Marxist Feminism & Collapsing Economies

Marxist Feminism is performing its own brand of ethnic cleansing in slow demographic notions, hoping we do not notice. As artist, thinker, writer, webmaster and videographer the author notice and loudly declares men’s cultural rights and freedoms. Both as fathers and human beings. It is our intent to restore our world and the best political environment for sustaining European culture in particular (that is my background): we must do demographically what other indigenous peoples have themselves the right to do: in order to prosper and grow culturally and economically. Limit the chaos of open slather: tolerate nothing that is not conducive to a sound and disciplined society and state.

Search a big library like my Massey University library system where Phillip O’Sullivan found over 403,300 entries for ‘feminist’ texts by over 300,000 female writers and academics.

While only two books by one male author dr. Warren Farrell featured under the ‘masculist’ term or label. This label should really become to mean something to men, as even justice is ‘raped openly with such intellectual disparities of support.

Farrell’s book ‘The Myth of Male Power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot all be masculist ones but feminist in flavor as he comes from a therapeutic emphasis. Naturally hoping to heal the impassable breach; while here, unfortunately-in light of wider political and economic factors must insist on feminism’s complete elimination. It is life and death to men. Men must be ruled only by other men who understand the risks involved as especially pertaining to our gender. We cannot let all women run those risks as they are bearers of children. Any exceptions do not make the rule. Without children we have no earthly future. The children must be protected from feminism. It kills far too many boys already by suicide (as if our male gender did not disproportionately already suffer sacrifices vastly in excess of females death rates in almost any index you can care to name), and far too many of our future progeny die at the hands of feminism. Ergo we must kill all feminist ideology before it kills us all. Culture, civilization and all personal, historical and political integrity.

Still, we have a big fight on our hands and a long way to go. Though it is growing. Join the fight now men before it becomes fashionable.



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