Democracy is the best form of Government" - is a thing often said. But what do they mean?
 Original primitive democracy was more like a trade union meeting. All voted for each issue or candidate in front of everyone else.
However the question arises who chooses the issues and the candidates- and why vote in public? In full view of everyone else- people later could take exception and shun, blame or seriously reproach you; that is why the trade Union approach is seriously open to question as to how really fair it is. It can in that manner be deliberately 'captured' by those wishing to sway the meeting toward a hugely biased agenda. It could be used in a coercive gang-up type manner against those workers, committee members, or membership who hold contrary, or other dissenting opinions and attitudes. Is that not prone to peer group pressure and a kind of crude mob-thinking result? Yes it is - a secret ballot is a most protective thing; it protects your private life from people hating your particular political or religious or your contemporary views on anything. All voting should be secret to ensure the privacy of your real opinions. And you should be free to express them without it being thought you will always hold, or did always hold such views. That is the principle of privacy. Private views must be enabled to be held. By Law.


One may of course hold no view- or none which you have yet to commit to. You may find yourself holding a wavering view that has not yet settled into any committable form.

What then of the proneness of Democracy to enabling 'wants' to vastly overtake 'needs' or real necessities in society, culture, political economy and defense? As the so called perception of these functioning together strongly, is seen as a 'Strong Economy', or a 'strong' country. Lacking any of these components means the country may miss out in fair dealing in International relations. Southern Ocean Zillion dollar wealth deals would suffer enormously if any of these components were missing. Deliberately organizing that to be so is treachery.

I digress here: to a story found out only recently that has now sped my way furiously throughout the city when on foot.

I have heard that Buttons, yes, the buzzer buttons on the pedestrian crossings in my City, and in most modern cities worldwide do not assist in updating traffic data at all. They are Placebo buttons; fake buttons that make noises and resist your push- with a strongish spring loaded return mechanism. It feels like you are somehow controlling your presence on the street in the midst of the traffic system. Yet you are not. It is just there to give you an illusion of control. The sequences are all preset to their familiar pattern in regard to pulsing traffic- cars, not people- through the urban grid of roadways. It is cars, probably on the main throughway, that trigger any resetting of sequences by their presence; if at all.
I am a bit peeved at this- being fooled so many years.
Now I just espy out the lay of the land myself- even scanning behind me, and all the way around to select my best time to cross. Then I do. So far it teaches me to be so much more alert. So much more aware of the urban surroundings keeping me fully awake and eager like a hunter gatherer again- alert for new game-this time new opportunities to cross easily while being more 'now' and in the moment. Fresher somehow.
Something like this is happening in the Political landscape as well.

People are waking up. Creepy political over-control has lulled us all asleep. People call people sheeple. A nasty phrase that nevertheless suits.  We expect too much from Government and government in its proper sense cannot ever provide all of it. In the end we ourselves pay for it. The only advantage appears to be for the bureaucrats and lawyers who cream off all of the good incomes leaving us worse off than when we started.

My question is this; are we being fobbed off by distractions, digressions and other political entertainments while vast wealth is planning to rob that Southern Ocean Oil? My view is that we are so being robbed out of our birthright. By elites from several camps. And the public ought to know about it so that a wide and intelligent and full discussion can take place freely without fear or favour to any.


Community Example; Fake consultation processes and Kiosk Government; Government by special interests; let them pay? Levy Green Members for green projects?

Party Government as Evil Lobbyists Wet Dream

Alternative Government- Taxocracy & Direct Digital Democracy on Jury Model Extended

Jury Model Government


Secret Government and Accountability of Elites from the U.N./California/ European Union bureaucratic Fascist Governance: Government via Corporate Lawyers to Dissolve them in courts and force their accountability before the people grievances.

Other forms of Lobby constructed special issue Quasi Secret Elite Governances

Conscience vote as unaccountable? elite driven vote?

