded tour or University visit to Germania coming up.

Look! Over there, 'theory', she said, pointing to a vacant lot in the Frankfurt suburbs. I saw nothing there I could rent or buy or move into. The lot was bare of anything; nothing at all stood there. The location of its political culture long gone. The tour bus turned the corner and in the blink of an eye, theory was gone. Critical theory was gone, gone forever; defeated by the Chinese bus driver turning the corner. She was working in the western European colonies on her long holidays on Sabbatical because she did not know what else to do with them and Europe was cheaper than Shanghai in summer. -Phillip O'Sullivan  'Location of Culture'

On reading Homi Bhabha On the Location of Culture. Terry Eagleton once wrote in the Guardian, 'Few post-colonial writers can rival Homi Bhabha in his exhilarated sense of alternative possibilities'. In rethinking questions of identity, social agency and national affiliation, Bhabha provides a working, if controversial, theory of cultural hybridity, one that goes far beyond previous attempts by others. A scholar who writes and teaches about South Asian literature and contemporary art with incredible virtuosity, he discusses writers as diverse as Morrison, Gordimer, and Conrad. In The Location of Culture, Bhabha uses concepts such as mimicry, interstice, hybridity, and criminality to argue that cultural production is always most productive where it is most ambivalent.(Eagleton) So that Marxist thinkers of the new left are always trying to bring ephemeral concepts like performance, poetry into the industrial production system; as if Lulu or Kindle commissioned me to write my own thoughts, or that someone from Capitaliste' Centrale' did the same. 'Speaking in a voice that combines intellectual ease' (Eagleton) in a left dominated usury system with the belief that theory itself can contribute to practical political change(Eagleton) in the direction of the elites, 'Bhabha has become one of the leading post-colonial theorists of this era'(Eagleton) ignoring the sound achievements of the colonial powers in bringing literacy, maritime harbours, rail networks, bridges, surveying, administration, sound government, Universities, Schools, paper, printing presses, the steam engine and the automobile, telephones and radio communications, slavery to an end, ending illiteracy, stopping thugghi, assassin and cannibalism. Yet nowhere in 'The Location of Culture' do we find anything so gross as the 'location' of culture-perhaps in the purple green hemisphere floating somewhere above our brain in the burning vision of the lotus leaf position. This is political culture masquerading as mysticism. Blame it all on the capitalist industrial system. Or on the socialist ‘construction’ industry. I.E. the ‘Rape Industry’, ‘Accuse men Industry’ and the ‘Art Aura Production Industry’ a skanky scam of critical gallery gatekeepers and scarcity production masquerading as artistic value. Whereas real art products abound most freely in the actual market so that a conspiracy of suppression, oppression and exploitation creating the peoples true alienation is manufactured by elite snobs of the empty socialist quarter; hardly equality of opportunity but rank hypocrisy. There is a stinking symbiosis between writers who write criticism for the magazines, who are desperate to curry favour with the galleries they write about for their advertising dollars. A pure Ponzi scheme manipulated by the Zionista fraternity. Thus all art writings so dependent are corrupt and do not measure the actual cultural capital or value history will inevitably give them when a corrective rightist revolt arrives. This is a prediction not an advocacy; I am apolitical.

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