Government and limits: built into constitutional protections. Crown/Admiralty/Government Citizen unto Individual/Group/People/ All Citizens candidates and voters

Run Government like a large continuous meeting with scheduled digital meeting times for voting. Also just as we select different power companies using the same power poles why not separate Governments; So if you are a Greenie say you vote and pay tax for all Green issues that you like - even broken down into separate packages; and have deliverable ones on your account; meanwhile someone else votes independent pays lower taxes but receives no health or welfare benefits say. You get the Government you pay taxes too. You could vote then for several parties several different packages. Only known to your friends and neighbours if you belong to a 'sharing' party. Why not. We need new ideas like these.


We need stronger accountability of Government; Government and its officials cannot be seen to be living by different laws- unless we explicitly have 'Power Accounts' Governments as above. Each party forms itself into a consumer/people based club or corporate stakeholder Group so that voting method, taxes and benefits are all paid/played out within that one group. One can switch groups at any time. This is then Total & Absolutely Freedom Democracy. The way democracy as an idea was always meant to be. All services like health/Education/Law/Business and so one are administered under business efficiency practices so that each member of a group is 'policed' only within the laws for that group; like having laws separate for children/women/Jews (Kosher Tax Laws in USA)/Muslims/ Minorities/ Muslims are today. There maybe common core laws for example; or gender laws as we have today for 76 constructed genders. These laws are then sent to every household in the country in a reduced law set created from first principles and not either common law, Old Roman or British Law- yet looking to all other Code examples. As with Napoleonic Law or UN law. Yet broken down into ones 'vote-club-corporate' package. Based on principles rather than that vast elite generating morass separating the people from their current Government. Law is too important to the good people and public of our country to be exclusively left to lawyers and corrupt politicians. We all urgently need to drain the swamp dirty politics has become. The ordinary people are assailed by petty laws too detailed and suffocating of all our normal human freedoms. This needs to change. This is real change. Take Lawyers hands off the law. Give it back to the people to whom it shall forever belong. This is the revolution we have been waiting for. Government is too important to be left anymore in the hands of political thieves and rapacious robbers.


Rethinking Democracy

Merely Tweaking Government: MMP/SMTP and so on... and all that...who is fooled by that - it FURTHER cements current mobsters in continued power! ie List members

Fake Government Jobs- Libraries digitise- no one lose Job? How come...? Increase rates for DELIBERATE lost opportunity?

Fake Governments/ Really Parties are themselves Lobbies! With advertising and public relations added. That is all they are. They DO NOT CARE FOR YOU AND I. Ever! Only their customers-backers/ and consumers- rewarded voters... how sick is that for Political Pathology. No sense whatever- though they always oblige themselves to speak otherwise- for the correct or sensitive governance also of those whom it could reasonably expected not to have voted for them. A quick reward of their own position and a too quick hurt to the opposition people without mandate in a minority Government must always lead to deep resentments. Hatreds fears and fierce justified bigotries must follow. The extremes like that always leads to a kind of violence in the political pushback to where things were really heading anyway. Too much socialism has run its courses. Time now for freedom and liberty to release us from the wooden straightjacket of high sounding nonsense.

Multi Cameral Political Houses. ie Academia, Press, TV, Fake News, Fake Data Bodies- issues? Fake Gov Jobs for feminists.

Direct Digital Democracy.

 Caveats and Limits to over-Governance (our state now- with excess feminism massively to the fore) Kalarghi Government abhored.


How can we redraw notions of Governmenting. Toward the Will of the People; Supposing the People Good.


Government by Many Chambers: The Trevor Chambers scenario.


 What Tyranny can be assumed by its forms of disguise and dissimilitude.

Lastly Goodbye to Totalitarian Democracy; the End of All Parties and 'party spirit'. The false consensus of organized lies. Welcome to the New man in Government: Men's Masculist Governance: Fairer, Objective, Strong, Rational, Practical, Scientific, Proven better in every way by EVERY statistic even countering the false stats of the biased, bigoted feminists.








Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?





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